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Four Benefits of Professional Lawn Mowing in Dallas

Taking care of your lawn is amongst the most important ways you can maintain and even increase the value of your property. Unfortunately, not everyone puts a priority on the exterior of their home. Often, professional help is only called upon when there already a problem that needs solving.

Amongst the simplest ways to keep your lawn looking beautiful and well-kept is by tending to its fresh grass. Unbeknownst to many, professional lawn mowing in Dallas like services from us here at We Mow Dallas is not all that expensive. Considering the fun and enjoyment you and your family would get from a beautiful lawn, it is truly worth every penny.

Professional Lawn Mowing Service Can Save You Time and Money

A lot of people are daunted by hiring professionals to do any kind of housework. With the advent of the internet, many are led to believe that they can easily accomplish tasks like professional mowing by themselves. Be warned: mistakes brought on by DIY and overconfidence can cost an arm and a leg to fix. Not only have you wasted a perfectly good weekend for relaxation, but your hard earned money as well. So be careful, deliberate on your capabilities and hire credible professionals should you need to.

You are Paying for Expertise and Knowledge

It is easy to believe how you can achieve professional mowing quality over a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. Armed with tutorial videos and your trusty lawn mower, everything should go smoothly.

However, your diligence is no match for the experience of professional lawn mowers. If you want your yard to look pristine, going with the service of credible landscaping companies is your best and only bet.

We Mow Dallas Provides Consistent and Professional Service

Many people who attempt to DIY caring for their yard are often surprised with the intricacies and knowledge it takes to produce the same results every time. All the research in the world would just not equate to the experience professionals have when it comes to lawn mowing in Dallas. They know the lay of the land, they know the types of grass and plants that work well with the area and your soil, and they know the optimum time to mow and to water. Simply put, the right lawn mowing company would produce consistently lush greens every time!

For Reliable Results, Choose Only a Company You can Trust

There are many companies that offering lawn mowing in Dallas which can provide you the service that you need. However, not everyone can give you the same quality and reliable customer service as credible companies like We Mow Dallas. If you intend to get professional service, why not opt for an establishment that can give you exactly what you need!

Knowing that your home’s lawn is in the hands of professionals would lend you the peace of mind and relieve you of the stress. If you are tired of tending and maintaining your own yard, choose the best of the best and reach out to us now!

All You Need to Know About Lawn Edging in Dallas

No matter how much you mow, plant or water, your lawn is bound to look sloppy and unfinished if you don’t take care and mend its edges. In order to truly make your yard the best that it could look, you should pay as much attention to the thin strips of grass along the sidelines as you have with the flowerbeds and the lush shrubbery.

As a garden DIY-er and enthusiast, it is forgivable that you are not aware of what lawn edging in Dallas entails. Thankfully, we at We Mow Dallas know everything there is to know about lawn edging and we want to help!

What is Lawn Edging?

Lawn edging creates clean and crisp boundaries between the grass, flowerbeds and other areas in a yard. It is used to define an area be it a transition to the patio or another set of shrubbery. Unbeknownst to many, lawn edging is not done purely for aesthetic purposes. Aside from being an effective way to guide foot traffic, it also prevents grass on other plants from spreading into other parts of your lawn.

What You Need to Kick Start the Lawn Edging Process?

Lawn edging entails more than your run of the mill lawn mower. A specific kind of tool, called manual stick edger, is needed in order to accomplish the task. Aside from the edger, you would have to decide the kind of material you would edge your lawn with. Metal, natural stone, plastic, concrete and brick are amongst the most popular choices of edging materials available. Despite being heaving, concrete and natural stone remain to be the best option. They are relatively cheap, incredibly durable and can be manufactured to fit every aesthetic.

What Are the Benefits of Lawn Edging?

Lawn edging in Dallas is one more step that you can do in order to beautify your yard and garden. In fact, edging creates for a more manicured and polished appearance for your garden. For very little, you increase the value of your landscaping and your property with the use of lawn edging.

Aside from its aesthetic benefits, lawn edging provides barriers and boundaries for plants and grass. It also is a great way to direct foot traffic and to distinguish the different part of your lawn for your guests.

Why it is Ideal to Hire Professionals for Your Lawn Edging Needs

If you have experience in gardening, lawn edging in Dallas is a simple enough DIY project to accomplish. However, this project can eat a lot of your time and the expenses can easily add up should you decide to do it yourself. There are special tools needed in order to finish your entire lawn. Renting or buying them is simply not smart. With companies like We Mow Dallas you do not have to worry about materials or the process. All you have to do is pick out your material, sit back, relax and watch the professionals do the work. So what are you waiting for? For the garden of your dreams, contact us today!

Leaf Blowing

 Many homeowners are familiar with the term ‘spring cleaning’ because they have dealt with the hard task of removing leaves from their yard. It takes quite a lot of time to get the yard cleaned of the leaves after the harsh winter season. With that in mind, you want to make sure that your yard is tidy and clean. Dead leaves of course can be beneficial to homeowners because they provide a physical layer of organic matter above ground. They act as overwintering protection for small creatures like insects, which work together to ensure a healthy yard. However, the same leaves can be an eyesore and could in fact cause harm to your grass and other plants. You may want to seek the help of a leaf blowing service in Dallas to make your yard look tidier and prevent harm to your lawns.

How a thick layer of leaves could harm your grass

If you leave a thick layer of dead leaves on your lawn over the winter or autumn, it could have a detrimental effect on the health as well as appearance of your grass. The leaves tend to block sunlight and smother the grass. They also prevent evaporation of moisture, which could result in fungal problems thereby causing the grass to die. You may end up with a dead or patchy lawn in spring if you leave the leaves unremoved. Again, dead leaves are a preventable fire hazard that could damage your property.

Removing or leaving the dead leaves

Sometimes, you may be confused as to whether you should remove the dead leaves or leave them to decompose and provide additional nutrients to the grass and other plants. Some leaves decay fast and others take longer, and depending on the season, you may need to leave the leaves to decay.

However, if the leaves have fallen in large amounts, consider removing them, especially if it is dry or too wet. During the dry season, they are a fire hazard and when it is too wet, they prevent the evaporation of moisture, which may result in dampness, and susceptibility of the gardens and lawns to fungal infections. At We Mow Dallas, we offer professional leaf blowing service in Dallas and we can be of great help when you have over-accumulated leaves on the ground. We use specialized leaf blowers to get the job done quickly and professionally.

When to hire a leaf blowing service in Dallas

Not all the time will you require the services of leaf blowing experts. You may want to wait until the leaves accumulate in large amounts before calling in a leaf blowing service.  Sometimes, depending on the harshness of the winter or fall season, you may find that the amount of leaves falling is just too huge to contain. In these times, you will need a leaf blowing professional like We Mow Dallas.

Also, microbes found in uncomposted leaves tend to compete with grass and other plants for nitrogen during the process of decomposition and this may lessen the importance of leaf mulch in case you want to leave the leaves and use them for mulching. A practical solution is to allow the team at We Mow Dallas that offers a leaf blowing service in Dallas. The team will handle the chore and save your lawns.

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