Why Do Glass Patio Tables Shatter?

A patio table adds a touch of sophistication to any patio. They are elegant, and the modern look makes your little patio appear distinct and larger. However, reports regarding patio tables may appear to be urban legends.

My neighbor said she was fortunate that her preschool children were not on the patio when their glass table shattered. She stated that she believed it was due to a supernatural source.

It just blew up on its own. But why do glass patio tables shatter? Of course, it isn’t the result of otherworldly forces. However, according to glass specialists, this is a typical occurrence.

Patio tables can quickly become a hazard, resulting in catastrophic injury to your family.

Let us investigate the cause of a patio table’s unexpected shattering and how to protect an outdoor glass table.

Why Do Glass Patio Tables Shatter?

1. Weather

Extreme weather conditions are one of the most prevalent causes of patio table breaking. A hailstorm will break your nice patio glass table. The frozen rain could weaken the glass table, causing it to fracture.

If you don’t believe me, try to freeze a glass of water to see what occurs. The quick temperature fluctuation is too much for the glass to withstand.

Even if your patio table is made of tempered glass, it will not be able to withstand high-temperature fluctuations. It is particularly unlucky for individuals living in harsh winters and a cyclical freezing and thawing cycle.

You might expect your glass to break one day if you live in a region where high winds blow. The wind will blow your patio furniture around, causing it to break and compromising the integrity of your patio glass table.

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2. Low-quality glass table

One of the reasons your patio table abruptly shatters is imperfection. The defects are invisible to the human eye, yet they cause shattering when the glass is stressed.

The most prevalent is glass edge damage, which normally occurs when the glass is pre-cut into panels or even when the glass is fitted or shipped.

Furthermore, a poorly manufactured glass tabletop is more prone to shattering; a thin glass tabletop is less durable. Even the slightest impact can cause it to crack, making it prone to shattering.

The glass frame is the source of your patio table’s shattering in certain circumstances. This happens when the glass compresses and expands on a frame with no gasket, setting blocks, or edged block between it and the glass.

These glasses are prone to shattering when subjected to light pressure.

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How to Protect Outdoor Glass Table

Are you tired of having to buy a new glass-top patio table every season?

Let’s look at how you can keep that magnificent patio table from shattering and ensure your investment lasts for years.

1. Purchase the right table

Purchasing your patio glass table from a reputable manufacturer is the first step in ensuring that your patio table lasts as long as possible. The key to selecting the best patio glass table is to go for one that has been heat-soaked.

Tempered glass is also a good option because it is stronger and, if broken, does not shatter into sharp edge pieces that could cause injury.

2. Please store it

Since not all glass patio tables are guaranteed to resist extreme weather conditions, they should be stored. Hail storms, windstorms, and even strong rainfall can cause your patio glass table to break.

As a result, it is preferable to keep your table carefully stored in your basement, shed, or garage. Remember to cover the table before storing it to keep dust at bay.

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3. Strategic position

Your patio glass table should be situated in an area where your energetic youngsters cannot effortlessly knock it over. Placing your patio glass table in a high-traffic area increases the likelihood of collapsing with a little impact.

Placing my patio glass table against a wall has saved it from being knocked over.

It would be best to place your glass table in a shaded patio area since direct sunlight can cause the tampered glass to burst. Furthermore, direct sunlight exposure may cause the framework to fade.

glass patio table shattered

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FAQs About Patio Table Shattering

Can you leave the glass patio table out winter?

Patio tables are intended for usage outside. However, they are unable to resist harsh weather conditions. Your glass patio table will be harmed by the elements this winter.

Does the glass table scratch easily?

Glass tables are easily scratched. The scratches may eventually damage the glass tabletop’s integrity, causing it to break.

Instead of placing utensils on the table, use a table cloth to protect it from scratching.

What kind of glass is on a patio table?

A patio table’s glass should withstand weather elements and temperature fluctuations. As a result, the glass used to make a patio table is tempered glass.

Tempered glass is also an excellent choice because it is stronger and, if damaged, does not shatter into sharp edge pieces that could cause injury.

Why did my glass table crack?

Direct sunlight exposure may cause your glass table to heat up on one side, and because glass is a poor conductor of heat, the heated side can expand and crack.

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Why do glass patio tables shatter? You inquired, so now you know.

A patio glass table is attractive, and adding one to your outdoor space will add a touch of class to your backyard, but you should be aware that patio table shattering is a common occurrence.

The most common reasons why our glass table shatters without warning are the weather and the quality of your glass top.

You now understand how to keep your patio glass table in good shape, keeping your family safe while saving you the cost and stress of getting a new glass table.

Remember that the first step is to purchase a glass table that has been specifically made for usage outside.

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