5 Ways on How to Stop Staining on Patio from Plant Pots

Keeping a neat patio decorated with plant pots is not easy. This is because water builds up underneath the pot and creates a circular-shaped stain around the rim of your pot, and it even gets worse when you water your potted plant.

Occasionally you will have a brown ugly runoff that messes up your patio. That’s not enough since during the rainy season you will have salt stains from the soil and a disgusting orange stain from iron. Additionally, the stain can also be difficult and costly to scrub out, messing up your lovely patio.

Consequently, it’s important to know how to stop staining on patio from plant pots. Below is a detailed guide on how to fix this menace;

How to stop staining on patio from plant pots

1. Railing planters

Railing plants are unique outdoor and indoor gardening aids and they come in different shapes and sizes and are made of high-quality materials like white cedar. Railing planters are mostly in rectangular shapes which are hung on the rail.

This creates a lot of space on your patio by keeping your plants off the floor of your patio. Moreover, it helps you to have a stain-free patio since the plants are not sited on the floor to encourage staining.

Significantly, plants that require a little amount of water are not good for railing planters since they have poor drainage.

how to keep potted plants from staining concrete

2. Raising the pot using raisers or pot feet

Using Raisers or pot feet is the simple and stress-free way to keep your patio away from pot plant stains. They are easily available and usually made of concrete, stone, or even simple pottery.

Pot feet work on a simple principle of raising the pot inches above the ground to allow proper air circulation underneath the pot, therefore preventing the circular stains from the rim of your pot.

It also keeps your patio insect-free since a raised pot does not allow habitat for insects. A nice way to keep your patio insect-free and stainless.

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3. Use hanging planter

Using a hanging planter is the best way not only to keep a neat patio but also to save on space. The hanging plant also taps into the modern method of planting. The only drawback of using a hanging planter is that it has poor drainage and it can leave the ground soggy and wet.

This can also cause the hanger to be heavy but you can solve this problem by using plant hangers with drainage holes. The hangers come with a drip tray. So if you want to enjoy more space on your stain-free patio, use a hanging planter.

Check out this hanging planter:

LA JOLIE MUSE Large Hanging Planters

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4. Plant stand

There is no better way to handle staining than keeping your potted plant off the patio’s floor. Plant stand does this best, it also adds beauty to the space by making short plants appear taller and making a bold statement.

Having a nicely decorated plant stand is a bonus to your patio. Plant stands come in different sizes and shapes but nothing beats the ones with rubber, since the rubber will be gentle on your expensive patio’s floor.

The plant stand is a good idea but drainage will pose a big problem. Don’t worry about the case just use a drainage tray. After watering your plant the excess water will drain into the drainage tray, then pour the water away.

Plant stands are great accessories to your patio

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5. Plant Saucers

A saucer is a small shallow dish. The plant saucers are placed under the plant’s pot to trap excess water thus preventing excessive leaks across your patio.

Saucers come in varying sizes, shapes, and colors which adds life to your space. Also adding pebbles on a larger saucer will boost the decorative apple.

If you chose this method then we recommend using a sturdy wide saucer that will hold enough water and prevent overflow. Always ensure to drain the water, since standing water can harbor insects like mosquitoes.

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The best thing about saucers is that they are almost invisible especially if you get one that fits your pot perfectly.

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1. Between Plant saucers and pot feet, which one is the best?

Using pot feet has fewer pros than using a plant saucer, for example, pot feet discourage insects while the plant saucer will be infested by insects if you forget to dispose of the excess water on the sauce.

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2. How do I remove staining from my patio?

A good question. When the damage has been done don’t panic, you can easily fix this by using a mixture of bleach and hot water.

Using bleach also helps to remove algae. If it’s a simple stain use a stiff brush and water.

3. What is the best plant for my patio?

Patios are full of sunlight, and lots of plants that require plenty of light exposure can do well on your patio.

Plants that also require low maintenance will save you a lot of time and still keep your patio clean.

4. How do I care for my hanging planter?

Plants on your hanging planter need to have proper drainage, this is safe for both your plant and also reduces the tension on the hanging straps.

Find good strong leather straps with nice colorful pots for your plants.

5. What should I use underneath my plant pot?

Plant saucers are commonly used but depending on the method you are using, some hanging planters use two pots, a smaller one inside a bigger one.

While inside the pot put some pebbles to allow proper drainage and prevent loss of soil minerals

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A patio is a nice outdoor living room where you go to relieve yourself of the rough day you had, so having it clean is very crucial.

One of the most common causes of a nasty patio is that beautiful potted plant. It’s better to have a decorated patio but if it’s covered with stains it is no longer appealing.

The solutions presented above are the best ways of how to stop staining on patio from plant pots before it gets messier. The cleanliness of your patio is just as important as its beauty.


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