Why is Centipede Grass Seed So Expensive? 6 Reasons

Every homeowner desires an eye-catching, lush green lawn. But how much are most of us prepared to spend to have the lawn in the neighborhood that is an example of a flawless lawn?

Be prepared to pay if you intend to grow your lawn from grass seeds. I’m not going to lie to you: buying grass seed isn’t like buying sweets; it’s a costly investment.

Today we shall find out the cause behind the high cost of grass seeds, specifically centipede grass seeds. The centipede grass seeds will cost between 0.75 and 0.85 cents each, roughly 340 dollars per pallet.

This sounds like you’re paying through the nose, but there’s a good reason centipede grass seed is pricey. Let’s find out why is centipede grass seed so expensive.

Why is centipede grass seed so expensive?

1. Climate and other qualities of centipede grass

The desirable properties of centipede grass made it the most desired grass in most lawns, particularly those in the southern United States.

This grass is more expensive because of its exceptional drought tolerance, capacity to resist more UV rays, and ability to maintain its appealing light green tint with little maintenance.

2. Machinery cost

Centipede grass seeds, like the rest of the grass seeds, are sensitive; therefore, harvesting them requires a lot of specific machinery, which is expensive. This rationale alone justifies the makers for the high price of centipede grass seed.

The expense of fixing and purchasing these massive specialty machines is prohibitively expensive. Furthermore, on big farmlands, certain pieces of machinery, such as the sickle mower, rotary disc mower, and hay bines, are typically controlled by tractors.

The machinery hauled across the vast expanse of land will ultimately fail, and fixing it will be expensive. Also, given the increase in gasoline prices and other expenses incurred by farmers, the price of grass seeds will be high.

3. Time equals money

Centipede grass is the slowest growing warm-season grass; as they say, time is money. Grass seeds are often grown on farmlands, with farmers sacrificing enormous tracts of land that would otherwise be planted with crops to grow grass.

To be honest, it takes farmers around two years for the centipede grass seed to mature sufficiently to generate seeds.

Planting, growing, and harvesting centipede grass demands patience on the part of the farmer, and this wait will add up to the cost of the centipede grass seeds.

Otherwise, if the grass is cut too early, the farmer would suffer a significant loss, and the seed will be of poor quality.

Centipede grass is expensive for the time it takes in the farmland that the farmer would have used for quickly-growing crops.

4. Shortage of centipede grass

Grass growing, like crop farming, is difficult.

Extreme climatic conditions and a decreased pollination rate will result in a lack of grass seed production. And when there is a decrease in output and an increase in demand, the next thing that happens is a price hike.

The centipede grass will not sprout without pollination, and it will not germinate without water. Most farmers have been affected by these conditions, which has resulted in a rise in grass seed prices.

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5. Processing and packaging

When shopping for centipede grass seeds, you will notice that the price varies among manufacturers. This is because every manufacturer packages their centipede grass seeds differently.

The centipede grass seed is delicate; therefore, it undergoes further processes and proper packaging to avoid damage when being transported. The centipede grass seed must be coated to get it to survive the process of being transported. This makes its price rise.

Additionally, there has also been an increase in shipping services.

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6. The variety of centipede grass

What is the most expensive grass seed?

The varieties of centipede grass seeds are expensive since the seeds are bioengineered to perform even better. The seeds are meant to survive extreme conditions, be better looking, and require less of your care. This has seen to expensive seed grass.

For instance, the Tif Blair centipede grass can withstand cold temperatures, and it is not cheap grass. This type of grass is not easily available since it can not be grown and harvested on farmlands. It is produced on a small scale, making it scarce.

The hybrid seeds of the centipede grass are more expensive since they are engineered for complex climates.

Saving money planting grass

Creating a lawn can be challenging, but if you want that green dream lawn, you will do whatever it takes to get there. However, the cost may not fit into your budget, don’t worry; there are ways you can save your money while planting grass.

The first technique to cut costs while planting your lawn is to buy in bulk. This will assist you in lowering your delivery costs. Furthermore, anything left over at the end will be stored for future use.

Second, if a grass species is too expensive, you may always switch to a cheaper form of grass that will grow in your local climate, such as zoysia grass instead of centipede grass seed.

You can also cut the planting budget by using machines to plant the seeds than using manual labor. These suggestions will assist you in staying within your financial constraints.

Centipede grass is found on many lawns in the southern United States. It’s well-liked for its capacity to thrive in poor soil while requiring little of your time.

So thank the lawn gods if you can have this magnificent grass without spending a dime. There are centipede grass seeds for individuals who cannot obtain this magnificent grass.

Grass seeds are significant since not all homes are fortunate enough to have grass growing naturally in their front yard; for this reason, many homeowners are glad for grass seeds because they may have the lawn they desire.

Grass can be greener on the opposite side if you use a high-quality bag of grass seed, which is not inexpensive. Centipede grass is high-quality grass that is an expensive investment.

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