How to Weigh Down Patio Furniture

How to Weigh Down Patio Furniture

On a windy afternoon, you decide to enjoy some cool air with a cup of coffee on the table. You watch the trees sway on your patio as you reply to social media texts and emails.

Suddenly, you see your patio furniture flying away_ it’s the worst experience.

Luckily, this article will guide you on how to weigh down patio furniture since many homeowners face trouble with their plastic and wicker furniture.

To enjoy the outdoor without having your furniture scattered across the yard, you need simple DIY tasks that will offer your seats high resistance to strong winds.

Hopefully, one or two of the methods will work for you.

Well, before the wind picks up, try these tips.

How to Weigh Down Patio Furniture

1. Apply Adhesive Gel

You have your patio furniture set on a deck or a concrete floor. Yeah, the adhesive gel will work for you.

For instance, clear Quakehold Gel is a transparent gel applied to the furniture to create adhesion.

Apply the gel to the feet and let it rest for around 15 minutes to secure your seats. Afterward, arrange your seats on the floor, and the gel will secure them firmly.

Unfortunately, moving the furniture every time may be impossible. But if it’s necessary to move them, you can apply some mechanisms to detach the seat from the floor.

2. Invest in Heavy Duty Covers

Heavy-duty covers are designed with extra weight that can firmly secure your seats.

Additionally, they are waterproof, protect the seat against sun rays, and act as a dust barrier.

For instance, if you have plastic or wicker furniture, equip them with heavy-duty covers and add a few methods like creating barriers to reduce wind strength.

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3. Use Wrought Iron Frames

Wrought iron frames are heavier than aluminum and plastic. They create a higher resistance against strong winds to keep your lightweight furniture firm.

To secure the seats, take two pieces of wrought iron flames and lay them on the ground touching both the front and rear chair legs. Then, use a strong cord to tie them against the chair legs and arrange the chairs.

However, the chairs may be heavier to move since iron has a higher density, but the strong winds won’t scatter them.

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4. Use a Bungee Cord

A bungee cord is usually tied to immovable objects around the patio. Many homeowners use this method.

Ideally, find a fence post or a heavy stone and secure your bungee cord on them. On the other hand, you can purchase the whole kit with D-rings.

When you decide to secure them on D-rings, drill holes through the brackets on either a wooden or a concrete floor.

You may also be lucky if your patio has a deck with slats. Drill the holes and secure the brackets with D-rings using screws.

Afterward, secure your bungee cord on the D-ring or the posts and tie it around the furniture legs. Tighten the cord to ensure the furniture is firm.

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5. Add Furniture Weights

Furniture weights are an excellent method to secure your furniture. You can purchase some weight bags or even create one with your old trousers or socks.

If you plan to purchase weight bags, the process is simple. Some are filled with sand, and others, you can fill with water.

The second idea is to use your old pair of jeans trousers. Cut the trouser legs using a pair of scissors and sew the bottom areas.

Ideally, divide the legs to have around four pockets. Fill the pockets with sand and sew them closed.

The final idea is to use old socks. However, they shouldn’t be torn to avoid spilling the sand. So, fill the socks with sand and tie a knot at the top.

You will have furniture weight bags in either method you decide to use. Tie the top with a shoelace and remove the chair cushions. Then, hang the bags on each chair corner in line with the legs.

Afterward, place the cushion to cover the shoelaces for a smart look. But if you decide to use weight bags, they come with cords and hooks that make the job easier.

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6. Use Deck Anchors

Deck anchors can be a great choice if your furniture is arranged on decks with wooden slats.

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Push the metal and washers to slip them between the slats. The washers are designed to prevent the metal from getting to unintended depths.

Secure the zip ties on the furniture legs and tighten the rubber cord. Finally, hook it at the edge, and your seats will be firm if the wind picks up.

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7. Make hooks

You can make some hooks using construction steel rods if you love welding. Measure four rods of the same length and cut them using a grinder.

Then, curve the four to create hooks and drive them to the ground using a hammer or mallet. Note that this method is applicable on unpaved ground.



Further, if the ground is wet or sandy, it may not be effective in case of strong winds.

If the hooks cannot firmly hold your chair legs, secure them together with a strong cord and tighten them to prevent the chairs from wobbling.

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8. Tie the Furniture Together

Although the furniture may be light, it can form a strong resistance if tied closely.

The idea is to prevent the wind from getting between the edges, which gives more power to overturn the seats.

Secondly, multiple seats will have more weight compared to one seat.

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FAQs About Weighing Down Patio Furniture

How Do You Secure a Patio Table to Concrete?

Create a sleeve and insert the ring anchor inside. Then, twist it until only the ring is visible on the concrete.

Feed the cord through the ring and secure it on the table legs.

It would be best to have rings on each table leg to make the table firm.

How Do You Secure Patio Furniture For a Storm?

There are various methods you can use to secure your patio furniture;

1. Furniture weight bags
2. Deck anchors
3. Bungee cords
4. Adhesive gel
5. Building a fence

Benefits of patio furniture being too low to the ground

What Wind Speed Moves Furniture?

Wind speed of 20 to 30 mph can move light lawn furniture around.

How to weigh down patio furniture is simple with the above tips. Avoid trouble when north winds tend to be tough during the end of autumn.

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