What Size Ceiling Fan For Outdoor Patio

What Size Ceiling Fan For Outdoor Patio

If you live in a hot region, a patio ceiling fan can be an excellent investment for your home. We all need to spend our leisure in a cozy outdoor place to refresh our minds before resuming work.

However, when it comes to cooling our homes, determining the correct fan size can be stressful.

But once you have mastered the measurements and various recommendations for different rooms, it becomes easier. So, what size ceiling fan for outdoor patio? Read on to determine the size you need for your outdoor area.

It’s important to note that wrong choices can cost you as a homeowner. For instance, a bigger fan will consume more energy, although it will cool the room faster.

On the other hand, a smaller fan may overwork to cool your patio. This may increase repair costs, energy bills, and a short fan lifespan.

Thankfully, this writing will guide you on how to choose an outdoor ceiling fan depending on your patio size per square foot.

So, What Size Ceiling Fan For Outdoor Patio?

Before finding the best outdoor ceiling fans, you should first measure your room’s square feet. Secondly, it’s important to note that outdoor ceiling fans are bigger than indoor ceiling fans.

Why are outdoor ceiling fans bigger? I will explain.

In an enclosed room, air circulates, adding chilling effects faster. On the other hand, circulation spreads out in an open area, requiring a powerful motor for chilling effects.

If the same fan is used in outdoor and indoor cooling, it will cool a smaller outdoor area compared to indoor.

Read the table below to understand the recommended fan sizes for the patio.

Floor Area in Square FeetFan Size in inches (Blade Span)
100 square feet52 inches
101-225 square feet60 inches
226-400 square feet72 inches
401-625 square feet84 inches
More than 625 square feetUse multiple powerful fans

If you missed it, the blade span is the circle’s diameter swept by fan blade assembly parts. Blade span is measured from the center of the fan to the blade’s tip, which is the radius.

To get the entire blade span, you multiply the radius by two.

Comparison Between Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fan Sizes

If you decide to remove your indoor fan and install it on the patio roof for a party or any other occasion, the results will not be the same. I earlier pointed out that.

To understand clearly, read the table below to note the effects of normal circulation and circulation spreading out.

Blade Span (Inches)Maximum Indoor Space (Square feet)Maximum outdoor Space (Square feet)
42 inches144 square feet49 square feet
52 inches225 square feet100 square feet
60 inches400 square feet225 square feet
72 inches625 square feet400 square feet
84 inches900 square feet625 square feet

In the above table, you can learn that there is a vast difference in chilling effects when the same fan size is used indoors and outdoor.

For instance, a 52 inches fan cools an indoor area of 225 square feet. In contrast, if you need to cool the same size outdoor area, you need a 60 inches fan blade span_ A difference of 8 inches.

Additionally, a motor that would rotate a 60 inches fan needs to be more powerful than the motor used in 52 inches fan. In short, it’s more costly to cool outdoor areas than indoors.

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Spacing Requirements for Outdoor Patio Ceiling Fan

The challenge doesn’t require only purchasing and installing the fan. You need to understand specific requirements to make them effective.

However, you need to understand a few terms before learning the spacing requirements.

  • Wind Chilling Effect

The fan helps circulate air around your body to absorb its heat, and in the process, you feel calm. This is known as the wind chilling effect. Note that the fan doesn’t have to lower the room temperature to create a chilling effect.

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  • Airflow Vs. Wind Speed

Airflow is the amount of air moved by the fan blades. Understand that airflow moves in terms of cubic feet.

On the other hand, wind speed is the speed of the breeze created by the fan’s blades.

A bigger fan might move slowly but moves hundreds of cubic feet of air. But on the other hand, it can create low wind speed.

And on a smaller fan, it needs to rotate faster to create high wind speed and airflow.

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The Spacing Requirements

1. Between the fan and the Ceiling

The fan pushes the air downwards, and the Space is occupied by the air above. If the fan is installed too close to the Ceiling, airflow can be obstructed. The minimum spacing requirement is at least 8 inches.

2. Between the floor and the fan

The fan doesn’t have to be too low or too high for better chilling effects. At least 8 feet spacing is recommendable.

3. Between fan blades and wall

Close proximity between the two obstructs the airflow. The fan blade tip should be at least 18 inches from the wall.

4. Between two fans

You should ensure that the fan blade tips are 36 inches from each other. This gives room for better airflow from both fans.

Ideally, you can adjust the fan locations to make them effective instead of installing one at the center.

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FAQs- What Size Ceiling Fan for Outdoor Patio

What Kind of Fan is Best for Outdoors?

The outdoor patio is more prone to weather, unlike the indoor living rooms. So, find a fan that meets the following requirements;

1. Special ABS plastic blades.
2. Galvanized tubular steel that has a powder paint finish to prevent corrosion.
3. A motor casing with a waterproof seal to prevent moisture.

How Many CFM Do I Need for Outdoor Patio?

The cubic feet per minute should be 3 to 4 times the patio area. You should also learn the best outdoor patio fan ideas to install them accurately.

A CFM of 5000 to 8000 is considered powerful for efficient airflow.

How Many Fans Do You Need for a Covered Patio?

Depending on the patio size and the installation guideline, you can install one fan.

Note that some patios may be covered with wire mesh which allows air just as the open patios. In this case, you need to follow the outdoor fan guideline.

So, what size ceiling fan for outdoor patio? The size depends on the patio area in square feet. You can choose to install two fans for a rectangular patio.


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