Lawn Mower Makes Loud Clicking Sound

If you’re like most people, the sound of a lawn mower brings to mind memories of summertime childhoods spent playing in the backyard.

But if you’re unlucky enough to own one of those old-fashioned mowers that makes a loud clicking sound, you know it can be pretty annoying.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the reasons why lawn mower makes loud clicking sound and how to fix it. Read on!

Lawn Mower Makes Loud Clicking Sound- Causes

1. Low Battery Voltage

One possible cause of the loud clicking noise on your lawn mower could be low battery voltage. When the battery is weak, it might not provide enough power to the motor, which can cause it to click loudly. Try charging the battery or replacing it with a new one to see if that fixes the problem.

2. Clutch Problems

Another common cause of lawn mower clicking noise is a loose clutch. The clutch works with the transmission to engage and disengage the blades while you mow, and it can become loose over time.

You might think that a clutch problem would result in your lawn mower not running, but that’s not always the case: if it becomes too loose, the clutch will slip and make a loud clicking noise. The good news is that the clutch is relatively easy to replace.

3. Blades Hitting a Foreign Object

It’s also possible for blades of grass, sticks, rocks, or other objects to get caught between the blades while you mow, eventually causing them to stop moving properly. The blades might make that loud clicking noise while you mow if this happens.

If the blades are hitting something, they’ll usually slow down or stop completely after a while. The best thing to do is stop the mower and check underneath it for anything that might be in the way.

Once you remove whatever is stuck, the blades should normally work again.

4. Faulty Solenoid

The solenoid is a part that can fail and cause the lawn mower to make a loud clicking noise. The solenoid essentially acts as a switch, allowing current to flow through it and to the starter motor.

If your solenoid is damaged or defective in any way, it could be making a loud clicking noise when the lawn mower is running. Try checking it for loose wiring or debris that might have gotten stuck in it, and replace it with a new one if necessary.

lawn mower rattling

5. Faulty Starter

If the starter is faulty, it might not provide enough power to the engine, which can cause the lawn mower to click loudly. Try replacing the starter with a new one to see if that fixes the problem.

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6. Faulty Flywheel

The flywheel is another part that can make the mower click loudly. It works with the starter to turn over the engine, and if it fails or becomes damaged, you could hear a loud clicking noise when the mower is running. Try checking for debris that might have gotten stuck in it, and replace the flywheel if necessary.

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Lawn Mower Making Rattling Noise

If your lawn mower is making a rattling noise, several possible causes are. Here is a look at some of the most common ones:

1. Faulty Bearings

The bearings in your lawn mower can also make a rattling noise, which will result in the lawn mower not running. If the bearings get too hot, they could warp and start rattling while the mower runs.

This is a common issue in mowers left out in the rain, but it can also occur under normal operating conditions. If this happens to you, replace the bearings.

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2. Faulty Exhaust

Another common problem that can cause a lawn mower to rattle while running is a loose or damaged exhaust.

The exhaust pipe attaches to the engine, and vents used combustion gases out of the mower. If it becomes loose or is damaged in some way, you’ll hear a rattling noise when you run the mower.

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3. Loose Head Bolts

The head bolts of your engine are another potential cause of a rattling noise while your lawn mower is running. The head bolts hold the engine’s cylinder head in place, so if they become loose, you’ll hear a clattering noise coming from the engine.

This is an issue that’s common in mowers that have been through accidents or have had their engines rebuilt, but it can also occur in perfectly normal situations. If the head bolts become loose, you’ll need to tighten them before your lawn mower runs properly.

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4. Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter can also cause a lawn mower to make a rattling noise while running. This can occur in two ways.

  • First, the engine will be hard to run if the filter becomes dirty enough to restrict airflow
  • Second, if the filter is worn out and no longer properly filters out particles, you’ll hear a rattling noise coming from the engine compartment

If your lawn mower is making a rattling noise, the best thing that you can do is clean or replace the air filter. If the problem persists after replacing the filter, it might be time to get your engine’s head bolts checked or replace your exhaust.

FAQs- Lawn Mower Makes Loud Clicking Sound

What Does a Clicking Solenoid Mean?

A clicking solenoid means one of two things. Either the starter has become faulty, or there is something stuck in between the blades of the mower.

If the sound is made only when the mower is turned on, your starter is most likely faulty. A new starter can be easily installed by yourself or a repair shop.

Why Does My Lawn Mower Sound Like a Helicopter?

If your lawnmower sounds like a helicopter when you turn it on, the blades are likely hitting something and need to be adjusted.

To adjust the blades:

1. Loosen the bolts on top of the mower deck with a wrench and blade screwdriver
2. Carefully lift up the mower housing and turn the blades until they are even
3. Tighten the bolts securely and replace the housing

How Do I Stop a Lawn Mower from Clicking?

If your mower is making an intermittent clicking noise, it could be due to debris stuck in the blade or starter.

To check for debris:

1. Turn off the mower and remove the spark plug wire
2. Rotate the blades by hand and check for any objects that may be stuck in between the blades
3. If you find something, remove it and turn on the mower to see if the noise has stopped

If your lawn mower is making a rattling noise, it will need to be fixed before you can use it again.

In most cases, this simply means replacing the air filter, but if this does not resolve the noise issue, you may need to have your engine’s head bolts checked or replace your exhaust.


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