3 Tips on How to Store Grass Seed Over Winter

Do you have grass seeds left after the planting season? If yes, you can store them for next year. However, preserving the grass seed is not easy. Factors such as temperatures, humidity, and moisture may not allow the grass seed to hold its viability for long. Remember, grass seed is expensive. Thus, if it fails to germinate, you may lose a lot of money.

Generally, grass seed requires a cool and dry place to maintain its viability over the winter season. Thus, if you want to save grass seed to use in spring, be sure to implement the tips on how to store grass seed over winter.

When stored under the right conditions, grass seed can last for up to five years, depending on the grass seed type. Keep reading and learn more about how to extend the shelf life of your grass seed.

How to Store Grass Seed Over the winter

1. Place the grass seed in a rodent-proof container

Rodents love eating seeds over other types of food. Thus, if they access your grass seed, they are likely to consume them. In this case, it is best to invest in grass seed storage containers to prevent rodents from reaching the grass seed.

Before storing the seeds, ensure that they are clean and dry to prevent them from rotting.

Besides, you can store the grass seed in its original bag. But if you had already opened it, seal it properly while squeezing out the excess air.

2. Store the grass seed in a cool, dry place

Grass seed requires a breathable place for better circulation of air, which can prevent mold growth. You can consider a burlap sack or a breathable cloth but be mindful about moisture getting inside.

If your grass seed is still in the original container, it is good to keep it there and avoid putting the bag on the floor to keep off moisture.

Besides, a pallet is a good choice for storing the grass seed. It is an affordable option and does not allow mice and other critters to access the grass seed. Remember to label the grass seed storage containers with the type of seed, brand, and date to help you know the expiry date.

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How to Store Grass Seed Over the winter

3. Avoid freezing areas

A good way to make your grass seed viable is by preventing mold growth and other issues that can lead to early germination and damage. That’s why you should not store it below freezing temperatures.

Cold can make the grass seed rot, causing it to die. Temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit are safe for storing many grass seed species. 

Many homeowners are not sure about where to store their grass seeds. They, therefore, look for spacious places such as garages and sheds. But they forget that a good way for increasing the grass seed’s viability is by storing it in a cool and dry place.

In this case, it is best to heat your garage and other storage places before putting the sealed grass seed. Also, ensure proper air circulation in the area to lower the risk of molds.

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FAQs on How to Store Grass Seed Over Winter

Can I store grass seed in a garage?

The storage condition has a big influence on the viability of the grass seed. During the winter season, places such as the garage can be cold or have high humidity levels.

That’s why a garage is not ideal for storing grass seed. However, you can consider the garage if you have a good option for heating it. All you need is to ensure that the temperatures are below 90° and above 40°. 

Besides, you can store the grass seed indoors. A fridge is a good option because you can adjust the temperatures settings. With this, you will extend the shelf life of your grass seed.

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How long does grass seed last in the bag?

Imagine finding a bag of grass seed when cleaning out your garden supplies? Throwing it can be a waste of money. So, can you save it for the next season?

Will it expire? Keep reading to learn more about the shelf life of grass seed. 

You can store grass for up to five to six years if you pay attention to proper storage conditions. Keeping the grass seed out of sunlight and in dry conditions can make it last longer.

But it loses about 10% of its viability after every year of storage. However, this depends on the type of grass seed and the storage conditions.

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How can you tell if the grass seed is still viable?

Just like other items, the grass seed has an expiry date. Most of the grass seeds have their dates printed on the bag. The date will help you know when to plant the grass seed before it loses its viability.

However, the storage conditions can make the grass seed go bad quickly. And because you don’t want to plant a grass seed that won’t germinate, it is good to perform a test to see whether it is still viable.

Here is how to test the viability of a grass seed

1. Place a few grass seeds in a damp paper towel and put them into a plastic bag.
2. Seal the bag and place it out of direct sunlight

If the seeds fail to sprout after 10-12 days, they are probably not viable. But if half of the seeds germinate within ten days, then the grass seed is about 50% viable.  

Many homeowners store their grass seeds in the garage or sheds. But these places do not have the right conditions to help in extending the shelf life. The viability of the grass seed depends on the humidity and temperature of the storage environment.

 As you know, the process of preserving the seed for the next season is not challenging. But if you learn how to store grass seed over winter, you will use the seeds after a few years and still get good results.

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