How to Use Fuel Stabilizer in Lawn Mower in 4 Simple Steps

When gasoline gets stored in the tank for more than a month, it oxidizes and thickens. After the offseason, you want to start the lawn mower and mow the grass. The engine starts misfiring, and in some cases, it malfunctions completely.

When maintained and stored in good condition, a lawn mower will help you maintain the yard. Therefore, while reserving a lawn mower, it is good to use a fuel stabilizer to avoid possible damage to the engine and fuel.

A fuel stabilizer is used to neutralize the alcohol components harmful to plastic and rubber in the machine. It can affect the carburetor functionality making it jammed up.

Leaving a fuel that is not stabilized for a long period will degrade and affect the engine functionality due to oxidation. Therefore, learn how to use fuel stabilizer in lawn mower below.

Let us get started:

How to Use Fuel Stabilizer in Lawn Mower

A fuel stabilizer is helpful to a lawn mower, and a gardener must use it to ensure the engine is in good condition.

As discussed below, there are steps to be followed while using the fuel stabilizer.

1. Empty the Fuel Tank

Fuel stabilizer is not added randomly in the tank. A certain ratio of fuel stabilizer to fuel must get recommended. You must know the amount of fuel in the tank; therefore, emptying the tank will give you an accurate amount of fuel.

You are advised not to estimate the amount of fuel in the tank. After all, adding more than the prescribed fuel will serve no good to the engine because it will malfunction. Adding less than specified will not prevent oxidation from taking place.

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2. Add Stabilizer to the Tank

When you empty and measure the amount of fuel in the tank, you will know the amount of stabilizer required in the tank. Typically, the ratio gets indicated in the user’s manual of the fuel stabilizers.

The bottles have cuts used for measuring the amount of gasoline. Add the required fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank.

3. Add the Fuel

After the fuel stabilizer gets added, you must add the required ratio of the fuel to the tank. You are requested to add new fuel to reduce the risk of the old oil oxidizing before the stabilizer got added.

Remember, the fuel should get added to the stabilizer because it disperses evenly.

The tank should not get filled to a full tank to avoid spilling out to the compound; therefore, add up to ninety-five percent.

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4. Start the Engine

Start the engine after adding the fuel and check all the required precautions. Allow it to run for about ten minutes to ensure that the stabilized oil runs through the engine and the carburetor.

When the engine fails to run, the stabilized oil will not serve the purpose because it will remain in the fuel tank.

By allowing the fuel to circulate, the stabilized fuel fits its purpose, and you can have peace of mind. You can be sure that there will be no breakdown when you restart the lawn mower for the next season.

Importance of Using Fuel Stabilizer

1. Avoid Wastage

When storing the lawn mower for the next season, fuel stabilizers get used to maintaining the fuel’s freshness and strength: hence will be used during the following season.

The stored fuel will be damaged and replaced if a fuel stabilizer is not used.

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2. Reduce Cost

When using a fuel stabilizer, the stored fuel can get reused in the next season.

The engine will have been maintained and will not require any repair related to fuel damages. A clean engine runs smoothly, saving fuel consumption and repair costs.

3. Removes Impurities

Regular fuel contains impurities that can cause engine damages. The contaminants can attach themselves around the engine hence affecting the engine performance.

Using the fuel stabilizers will help remove the impurities from the fuel and keep the engine fresh.

4. Fuel Economy is Enhanced

When the engine has buildups on, it makes running hard, consuming more fuel.

Fuel stabilizer removes the buildup and maintains the cleanliness of the fuel and the engine. The engine runs smoothly, therefore, consuming less fuel.

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FAQ: How to Use Fuel Stabilizer in Lawn Mower

Can I use any stabilizer?

Compatibility is vital when selecting the type of stabilizers. It would be best to research the fuel you are using to make sure you choose and add a compatible stabilizer.

Using stabilizers that are not compatible will not serve the intended purpose and will destroy the fuel and the engine.

Does the fuel stabilizer fix old fuel?

Fuel stabilizer is only used to maintain the fuel status and prevent damage through oxidation. Old oil will not get fixed because oxidation has already taken place.
The stabilizer will preserve the condition of fuel; hence the possible damages will still take place

Can I store a lawn mower without fuel stabilizers?

Generally, you risk the engine’s functionality when storing your lawn mower without adding a fuel stabilizer.

You are required to use the appropriate fuel stabilizer to improve the fuel and engine functionality.

The fuel stabilizers remove any deposits that had buildup in the engine, thus making the engine’s functionality effective.

Are fuel stabilizers used only when storing the lawn mower?

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Generally, fuel stabilizers get manufactured to maintain and stabilize the fuel and improve the engine’s performance.

When manufacturers manufacture fuel stabilizers, they have formulas for manufacturing each stabilizer: storage stabilizer and performance stabilizers.

When you are purchasing a stabilizer, you should keep in mind the purpose of the stabilizer so you can add the correct one.

You now know how to use fuel stabilizer in lawn mower and the benefits. It is easy to use fuel stabilizers in a lawn mower and improves the fuel engine’s functionality.

It saves fuel and maintains the fuel stability ending the owner’s anxiety of cost. It also assures you that the fuel and engine will be in good condition if you store the lawn mower for a long time, especially winter months.

Different types of fuel stabilizers are available in the market. You can purchase the right one depending on your fuel type and the purpose.  


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