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Parking Lot Striping in Dallas 101

Your outdoor space should be more than decorative. If you are to spend money on your lawn or garden, then it should have more purpose than for mere aesthetics. While there is no denying how important a well-manicured front yard is, lined with flowers and with grass at just the right length, the function is what increases home value.

One of the best ways to make your outdoor space work is by hiring parking lot striping in Dallas. Having assigned parking spaces not only adds to the flair of your property but it gives a clear and safe indication as to where a vehicle is allowed.

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The Intricacies of the Stripe

For parking lot striping, a line is expected to be 4” wide by 15’ – 18’ long. There are three basic types of striping – new layout, restripe, and resurfaced striping. Likewise, there are two types of paint that could be used for parking lot striping.

Alkyd is used for a new layout and restripes projects while latex is used for resurfaced striping. Regardless of the type of paint, the line should be at least 15 millimetres thick which could be accomplished in two coatings.

Parking Stalls – Measures and Types

Contrary to popular belief, parking lot striping is a lot more tedious than a mere paint job. Like with the details behind the stripe, the parking stalls themselves are limited within certain rules in order to be effective.

There are three basic types of parking stalls:

  • Straight parking is a pretty straight forward set-up. Basically, cars should be parked at a 90-degree angle.
  • On the other hand, angle parking requires the vehicle to be parked at a 45 – 60-degree angle.
  • Similar to straight parking, parallel parking has cars at a 90-degree angle. However, the lines in this type are laid perpendicularly.

If you are planning to stripe your outdoor space, it is best to remember that there are three sizes of parking stalls:

  • Typical – 9‘ X 18’
  • Handicap minimum – 8’ Stall minimum with 5’ access way
  • Compact – 7.5’ X 15’

Parking Lot Striping Your Business Establishment – ADA Compliance

If you plan to have the outdoor space in your business location stripped for parking, you must follow several ADA guidelines. ADA or the American with Disabilities Act requires a certain number of handicapped parking per parking lot.

Moreover, a clear sign on the pavement and upright must be placed in order to indicate the location of the handicap parking spot.

Hiring Reputable Company for Your Parking Lot Striping in Dallas

It is very tempting to try to stripe your front yard or your business space yourself. A gallon of paint and you are probably good to go. However, with all the details and tedious parking lot striping requires, your diligence might not be enough to satisfy all the necessary categories.

In order to make sure that your parking space is done right, your best bet is to hire professionals. Save yourself the stress and relax. Let We Mow Dallas do the work for you! We are hailed to be one of the best companies that offer parking lot striping in Dallas. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your property!

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