How to Stop Tree Roots From Growing Back

How to Stop Tree Roots From Growing Back

Tree roots are pesky. They grow back all the time, and it’s not just one tree root you have to worry about. Tree roots can spread for hundreds of feet if left untreated, so how exactly do you stop them from growing back? This blog post will teach you how!

Tree roots are a nuisance, to say the least. They cause everything from cracks in your driveway to clogs in your plumbing. If the tree is close enough to your house, it can cause major damage and make it difficult or impossible to sell your home.

But how do you stop them? There are many methods that you can use to stop tree roots from growing back. This article will go over how you can stop tree roots from growing back using simple techniques that most people have in their homes already!

Why You Should stop those Pesky Tree Roots From Growing Back

Trees are some of the most important plants on our planet. They provide us with so much- shade, oxygen, fruit, nuts, and even wood! These useful plants are definitely beneficial to have around your home.

But what happens when your tree roots grow and start destroying things?

If you don’t act fast enough, then the roots can easily cause damage to your home. This damage could range from cracks in your driveway, broken sewer lines, foundation damage, and more.  These damages not only look ugly, but they can cost you a lot of money to fix.

For example, if you have tree roots growing in your sewer line, this can cause a serious problem. Tree roots can grow and expand inside of the line and completely clog it. This will lead to sewage backing up into your home, which is no fun for anyone involved!

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How Do Tree Roots Cause Damage?

Tree roots have caused problems for many homeowners around the world. The damage they cause to your home could range from minor cracks in the driveway to completely collapsing your foundation. Here are a few examples of how tree roots can damage your home:

  • Cracks in asphalt and concrete driveways and patios
  • Buckling, leaning, or sunken concrete sidewalks and around foundations
  • Damage to pipes and utility lines (plumbing, electrical, and gas)
  • The growth of mold (musty smell) in air ducts or crawl spaces
  • Damage to your home’s foundation

These are the most common damages, but there are many more. Tree roots can do a lot of damage if left unchecked.

How Can You Stop Tree Roots From Growing Back

The best way to stop these damages from happening is by stopping those pesky tree roots from growing back. The following are some of the most effective techniques to prevent tree roots from growing back.

1. Killing Tree Roots With Epsom Salt

Epsom salt can be used in many ways to kill your tree roots. It’s completely natural and won’t damage your plants, so don’t worry about hurting them!  It also won’t damage your soil or harm the environment, so it’s definitely a great method to use.

Spray the Epsom salt solution on the roots of your trees.  This will slowly kill the roots, preventing them from growing back. Other people have had success by sprinkling the Epson salt near the roots of their trees or around the area where they don’t want it to grow back.

Doing this will slowly kill the roots over time! This is a more natural method since chemicals are not present, and the tree roots will begin to die off!

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2.  Killing Tree Roots With Bleach

Bleach is another popular method for getting rid of tree roots in your yard.  You can simply mix bleach with water, per the instructions on the bottle, and spray the mixture over the roots you want to kill.

Be careful not to get any on surrounding plants or grass, though!  Bleach will kill all plant life that it touches. If you want to be safe, wear gloves and eye protection while working with bleach.

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3.  Using Tree Root Growth Inhibitor Products

Products like RootX (check it out on Amazon), for example, can be used to stop the root growth of your plants.

These products use a chemical called tebuthiuron, which prevents the roots from growing back once applied. You will have success with these kinds of products if you put them in the ground right before a rain shower, so they have time to get absorbed into each root system.

The product works best when there’s a lot of moisture in the ground and is easier to apply on established shrubs or trees that already have a root structure present.

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4.  Killing Tree Roots With Vinegar

Vinegar is another great product that can kill the roots of the trees in your yard.  All you have to do is mix vinegar with water, pour it on the roots of your plant, and watch it slowly suffocate!

It’s completely natural, so you don’t have to worry about doing any damage. If you have problems with tree roots growing next to your home, vinegar is an excellent choice.

5. Using Systematic Herbicides

This method is a great choice for killing tree roots quickly and efficiently. Systematic herbicides work to get rid of the root system by going directly through the soil and destroying everything it touches!

You can use some systemic herbicides on or near food crops, so make sure you look at the product label before you buy to ensure that you will not damage any surrounding plants.

You can purchase these types of products from your local garden store or online retailers like Amazon.

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6. Spray Roots With Liquid Copper 

Copper Sulphate is a popular option for getting rid of tree roots. You can either buy pure liquid copper sulphate from a local garden store or mix your own to use this method. Mix 2 tablespoons of copper sulphate with 1 gallon of water to create a solution that will stop those pesky tree roots from growing back!

Copper sulphate is completely safe for the environment and should not cause any damage to surrounding plants or soil. Just make sure to avoid putting it directly on top of any existing plant life, as it could kill them! Pour the mixture around the outside of your home and watch those tree roots slowly die off!

For best results, put down several inches of mulch after applying so that rain doesn’t wash away the copper sulphate before it has time to work.

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7. Use Root Kill Bacteria

Root Kill will cause bacteria to form and spread throughout your plant’s root system, killing it. Like most other products on this list, you can use root Kill on or near food crops as long as you take some precautions!

This product is perfect for those who don’t want to do any digging around their yard as it works to kill the roots while you do absolutely nothing!

You can find this product at garden supply stores, hardware stores, or online retailers like Amazon – Zep Root Kill 2 lb ZROOT24.

Remember that it doesn’t take effect right away – you’ll have to wait two weeks for this product to take full effect!

8. Removing Tree Roots

If all else fails, tree roots can always just be removed by digging them up from under your grass. This is an effective method for killing or removing tree roots, but it can damage your lawn if you’re not careful.

You should use this method as a last resort since you will be disturbing the grass and soil in your yard. It’s also important to note that digging up the roots of older trees has been known to cause them to die off, so tread lightly when trying this option.

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How to Stop Tree Roots From Growing Back: FAQ’s

Does trimming trees prevent root growth?

Trimming your tree will not prevent root growth. You can use trimming to make it easier to remove the tree roots when they are growing near your foundation or in other places, but root growth needs to be controlled by killing the roots rather than trimming them.

Will Cutting One Root of a Tree Kill it?

No, cutting one root of a tree will not kill it. Cutting the roots of trees is only used to remove the roots or kill them when they grow near your home. And not to kill the tree.

Can I kill my dogwood tree’s roots?

Tree roots can be killed, even if they belong to a common ornamental plant like a dogwood tree.

You can use any of the methods listed in this article to ensure that you get rid of any unwanted trees roots without damaging your yard or surrounding landscape.

How quickly do Epson salts work at killing tree roots?

Epson salts are completely natural, so they will not kill tree roots immediately. 

You can use them regularly to diminish the presence of tree roots, but it’s better to combine them with other methods listed in this guide for faster results.

A quick Google search will yield several recipes that you can try out to speed up your progress!

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If you have a tree or shrub in your yard that is causing damage to your home’s foundation, killing the roots and removing them from the ground will be the only way to stop it from happening again.

Using any one of these methods listed above will help you kill tree roots quickly and without hassle!

We hope that this article has provided you with enough information to give you the power and knowledge you need to take control over your yard and keep your foundation safe!

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