How to Secure Outdoor Furniture from Wind

How to Secure Outdoor Furniture from Wind

Your outdoor furniture setup is a cozy space to unwind in the evening after a long day of an array of activities. It’s a good space to hang out with your family on the weekend when you don’t want to spend time indoors or far away from home.

Unfortunately, your outdoor furniture piece is subject to all kinds of weather elements, the worst being wind that can easily blow them away when they are not in use. 

So in this guide, you’ll learn exactly how to secure outdoor furniture from wind so that you can keep your setup intact no matter how heavily the wind blows.

Whether you live in a region subject to regular wind blows or you only experience this occasionally, the ideas shared in this guide will help you keep your furniture in place all year round.

Determining Which Furniture to Keep From Blowing Away

Obviously, your setup consists of wind-resistant furniture and those that are easy to blow away. If anything, you don’t have to add weight to all the furniture pieces as some are heavy enough to stay in position no matter how fast or brutal the wind blows.

So first you need to determine which of your patio furniture to protect from wind before you take a further step.

  • Determine which furniture pieces are more lightweight and likely to take a flight when wind blows
  • Check the direction from which the wind often blows. This might be difficult to figure, but you should spend some time to figure out if there is a predictable wind flow in your area. A weather vane, which costs only a couple of bucks, should help you with this.

Now that you’ve determine the lightweight furniture pieces and you know the direction of wind in your compound, here’s what you can do to secure the furniture piece from wind.

How to Secure Outdoor Furniture from Wind in 3 Ways

1. Plant a Windbreak

Find exactly where the wind blows from and determine the most appropriate spot to plant a windbreak.

Just so we’re on the same page,  a windbreak is a collect of plants and trees thick enough to minimize the force of wind so that only the least impact gets close to the furniture.

Keep in mind that windbreaks can’t bar wind from getting through to where your outdoor furniture pieces are. However, the force is often minimal and therefore not able to blow away the light furniture pieces.

As your windbreak continues to grow and thrive, they will not only provide protection against wind for your furniture pieces but also add an aesthetic element to your landscape that can make a decent backdrop for an outdoor party and picnic.

If your furniture pieces are in the backyard, the windbreak can add some bit of privacy. And if you allow it to grow too high, it can act as a good sun blocker that provides a good shade for your family.

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2. Stack Chairs Properly

Lightweight chairs will more than likely blow in the direction of the wind. The best way to keep them from tumbling around the patio is to stack them in a corner until when you need to use them next.

Stacking helps to consolidate the chairs, anchors, and then keeps them in place. So if you won’t be using the lightweight chairs for a while, stack them properly.

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3. Use Weighted Umbrella Base

Is an umbrella one of the furniture pieces in your outdoor space? Consider anchoring it on a weighted base.

Designed to anchor the umbrella’s rod in place, the weighted base is strong enough to keep patio umbrella from being swept away by the wind.

Best Weighted Umbrella Base

1. C-Hopetree Base Weight Stand for Outdoor Patio Umbrella

The C-Hopetree weighted base is the best example to consider. Once filled with sand or water, the unit provides up to 357 pounds of filled weight, which is difficult for wind to sweep away.

The heavy-duty plastic cover provides weather and sun protection. And the molded carry handle makes it easy to bring to the umbrella’s spot.

2. EliteShade Outdoor Heavy Duty Umbrella Base

You can also consider the EliteShade Umbrella Base if you’re interested in an affordable yet heavy-duty weighted base.

The base is wide and there are two tightening knobs that you turn to secure the umbrella to the base once filled with water. There’s one hole inside and another one outside, which are good for fixing the umbrella tight.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do you secure patio furniture in a storm?

You have so many options to secure your patio furniture in a storm. You can use bungee cords, sofa fasteners, or deck down anchors. Clear museum gel can also help to keep furniture pieces bound to the ground and secure enough to stand up to a storm.

2. How do you secure patio furniture to concrete?

You can use a ring anchor to secure patio furniture pieces to concrete. Insert the ring anchor into the sleeve and turn it until the only thing you see above the concrete is the ring.
Now pass materials such as cables or chain through the ring and through the furniture pieces. Finalize the process by using a combination lock to secure your items in place. 

3. How do you keep outdoor table covers from blowing away?

The best way to keep outdoor table covers from blowing away is to use duct tape, rubber band, heavy tablecloth weights, or tablecloth clips. Any of these should be good enough to secure the table covers even in the event of a strong wind.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to secure outdoor furniture from the wind. Provided you identify the weak furniture pieces and apply the right weights to keep them in position, you shouldn’t worry so much about them ever blowing away.

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You also should consider protecting your patio screen from hurricanes if you have one installed. To do this, take away loose objects so they won’t slam into the screen in the event of a wind blow. Items such as potted plants and toys should be out of the way.

You might also want to consider investing in hurricane screens, which are durable enough to protect your home from the crazy force of flying debris. 

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