What Kills Goosegrass in Bermuda? 3 Best Herbicides

Goosegrass is an annual summer weed that reproduces by seeds that can be dispersed by weed or water. This weed is likely to germinate when the soil temperature is 60degrees F. Also, they can grow after crabgrass in summer.

Goosegrass is very competitive in Bermuda. It competes for water, nutrients, and sunlight, which can hinder the growth of Bermuda grass. The first question that comes into lawn owners’ minds when they notice the presence of goosegrass is, what kills goosegrass in Bermuda?

Goosegrass contains thick leaf blades that are hard to cut with a mower. Pre-emergent herbicides can control goosegrass. But remember, you want to kill goosegrass but not Bermuda grass.

So, What Kills Goosegrass in Bermuda?

Post-emergent herbicide for goosegrass

Some herbicides are safe for use in Bermuda grass. These products work by killing the grassy weeds in one shot.

Here are the three best herbicides that kill goosegrass in Bermuda

1. Tribute TOTAL

Manufactured by Bayer, Tribute TOTAL provides long-lasting weed control. It contains ingredients such as foramsulfuron, halosulfuron, and thiencarbazone-methyl, which makes it effective against goosegrass.

The three components work by interrupting protein synthesis and slowing down cell division, which causes stunted growth and death.

You can use Tribute TOTAL for your residential or commercial lawn. To use this post-emergent herbicide, you will need a handheld pump sprayer, spray rig, or hose-end sprayer, depending on the size of your project.

This herbicide is safe for human beings and kids when used correctly. Thus, it is advisable to read the label before you start spraying.

2. Ortho WeedClear

Ortho WeedClear is a ready-to-use product that kills weed quickly. It is a fast-acting herbicide that kills goosegrass without harming your lawn.

This product enters the weed through the leaves down to the roots. It features three post-emergent herbicides that help to kill the weed completely.

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3. Roundup goosegrass

Roundup for goosegrass kills even the toughest weed in the lawn. It is easy to use and does not require any mixed formula. But this herbicide can kill any active plant.

Hence, it can only be perfect to use during winter when the Bermuda grass has entered the winter dormancy. At this period, roundup will only attack the goosegrass and other weeds.

Goosegrass can occur in areas with heavy foot traffic, compacted soil, and poor drainage. If you want to control this weed in your lawn, it is good to use proper management practices.

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5 things to address to prevent goosegrass in the future

  • Maintain proper turf density
  • Reduce soil compaction. You can achieve this by limiting traffic.
  • Ensure a proper soil PH and drainage
  • Add walkways and pathways to your lawn
  • Make sure that your grass blades are at least 1-inch long during the summer period.

FAQs about Controlling Goosegrass in Bermuda

Will vinegar kill goosegrass?

Yes, vinegar will help to destroy goosegrass. But this is not a good solution for killing goosegrass in Bermuda. Vinegar can kill the top growth of Bermuda.

Although it will not destroy the roots, it is not advisable to apply since it will interfere with the attractiveness of your lawn.

Which is the easiest method of controlling goosegrass in Bermuda?

Hand pulling is the easiest and cheapest method of controlling goosegrass. You can use your hands or a small trowel to pull the grass.

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This method is effective since it will not damage your Bermuda grass. However, it is tiresome and time-consuming. In this case, you can consider post-emergent herbicide to kill the weed.

What are the steps of getting rid of goosegrass in Bermuda?


Goosegrass is a resilient weed that can grow in different types of soils. It is mostly found in warm summer seasons and can extend into winter periods.

If you are tired of this tough grass, you can implement DIY remedies to kill it permanently.

Here are 3 steps on how to kill goosegrass in Bermuda

Identify goosegrass
Imagine purchasing the wrong herbicide for your grass? It can be time and money-consuming. If you understand how goosegrass looks like, you will select a suitable herbicide.

So, how does goosegrass look like?

Goosegrass features a finger-like seed head and a strong root system. It is emerald green in color and few white parts in the blades. Also, it has tiny little hair, which makes it stick to your clothes when rubbed against.

You can use this description to identify the weed. Also, you can use a weed removal company to help you identify goosegrass in your lawn.

Inspect the areas where goosegrass is growing
Inspecting your lawn will help you know the area to focus on when applying herbicide. Goosegrass can germinate around pathways or sideways. Also, you can find it in parts that get heavy foot traffic.

Goose grass is resistant to many pre and post-emergent herbicides. If you want to kill goosegrass that is already established, you can use Ortho WeedClear or tribute TOTAL.

These products are effective and will not harm your lawn. It is good to ensure that you wear eyes and skin protective equipment when handling the herbicides.

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Besides, you can hire a weed Control Company. Professionals will help in goosegrass removal on your behalf.

They know the herbicides to use to kill the weed while protecting and enhancing growth of your Bermuda lawn. Also, they can perform a soil test to ensure that it has the correct PH level.

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Your lawn will look unattractive if goosegrass is present. Thus, it would be best to take the necessary measures to kill this weed and prevent the seeds from germinating. But many people who own Bermuda lawns have no idea how to get rid of goosegrass.

What kills goosegrass in Bermuda is a question from many lawn owners. If you implement these steps of killing goosegrass, your Bermuda lawn will be free from weeds.

Besides, you can use pre-emergent herbicides to prevent goosegrass from growing. If you want to make the pre-emergent treatment effective, it is good to break the herbicide application into two:

  • Apply the pre-emergent herbicide once in the early spring period
  • Spray the herbicide once in the late spring


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