Why Does My Patio Furniture Shock Me

Why Does My Patio Furniture Shock Me?

Some days, all you want to do is sit in your patio chair and read the New York Times while enjoying the lovely breeze. Instead, kick back on your patio and take in the scenery while drinking a nice glass of whisky on the rocks. Why did you get that exquisite patio furniture if you’re not going to utilize it this way?

Even if you have the most comfortable furniture, most of us have realized that sitting and standing may be unpleasant. Our patio furniture will shock you; I know many people from all around the world who have been shocked by their favorite patio furniture.

The static shock is a more common phenomenon during cold and dry weather. The main question is, why does my patio furniture shock me. Let us investigate why and how to stop it.

Why does my patio furniture shock me?

1. Material

The material of your patio furniture contributes to the accumulation of static electricity. I have great rattan furniture that is my favorite since it provides comfort that none of my other patio furniture does.

However, it frequently generates static electricity. Rattan and plastic furniture are the most prevalent causes of electrostatic shock, particularly if they are improperly grounded.

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2. Weather

The weather is one of the main reasons we have this uneasy sense. When the humidity drops, static electricity accumulates.

If you switch on your patio heater when it’s cold outside, you’ll notice a static charge on your patio chair because the air is both chilly and dry.

Most people who attempt to warm their outdoor patios throughout the winter have reported being electrocuted by their patio furniture

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3. Friction

Walking around your patio, or even a simple movement like sitting and standing from your patio seat might result in electrostatic shock when you walk across your patio, especially if it is covered in an insulating material that easily retains static electricity.

When you ground yourself, the static charge will finally exit through you.

Even if you are sitting without making contact with the ground, the static charge built up between your clothing and the furniture will be discharged once your feet touch the earth.

How to remove static from furniture

This phenomenon, fortunately, has no health hazards, but it can be painful and uncomfortable. Here are some of the most effective methods for removing static off furniture.

1. Use a humidifier

We’ve seen that a decline in humidity is one of the reasons for electrocution. Because dry air causes static electricity, using a humidifier in your patio will effectively prevent static electricity.

The humidifier will bring moisture to your outside space, preventing static charges from accumulating in your patio furniture.

However, under an enclosed deck or pergola, this practical method of reducing static from furniture will be effective. If you have an enclosed environment and no humidifier, you can still get the desired outcome by boiling the stove.

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2. Ground the patio furniture

Grounding your patio furniture is another simple approach to removing static electricity. Grounding creates a conduit for static electricity to be discharged to the earth.

When static electricity accumulates, it seeks the shortest path of least resistance to the earth. That is why the static charge escapes through you when you sit.

Ground your furniture to give a path for static charges to escape. Happy grounding, and keep the electrostatics at bay.

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3. Use a rubber cap

Rubber is a good insulator. It will stop the flow of static electricity to your patio furniture. Use a rubber cap to protect the feet of your patio furniture. Alternatively, you can purchase an anti-static mat intended to reduce static energy.

On the other hand, this strategy may generate a buildup of static charge on your furnishings. However, if you haven’t tried it before, it might be worth it. Remove the rubber cap and ground the furniture if it doesn’t work.

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4. Anti-static spray

Anti-static sprays for furniture are widely available, both locally and online. While purchasing one, keep in mind that it is intended for outdoor usage and is safe to use in the presence of children and pets.

Before using, carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The sprays are quite effective in combating static cling.

Best anti-static spray for furniture

When choosing the best anti-static spray for furniture, be sure to start with the one intended for outdoor use. Because the elements can quickly degrade the spray formulated for indoor use.

There are numerous anti-static sprays available, and selecting the correct spray for your furniture might be difficult. However, I believe ALC Staticide is the finest for furniture.

ALC Staticide is effective for outdoor application and works in just 2 seconds, regardless of humidity. It is effective on both porous and non-porous objects.

It also repels dust, which helps to keep your patio furniture clean. Furthermore, it comes in a quality container that enables horizontal spraying in various directions.

FAQs About Static Electricity

Can static electricity make you sick?

There are no health hazards or major physical harm from static electricity. They elicit an unpleasant sensation.

What causes a static buildup?

Constant friction between two objects causes an exchange of electric charges, with one object taking the positive charge and the other taking in the negative charges, which cause a static buildup.

What is a static agent?

A static agent is a compound formulated purposefully to remove the static charge in materials by reducing the buildup of the charges. It works by acting as a conductor discharging the electrostatic charge.

The best way to relax and unwind is to sit on your cozy chair on your patio comfortably. With our outdoor space rapidly evolving into a living space, you want it to be as comfortable as it can be.

Static electrocution is one of the most common unsettling feelings we experience while sitting on our lovely patio furniture. But, why does my patio furniture shock me? Now you know!

Learn how to stop and enjoy the comfort of your patio chair

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