What Ironite Does For Your Lawn

Are you planning to use Ironite on your lawn for the first time?

Ironite is well known to homeowners. This is due to its easy accessibility and ease of use. 

It’s every homeowner’s ambition to use Ironite.

The common question is, how does Ironite affect my lawn?

You’ll not be asking yourself that same question by the end of this guide.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you what Ironite does for your lawn, the type of Ironies to keep in mind, the rate at which you should be applying Ironite to your lawn, and how often you should be using it but before we go further, let’s discuss what Ironite is 

Without wasting much time let’s dive in. 

What is Ironite?

Ironite is a mineral supplement that turns plants from yellow to green. For this reason, It gives plants their deep green coloring matter that lasts for seasons. 

Ironite supplements have been approved by Advanced Soil Technology(AST) to improve the physical condition of the soil. It ensures there’s a continuous plant fertilization process. 

You can also use Ironite in flowers, trees, and shrubs. 

Ironite comes in two different forms, namely:

  • Granular Ironite 
  • Liquid Ironite 

Granular Ironite is mostly used in normal lawns, loam lawns, or lawns filled with clay soil. 

When you use Granular Ironite, it slowly releases iron that sinks to the grass’s root.

On the other hand, Liquid Ironite is mostly used in sandy soils. It turns plants green due to the iron it releases at the grass blade level. 

What Ironite does for your lawn

Ironite provides iron molecules to the soil, restoring pale yellow lawns to pure green. 

Iron mineral supplement 1-0-1 makes your lawn plants greener without causing any burn. As a result, you spend less time mowing and much of your time enjoying your lawn. 

It also boosts the regular fertilization process of flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and trees in your lawn. In other words, they can be used on aggressively growing grass at any time. 

When you use Ironite and plant fertilizer together, a green coloring matter is released. The green coloring matter ensures your grass grows greener.

Advanced Soil Technology (AST) confirmed that Ironite improves your soil’s physical condition for improved plant performance. It also ensures your grass retains water for proper growth.

Generally, Ironite gives your lawn its green coloring matter compared to Nitrogen which only ensures advanced plant growth. Therefore there’s no need to mow every week. This saves you energy for other activities. 

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what does ironite do for grass

Why should I use Ironite?

Ironite is one of the most beneficial supplements in today’s market.

Ironite is not only used in the lawns but also in flowers, trees, and shrubs. 

Chelated iron ensures your landscape is healthier. 

It requires less water to grow and retain its green color.

It’s much safer to use Ironite compared to nitrogen, which is likely to burn your lawn and interfere with your plant growth. 

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Ironite also works well with all types of soil. Suppose your lawn is filled with alkaline and sandy soil. In that case, the liquid version is the best for use. 

Ironite works effectively regardless of the weather condition. However, too much Ironite can make your lawn look greyish. 

Ironite fertilizer is eco-friendly since the iron supplement released from it is absorbed into the soil; this doesn’t interfere with the neighboring water supply. This is beneficial for homeowners whose water supplies are critically low.

The rate of Ironite application 

When using Ironite in your lawn, use approximately 1 pound per square foot. 

Granular Ironite should be used at roughly 1/3 per 100 square feet. 

You can also use a measuring cup to measure the amount of Ironite. While using your measuring cup, keep in mind that ½ a cup is about 1/3 of a pound of Ironite. 

Five cups of Ironite are applicable per 100 square feet lawn.

If you can’t measure your lawn manually, use online tools that work efficiently. 

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FAQs on What Ironite Does for your Lawn 

Can Ironite burn my lawn?

Ironite can’t burn your lawn, but some of its ingredients can burn your yard if not used properly. It all depends on the weather condition of your area. When the temperature is high, there’s a high chance of fertilizer burn. 

When you add water-soluble fertilizers to the soil, the soil becomes concentrated. Consequently, this removes water from the grass. This is the reason why your grass appears burnt and scorched.

To prevent fertilizer burn, ensure you apply the right amount of fertilizer, water your lawn so you’ll not be at risk of having your lawn burnt.

If you’re using a large amount of fertilizer, don’t forget to remove the excess ones. After that, water the remaining fertilizer to prevent it from burning the grass. 

How often should I apply Ironite? 

Use Ironite four times a year for a steady fertilization process of plants in your lawn. 

As you apply Ironite, wear long pants and long sleeves to avoid skin poisoning. After that, wash your clothes and skin thoroughly.

Generally, don’t apply Ironite more than ten times a year?

How long does it take to see results from Ironite?

The result you get depends on the status of your grass. 


If your grass is yellow, expect to see results within a few weeks from the time you apply your Ironite. On the other hand, if you use Ironite on grass that is already green, your grass will become greener.

Remember that granite is a supplement and not a fertilizer.  

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Every homeowner desires to have a lawn filled with green plants. 

Why not make your lawn greener than ever before by using Ironite. 

Up to this point, you know what Ironite does for your lawn. 

Remember to apply Ironite on your lawn in the right amount, usually four times a year with the specified amount mentioned above.

Since Advanced Soil Technology approves Ironite supplements (AST), you can’t doubt its capabilities. 

All the best!


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