5 Practical Ideas to Hide Well Pump

A Well Pump can create an unsightly view within your yard, so it is essential to obscure the components of a well pump from view if you are looking to enhance the appearance of your compound. Read on to discover some of the best practical ideas to hide a Well Pump.

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Practical Ideas to Hide Well Pump

1. Concealing the Pump

You can use many ways to conceal your pump; you may choose to plant trees around your well or ensure a sizable amount of bushes cover your well. Be sure to leave enough space around your well if you decide to plant large trees.

Keeping some distance between the plants is also essential so that there is enough room to gain access to the well pump for routine maintenance quickly.

2. Match the well pump cover with the environment

Hiding a Well Pump may be a lot easier if you are flexible and creative. I suggest that you go for a Well Pump cover with an exterior color to match the immediate environment.

3. Using Plastic wrappers

Materials made from plastic make an excellent option for use in covering well pumps. Note that the vinyl wrapping materials are made to withstand all types of weather conditions.

There is a wide range of images that come with wrapping materials, so be sure to choose what you prefer most. A good cover should be able to make the pump less visible.

4. Install a Decorative Fence

Install a fence around the equipment to keep the Well Pump safe from tampering while hiding it from view. From wood with decorative cut-outs to sleek metal panels, you can choose from a wide range of styles.

To unify the property, pick a fence material or technique that complements the materials or architectural details of the house or other fences installed in the yard.

Inexpensive ideas to hide bins in garden

diy well pump cover ideas
Painted Decorative Fence

5. Making use of trellis

A trellis is an excellent way to cover your pump. Use a traditional arched trellis or arbor for most accessible access to the Well Pump, or use a four-sided cage-type frame to hide it completely.

Consider buying an already made trellis or arbor where you choose from wood or metal construction.

Decorate your trellis or arbor further by planting an assortment of flowers or greenery around the three sides of your frame. Again, you are free to be creative at this point if you want to get perfect results.

Lawn Ornaments to Cover Well

Lawn Ornaments to Cover Well

If you are looking for decoration accessories to cover your well pump, consider using potted plants. Potted plants are portable, with minimal chances of destroying the plant during movement.

Since the well is pretty big, It would be best to use a relatively large potted plant for best results.

Also: Watering your yard with rainwater

Ensure that the pot’s dimensions are equivalent or slightly higher than the well cover to hide it completely. If you need to access the well, slide away from the potted plant and place it back when you are done. 

How to Cover Well Pump
Potted plants

Decorative Well Cover

Nowadays, most gardeners have taken the idea of covering their Well Pumps a notch higher by employing all sorts of creativity. The most notable cover is the use of decorative stones to hide their wells.

Using this technique gives you many options. Some stones are designed to be used for this purpose, or you could be more creative and use a statute to act as your Well pump cover.

Check out the landscaping rock below:

Emsco Group 2280 Natural Sandstone

How to Cover Well Pump

The primary function of the Well Pump is to channel water from the well, or source of water, to the household or designated water points. A typical well water pump system comprises a water pump, casing, control box, pressure switch, and pressure tank.

The tools we have mentioned play a crucial role in ensuring that water flows to the required points, so they must be adequately protected.

Everything from building a well pump cover out of wood to using an old flipped over rowboat! While these are clever ways to cover a well pump, we suggest a more effective route using an insulated, pad-lockable aluminum enclosure.

An insulated well pump cover is a great way to protect your pump equipment from the elements. It will keep vandals and any critters from accessing your equipment and can even help with noise reduction.

Check out this American well pump cover:

PumpHausTM Above-Ground Well Pump Cover

Well Pump Covers Decorative

None of us would entertain a backyard filled with unsightly objects, so you would either get rid of such things or find an alternative method to make them more appealing.

Well Pumps need to be adequately covered using decorative materials to add a touch of beauty to your yard. Aluminum and fiberglass are the commonly used materials.

Check out this well pump cover:

Redford Supply Pro Outdoor Insulated Well Pump Cover

Ideas to Hide Well Pump (FAQs)

1. Should I cover my well pump?

YES. Well, pumps play an essential role in channeling water from the well to where it is needed. So, properly covering your well pump shields it from many conditions, including weather and potential vandals.

2. Is it OK to cover a wellhead?

No. If you bury your wellhead, it will possibly be exposed, and you are well water will get contaminated with impurities in the soil.

3. What is a well cap?

A well-cap is the top cover of a well that protrudes above the ground. Most covers made from aluminum or thermoplastic ensures the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the well casing is balanced when water is pumped from the well.

There are varied reasons why you would want to hide your Well Pump. For one, you want to improve the appearance of your landscape, so covering your Well Pump is a thoughtful idea.

In this article, we have highlighted five ideas to hide well pump that are incredibly effective in concealing your Well Pump from view, and we suggest that you go through each of them for better understanding.


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