Utility Pole in My Backyard

Utility Pole in My Backyard

We come across a lot of horror in the yard—neighbors’ unsightly fences, weeds, and so on.

On the other hand, a utility pole is one of the ugliest things in the yard with which you may have to contend.

While working at home, staring at an electric pole can disrupt your concentration. Utility poles aren’t the most attractive things to look at.

In this article, I’ll show you how I hide a utility pole in my backyard and whether you can get rid of it or not.

Let’s get started.

How to hide a utility pole in my backyard?

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Utility pole

1. Plant vines on the pole

The first way to disguise an electric pole is to plant vines on it.

This is the simplest way to conceal an unsightly pole. If you have access to an excellent climbing or leafy plant, you should be fine.

If you have vines around the house, simply plant them on the pole. It will eventually grow on it and completely cover the pole.

Pole beans, Dutchman’s pipe, bittersweet, morning glory, moonflower, Jasmin, honeysuckle, and black-eyed Susan vine are viable choices.

Before planting the vines, check with your local government and utility company to see if you can plant vines on utility poles.

Your chosen vine should not grow taller than 15 feet. It should not grow beyond the poles.

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Utility pole

2. Plant a garden in front of the pole  

Suppose that a utility company prohibits you from planting vines on utility poles. Then you’ll need to come up with another solution.

Another option is to create a lovely garden in your yard, particularly in front of the pole. If you fix your gaze on a lovely garden, it will be challenging to look at the pole.

3. Consider the garden to be a diversion

The disadvantage of this method is that you will have to maintain your garden regularly or look unkempt.

Another advantage of planting a garden in front of an unsightly pole is that, if properly maintained, it will look even better than the utility pole behind your garden.

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Utility pole

4. Plant tall trees to hide the pole

Planting large and tall trees in front of a utility pole is another excellent way to disguise it.

Conifers and evergreens are the best trees for this situation. The conifer will provide color throughout the year, whereas the evergreen will only provide green color to your yard.

If these aren’t available, plant any deciduous tree in a cluster of 3–5 trees.

However, make sure to leave some space between the trees and the pole so that the wire does not tangle with the tree branches.

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5. Plant one conical tree

If planting a cluster is not possible, you can plant a single conical conifer or evergreen tree. This will conceal the pole without the need to maintain a garden. You can combine a conical tree and a garden if you want.

Whichever tree you choose, make sure it can grow taller than the pole. Also, make sure that you plant it in the proper location. After a few years, the tree’s branches will cover the pole.

Arborvitae (Thuja spp.), Canadian hemlocks (American hollies), and other species can be planted (Ilex opaca).

Remember to plant the tree in the best location possible, away from the pole and electric wires and where it will cover the pole wholly.

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Before attempting to hide the utility pole with landscaping, contact the utility company. 

They will give you the best map and marks for where to plant the trees. This way, you can get it right the first time, and the trees won’t encroach on the wires as they grow. 

They will also inform you if it is acceptable to plant trees near the pole and if there are any height restrictions.

Don’t trim your vines if you have to climb the pole. Don’t attempt to scale the utility pole. Leave the climbing to the experts.

If the pole is on someone else’s property, do not plant vines on it; otherwise, you will be fined for invading someone else’s privacy.

Maintain the vines at a certain height after planting because the vine can take over and cover everything, including your garden. So wait and see if it takes over or not before deciding if you should reduce it.

Don’t use poisonous plants to hide the pole. They are hazardous to children and pets. Choose plant species that are not poisonous.

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Utility pole

Can you remove a utility pole at Home?

First, check your plate to see if the pole is on your property.

If you can’t find your plat or don’t understand how to read it correctly, you may need to pay for a survey of your property.

After that, you can contact the utility company or your attorney to see if you can remove the pole from your property. This process, however, may take some time.

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Utility pole

Utility pole at Home FAQs

How can I hide a utility pole in my backyard?

To conceal a utility pole in your backyard, use climbing vine plants, tall trees, clusters, conical trees, or plant a garden.

Is utility pole bad for health?

According to studies, a utility pole is not harmful to one’s health. However, if you notice rust or rot on the pole, it may be best to cover it up with plants.

Some are also made with chemicals for fire resistance, which may emit harmful emissions to the soil or plants. Furthermore, they have the potential to crush your property.

What are some plants that can cover a utility pole?

Climbing vines, tall trees, conical trees, evergreens, and deciduous trees are the best plants to use. Tree clusters are also helpful for concealing poles.

Wrapping up: Disguise the utility pole in your backyard

Utility poles are unsightly and add no value to your property.

The methods discussed will assist you in concealing the electric pole in your yard while also improving the aesthetics of your lawn.

You can conceal it with climbing vines, trees, and clusters. You can also grow your garden.

Although removing utility poles from the yard is difficult, many people prefer to do so for aesthetic reasons.

I hope you found this article helpful. Now know how to hide the utility pole in our backyard.

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