The Ultimate Guide on How to Make a Grass Wall

Natural plants such as grass are not designed for interior décor. But artificial grass will help you stay green all year round. With this grass, you will not have to worry about removing the dead branches and flowers.

As the grass wall gains popularity, many people wonder how they can install one in their office, home, or commercial property.

Steps on how to make a grass wall are easy to implement. All you need is a few tools, knowledge, and grass products that will match your taste.

Here Are 7 Simple Steps on How to Make a Wall Grass

ü  Gather all the necessary tools

Having all the tools will save you time when making an artificial grass wall backdrop. You will need to gather equipment such as:

  • Scissor
  • Tape measure
  • Staple gun
  • Chalk or a marking pen
  • Goggles

ü  Figure out where you want to install the grass

Before you make a purchasing decision, it is good to figure out how you want the grass wall to look. Do you want to add decorative elements to your grass? Or do you want to cover all the walls in your living room or office?

The first thing you need to do is to take measurements of the area you want to install the grass. Use chalk to mark lines on the walls where you want the grass to be.

ü  Purchase the grass based on the gathered measurements

There are different types of grass panels for walls in the market. Choosing a perfect one will depend on the dimensions of your wall and how you want your grass wall to look.

If you are looking for a particular shape of grass to cover different areas, then you can consider individual pre-made artificial grass panels. But if you want to cover the entire wall, a roll-out artificial grass can be a good option.

ü  Cut the artificial grass based on the measurements

After you purchase the right grass, you can cut it to match the measurements of the area you want to cover. Start by marking lines on the grass using a tape measure and chalk.

This will help you create pieces that will fit the desired area on the wall.

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ü  Fix the grass to the wall

The method of installing grass panels for walls vary depending on the surfaces.

§  How to install a grass wall backdrop on a drywall

Installing the grass on a regular wall is easy. According to the measurements, use a staple gun to attach the grass correctly. You can ask a helper to hold the grass against the drywall as you place staples around the edges.

It is good to pay attention to the area you are stapling. Try to place the staples on the outer edges of the grass to avoid damaging the blades.

§  How to attach artificial grass to a cement or wooden wall

Installing the grass on cement, wood, or brick may require strong adhesives. Cement and wooden surfaces are prone to mold and mildew formation, which can damage the grass.

That’s why it is advisable to apply a resistant sealant on the wall before installing your grass.

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ü  Decorate the grass for an authentic appearance

If you want the grass to look more natural, you will need to add some floral patterns. Are you into sports? Then you can add sporty vibes. Also, you can design the grass wall with things such as quotes, hanging a television, or wall art.

ü  Take care of the grass wall

Like any decorative item in your home or office, grass will collect dust over time. That’s why it is good to implement some maintenance practices to make it look more beautiful.

You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt or pet hair from the grass. Also, if there are loose edges on the grass, add more staples to hold it back into place.

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FAQs about Creating a Grass Wall

Ø  Can you put a neon sign on a grass wall?

Yes, you can attach a neon sign to your grass wall. A glass wall with a neon sign can transform your living room or business. A neon sign is eye-catching and can make a difference in the visibility of your business.

Thus, incorporating it into your grass wall can be a good idea. Some of the neon signs come with mounting fixtures and hooks to help you fix them easily.

Ø  How much grass turf do you need for your wall?

The amount of grass turf needed will depend on the dimensions of your wall. Start by measuring the wall you want to cover.

If you own a square wall, add the lengths of the walls and multiply by the height to get the total area. With this, you will estimate the number of rolls to purchase.

Ø  How do you attach artificial grass to different types of surfaces?

The method of attaching the grass will change based on the type of surface. For instance, you will need a hammer to drill nails when installing grass on cement or concrete surfaces.

And you can use a staple gun to attach grass to a drywall or wood surface. If you want to install the grass on a metal surface, you need a drill, nails, and a timber beam.

Ø  How do you maintain your grass wall?

Artificial grass is designed to transform a room. Thus, it would be best if you made it look beautiful by maintaining it.

Here are 3 tips for maintaining your grass wall

Dust the grass
Use a handheld broom or a vacuum cleaner to remove dust
Spray the grass with non-abrasive window cleaner

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The artificial green wall is becoming a new trend for interior design. Adding a living nature into your interior décor looks more inviting and realistic.

So, if you want to portray a sense of modern décor, light your home or office with green walls for an authentic experience. But how can you fix a grass wall perfectly? This guide on how to make a grass wall will help you install one in your home or commercial institution without much hustle.

It is good to plan the entire project before you start to avoid creating messes. If you have fixed schedules, you can consider artificial grass installers to perform the whole task on your behalf.


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