8 Ideas to Hide a Garden Shed

We all aim to build beautiful sheds, but with time, they can turn into large shabby structures. And your next step is finding ideas to hide a garden shed. Thankfully, we have compiled them for you.

You wouldn’t want to let your guests see the ugly picture of your old structure. But what if you host a colleague who loves exploring every part of their surrounding?

Well, it may take hours of planning and labor, and you will improve the yard’s view. Although you will not get rid of the structure, I promise you will make it less noticeable.

Note that it’s a simple do-it-yourself project but at some point, you may need more advanced skills. So, prepare to hire a professional landscape designer if things get tough for you.

Ideas to Hide a Garden Shed

1. Set it at the furthest part of the backyard

It’s rare for guests to get to the furthest part of the backyard. Unless you plan to walk them to every corner of the yard, no one will try to reach all points.

Luckily, if the shed has faded paint, it’s less noticeable from far. Same with the corroded metal sheets since sheds tend to rust on the bottom parts after long exposure to weather.

However, ensure you follow all the city or HOA regulations before setting the shed near property lines.

2. Divert the path that leads to the shed

A path that leads directly to the shed can cause more attention. Imagine a paved path on a yard swapped with grass and trees. The eyes will always head to where the path ends. And your ugly old garden shed will be noticed.

See, if you direct the path to a different location like the swimming pool, your guests may not easily notice the shed.

Ideally, when designing the yard, let your paths meander to different locations before ending at the shed. Let it get to the well-designed outside toilet and kids playing ground first. Right?

landscaping to hide a shed

3. Divert Attention with clotheslines

If you have a large backyard, it’s time to set the clothesline and divert the attention. Different clothes colors will make the old shed less noticeable to the guests.

However, you may have trouble if guests come and find empty clotheslines. This tip may not be much effective unless you do laundry every day.

4. Place Litter bins in between

Litter bins can create a small barrier for the far sitting shed. Ideally, set your bins between the shed and the house and keep some other obstructing objects around.

I visited a friend and learned he parks his car between the shed and his house in the backyard. In front of the car, there were two litter bins and I had to ask him the reason for avoiding his well-designed garage.

Well, the dude smiled and started telling me about how he had a long holiday and the number of foreign countries he visited.

Surprisingly, I came to learn he had parked the car behind the bins just for the day he hosted us. I never noticed his old shed until I visited the outside toilet at the corner of the backyard.

We live with intelligent beings.

5. Plant trees around

Trees create amazing barriers but keep them far from the shed. Their roots can grow towards the shed and disturb the foundation.

However, if you plant them in an appropriate order, their branches can spread along the yard and create a barrier.

Moreover, the trees make the backyard cool during summer and also block strong winds from blowing toward the structures.

On the other hand, you can opt for potted plants before your trees grow to your desired height.

how to hide a shed with plants

6. Install a Screen

Installing a screen is the fastest way to hide the old shed. You can plan on dividing your backyard into two parts.

Ideally, set the nearest part and swap it with grass and trees. On the other hand, you can let the furthest part remain with the old structures, firewood, and domestic animals.

A screen is the best option if you need to hide animals like pigs which are usually smelly.

7. Install trellis and plant climbing plants

Trellis around an old shed can create an aesthetic look. And climbing plants are also amazing in diverting attention and creating barriers.

Luckily, most climbing plants are fast growers but they need a lot of care during the early periods.

You will have to direct the new shoots to your desired directions and also use some wires to support them. However, once they start spreading, trimming and carrying out other maintenance practices is easier.

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8. Paint a more natural color

Hiding a shed is not always about covering it with barriers. You can paint it more natural color and make it less noticeable.

Olive green is one of the most preferred colors. It matches the natural vegetation around the shed. Additionally, it neutralizes the shiny look of the roofing materials making the yard uniform.

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FAQs About Ideas to Hide a Garden Shed

How Do You Hide an Outdoor Shed?

There are various ways you can hide your garden shed. Take a look;

1. Camouflage with natural color paints
2. Add screens around the shed.
3. Plant trees around the yard
4. Cover the shed with climbing plants.
5. Divert attention with paths.

How Can I Hide My Metal Shed?

The best way to hide a metal shed is by sanding its noticeable rust color. Later, treat the rust and paint the surfaces with more natural paint.

Note that the roof is more noticeable than other parts of the shed. It’s wise to paint it with olive green paint to match the vegetation around.

Shed skirting ideas

How Do You Hide the Bottom of a Shed?

The best way to hide the bottom of a shed is by skirting. Here are the materials you can use to cover the area;

1. Concrete blocks
2. Bricks
3. Lattice
4. Lumber
5. Vinyl
6. Gravel
7. Chicken wire

There are countless ideas to hide garden sheds. You need to be extra creative as a homeowner to change your yard’s look.

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