Inexpensive Ways to Cover Concrete Patio

Confess it: you, like me, built a concrete patio solely for functionality. If I’m mistaken, you wouldn’t be looking for inexpensive ways to cover concrete patio in the first place. Concrete patios are my favorite because of their durability, permanency, and low cost.

A basic concrete patio will quickly become an eyesore in your outside space, especially when cracked, but you can’t go wrong with a simple concrete slab. A concrete patio is adaptable and can be dressed up to create a welcome and inviting atmosphere on the plus side.

 Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to cover a concrete patio that are both inexpensive and attractive.

Inexpensive Ways to Cover Concrete Patio

1. Laying decking flooring

Adding a decking floor to your boring concrete patio is the most effective approach to giving your outdoor space a tropical feel. It is not as difficult as many people imagine to deck over a concrete slab.

Instead, it’s a delightful do-it-yourself activity with the correct planning and instruction.

2. Add a beautiful outdoor rug

The easiest and cheapest way to cover your concrete patio is by using a large outdoor rug. Trust me; no one will notice the concrete since the colorful rug will be the center of attraction.

Furthermore, you get to choose the color of your rug, and they add warmth while keeping dust away from your outdoor space. A striking rug and your patio furniture will be a nice touch that will make you proud of your outdoor space.

3. Painting

Color adds warmth and vibrancy to a room. Concrete’s typical light gray hue is uninteresting; consider adding a contrasting color to improve its appearance.

Painting is an easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself project.

When you’re finished painting, you’ll have a concrete patio that doesn’t appear like a piece of concrete.

How to cover cracked concrete patio like a pro

Cracks in a concrete patio are unsightly, but they may also lead to problems since they allow moisture to seep into the concrete, causing it to become unsteady, something you don’t want to live with.

So, before covering your patio concrete, it’s preferable to first fix the cracks.

1. Polymer resin

The polymer resin is the best and most common option to cover a crack in a concrete patio. Once applied, the polymer resin hardens, establishing a strong bond between the cracks and gluing the slab together.

Polymer resin hardens in a few hours, but it takes a day or more to fully cure. As a result, make sure you cover it while it cures. On the other hand, the resin is coveted for its long life.

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2. Use caulk and sealers

The simplest and most cost-effective solution to repair a crack in your concrete patio is to use flexible caulks.

Because of its matte gray tone, it blends in nicely with the surrounding surface, but if you have a hairline crack in your concrete, you’ll need to enlarge it with a chisel and hammer.

The particles should then be removed with a wire brush. Allowing the caulk to seep into the crevice is important.

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How to fix cracked uneven concrete patio

What if it’s cracked and uneven? For its adaptability and durability, many homeowners have chosen the use of concrete on patios. Concrete patios, on the other hand, slowly sink or crack with time as a result of constant traffic exposure.

Fortunately, there are various solutions for repairing a cracked, uneven concrete patio.

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1. Mud jacking

The name should not fool you into thinking that the process is simple to complete. Since leveling involves some talent, seek professional assistance.

Professionals will drill holes in your slab at key locations and then pump mortar in them. This process returns your concrete patio to its previous level in a matter of days while also aligning the fractured pieces of your slab.

The work of repairing your damaged patio’s foundation is not easy; look for a local slab jacker to help you out.

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2. Patching

When it comes to fixing a tiny section of your patio, patching is the finest option. A tiny section of the fractured slab is cut and removed using a crowbar, and then sand is put beneath the void to level the slab.

3. Veneering

This procedure is similar to a makeover in terms of concrete repair. It entails adding a fresh, top layer to the concrete with the intent of filling in any cracks or recessed areas.

All you have to do is make the concrete rougher using a chisel and hammer. Then pour a thin mortar on the surface and level it.

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FAQS – Inexpensive Ways to Cover Concrete Patio

Can you put gravel on top of concrete?

Yes, you can. Gravel will add a nice touch to your patio, but the only problem that gravel has is that it constantly migrates.

If you choose to use gravel, make sure you secure them.

Can you tile cover the concrete patio?

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The methods are simple:
first, clean your concrete slab, then add a waterproof membrane to it before tiling.
Smooth the mortar on top of the concrete.

Place your concrete tiles side by side, using spacers to equalize their distances.
Allow the spacers to cure overnight before removing them and grouting the gaps.
Allow the tiles to dry after cleaning them.

Is painting concrete a good idea?

Painting lightens the mood of your concrete patio, plus it is an easy DIY project.
All you will have to do is repair any cracks on the concrete.

How to keep outdoor shades from blowing

Many homeowners nowadays want to convert their outdoor space into a living room. And a boring concrete patio or cracked, uneven patio concrete will not enliven your outdoor environment.

Otherwise, consider adopting one of these inexpensive ways to cover concrete patio to give your outdoor space a new lease on life.

The greenery and bird song on a well-decorated concrete patio with a glass of fizzing champagne is a pleasant way to escape the monotony of daily life. It’s its world that will wash away all of your problems for a while.

If it cracks, try fixing it using the easy methods outlined above.


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