7 Tips on How to Store Lawn Mower in Garage

Lawn mowers operate in seasons and therefore requires safe storage as it waits for the next season. As the owner, you should ensure that it will be safe and ready to work during the next mowing season.

The right thing to do is store it properly, like in a garage. Before you can keep your lawn mower in the garage, there are tips worth considering. We’ve highlighted the best ways on how to store lawn mower in garage.

Let’s get started:

How to Store Lawn Mower in Garage

If you want to store a lawn mower in the garage, consider these tips:

1. Create Space

It is ideal for every homeowner to identify the space available in the garage. And whether it is enough to keep the lawn mower without interfering with the other tools.

You should also identify the tools occupying the space and remove them to create enough space.

The best place to store the lawn mower is at the corner of the garage because there is less movement of other tools.

Keeping in mind that a garage is a workstation where other machine repair gets done, you should ensure enough working and movement space in the garage.

2. Building a Rack

Consider building a standing rack if you have several machines, tools, or lawn mowers that need to be stored. But if the space does not favor you, build shelves on one side of the wall.

If the lawn mower gets used frequently, it should get stored at the bottom of the shelves, but if not frequently used, it can be placed a bit further to those frequently used tools.

The lawn mower should not be placed by side or upside down – it can leak gas.

best way to store lawn mower in garage

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3. Floor Mat and Covers

It would help if you did not park a lawn mower direct to the floor.

If a driving lawn mower gets stored for an extended period, the wheels shouldn’t contact the ground directly. Also, in case of a leaking engine, the oil will stain the floor and be damaged.

An oil absorbent floor mat is the most recommended as it will protect the mower from damaging the wheels and prevent floor damage by the oil.

The garage has many functions, and dust gets blown every time. Therefore, a cover is recommended to make the lawn mower clean from the dust. The dust can also damage the engine and other moving parts of the lawn mower.

4. Cleaning the Mower

To maintain the cleanliness of the garage, make sure you clean the mower before storage. Cleaning will also prevent rust that may develop as a result of stains.

Cleaning will also help the homeowner maintain the original color of the mower. If you fail to clean the mower before storage, it will look old and wear out the parts quickly; thus, it will not give you the needed service.

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5. Inspect the Ignition System

While storing the lawn mower, ensure the ignition system is working correctly. After that, remove the spark plugs and keep them in a safer place.

This will prevent them from rusting or having possible damages.

Remove the batteries and store them in a safer place or use them in other machines. When they get stored for long periods, they lose their power and will not ignite the lawn mower engine.

They can also rust and damage the power system causing you future problems.

6. Cover the Fuel Tank

The fuel tank should be well covered to prevent any possible leakage. The fuel leakage can lead to accidents like a fire that damages the other tools stored in the garage. The leakage will stain other lawn mower parts and the floor mat.

Dust might accumulate and stain the fuel if the fuel cap is not covered, damaging the engine. You should frequently inspect the fuel cap to ensure it is tight and well wrapped.

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7. Empty the Gas Tank and the Old Oil

When storing the lawn mower for a long time, the owner should empty the gas tank. It will prevent the lawn mower gas tank from rusting and damaging the other parts of the engine.

You should also drain the old oil from the mower engine. You should keep the engine clean as the old oil might damage the engine, especially when stored for long.

The old oil can leak into the floor if not emptied, causing damage to the floor or mat. The oil can also stain the other machines and tools stored in the garage.

If any gas or the old oil leak, it will lead to a bad smell around the garage.

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FAQ: Lawn Mower in Garage storage ideas

Is it safe when I store a lawn mower in the garage?

When you turn your garage into a storage unit, the lawn mower will become a tripping hazard. A pinhole in the gasoline tank will fill the environment with unhealthy fumes.

In addition, a small breakage of the fuel line will spill the combustible liquid.

Can I choose to store my mower outside during the winter months?

Generally, you can store the lawn mower outside, but that’s not an ideal option. However, if you choose to store outside, ensure it is elevated not to sit directly on the ground.

That allows air circulation and keeps it dry.

Should I drain the oil and fuel while storing the lawn mower in winter?

Draining oil and fuel may sound like an excellent idea, but the decision will harm the engine. After storage, it will be hard to fire right up.

It is not only for lawn mowers but also for other equipment. 

Storing a lawn mower in a garage is not the right deal, but most homeowners have no option. Therefore, it is better to keep it in a garage than leave it outdoors.

As the owner, you should know how to store lawn mower in garage to avoid future complications.

The machine will not get damaged or cause unnecessary disturbances in the garage.

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