10 Best Patio Cover Ideas for Rain

A shaded patio makes your backyard experience unique touch. It enhances privacy and covers direct sun rays and rain protection. Additionally, covering protects you from elements. As that’s the case, this writing will loop you in on patio cover ideas for rain.

With a good patio cover, you don’t have to rush to store your furniture once you notice rain clouds.

In fact, you can continue with your fun even after the rain starts falling. The feeling of drinking your favorite beer, reading a book, or even dozing off beside the pool can be amazing.

Besides that, adding a cover transforms outdoor space into a more functional area. You can add beautiful flowers, cooling devices, and even lights.

Well, go ahead and learn some stylish and cheap patio cover ideas for rain that will protect your furniture.

Additionally, your family will enjoy the beautiful area. What of the guests? It would be a credit worth party.

Patio Cover Ideas for Rain

Discover ten cheap patio cover ideas we share with you;

1. The top with skylight material

Skylight roofing protects people and furniture from direct UV rays that can irritate the skin or degrade the furniture.

You will never miss the midday sun with the skylight roofing. You can clearly see the sky and all the activities over the patio.

Despite observing birds fly over you, you will see water flowing on the roof during rain_ quite impressive!

With these outdoor covered patio structures, you can easily add your lights, fans and even plant some flowers around.

Patio Cover Ideas for Rain

2. Partially covered furniture

If you have your patio sofas, you can do a little welding or add some wooden frames to cover the top and sides.

Ideally, attach the frames on the furniture sides and extend them to your desired height. Afterward, add a roof and install some patio screens on the sides.

One benefit of this kind of coverage is that the whole patio is portable. You can get a helper and move it to different locations around the homestead.

3. Iron sheets can also do wonders

Set the area you will have your patio and pave it. After paving, make a structure with wooden poles and put some flames on the roof and sides.

Once you have set up the flames, roofing with iron sheets is simple. Cover the sides with galvanized steel to make the structure beautiful.

On the other hand, you can cover a few sides to maintain good airflow. Note that iron sheets can make the patio too hot during summer.

4. Build a Pergola

A pergola is amazing because you can set it far from the house and pave some walkways to link different areas.

Additionally, a pergola is good because you can have some trees around and cover the walkways to ease movements even during rainy seasons.

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 cheap patio cover ideas

5. Put a Tarp

A tarp is one of the retractable rain cover for patio ideas. Ideally, set up some poles and add frames on the top to lay your tarp.

Set the tarp to lay in a slanting order to ease the flow of the rainwater. Note that if water fills the sunken areas, it can tear the tarp due to weight and pour on your furniture.

6. Go traditional with a thatch roof

The most appealing area to put up your thatched-roof patio is at the corner of your homestead. However, you can decide to put it anywhere around your backyard.

A thatched roof requires skills to put up. Ideally, construct a structure with wooden poles and set some bars to secure your roofing materials.

Construct the roof in a canopy or pyramid style to enhance the easy flow of the rainwater.

Before laying your straw, lay underneath nylon paper to protect your furniture from excess rainwater.

7. Purchase a Large Patio Umbrella

Patio umbrellas are the easiest roofing method you can have around your homestead. Once you purchase the umbrella, you can easily set it in your desired location without calling a specialist.

Luckily, you can move the umbrella around or remove it during summer to enjoy the morning and evening sun.

When purchasing the umbrella, choose the appropriate size that will cover your furniture during rain.

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8. Make use of the overhead balcony

Outside your ground floor entrance, extend some roofing material from the overhead balcony to cover your patio area completely.

You can set some supporting poles and design the patio with screens. One of the significant benefits of the balcony patio is that you can use the balcony lights during the night.

Secondly, you don’t have to spend much on the fan and electric outlets wiring since the patio is attached to the house.

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9. Permanent extension of the house roof

Extend the house roof with the same style. You can add some ceiling and pave enough area to accommodate your family and guests.

The benefits of this idea are the same as using the balcony. You will have an easy time doing the wiring.

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How Can I Cover My Patio Cheaply?

10. Waterproof garden Sails

Garden sails are also the easiest patio covering method because they are readily designed during purchase.

You can do some little task of assembling them after transporting. Afterward, set your sail on your desired homestead location.

Patio cover design ideas are countless. It’s your duty to decide what your family members will love. But note that DIY patio covers can be cheaper.

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FAQs on Patio Cover Ideas for Rain

How Can I Cover My Patio Cheaply?

Patio umbrellas are the cheapest method you can use to cover your patio. Another option is using garden sails or constructing your structures.

Note that DIY patio covers require some skills like welding or knowledge about wooden materials.

How Do You Rain Proof a Pergola?

You will usually see fabric covers on pergolas. But unfortunately, they cannot protect the furniture from rain or snow.

To make the pergola rainproof, add iron sheets, skylight materials, or corrugated metal roofing material.

Are Covered Decks Worth It?

Covered decks are better because they are free of rain, debris, and sun during summer. You can store outdoor furniture on the deck without worrying about weather exposure.


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