How to Secure Outdoor Furniture from Theft

You’ve worked so hard to create a cozy space outdoor, and now your patio is just as breathtaking as the living room.

Except for one thing is:

You haven’t burglar-proofed the space. You see, the stories you hear about patio furniture theft aren’t fairy tales. They come from real people who’ve lost thousands of dollars in valuable items simply because they didn’t take caution enough.

We don’t want you to be the next victim. This is why, in this guide, we’ll teach you exactly how to secure outdoor furniture from theft.


We know that the only sure way to protect your items from thieves is to move the furniture inside every day. But that’s far from a realistic strategy. How can you possibly tear up the setup and put it back together every single day? While it’s possible, it’s tiring and silly.

Here are some effective techniques that you can use instead:

Effective Ways on How to Secure Outdoor Furniture from Theft

1. Lock Up Your Furniture in Place

A steel cable with a sturdy lock should be enough to lock your furniture in place.

Start by running the cable through the frame of your furniture. Then, connect a few pieces together so that they are difficult to take apart. Since the cord is made of tough steel, thieves will have a difficult time trying to cut the lock.

Best Furniture Locks

1. Keyed Alike Laminated Steel Padlock 45mm

Keyed Alike features a dual lever locking mechanism that makes it the strongest furniture lock yet.

With a hardened steel shackle body, this will resist cut even with the sharpest power saw.

Thanks to the 4-pin cylinder, burglars will have a hard time trying to pick the lock.

2. Schlage Weatherproof Key Padlock

Another solution that you can use to lock your patio furniture is Schlage Weatherproof Key Padlock.

Made of strong, braided steel, the cable is cut-resistant, so it will make it hard for intruders to make away with your outdoor furniture. 

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2. Let Your Dog Roam in the Compound

A dog can be a friendly animal and a menace creature, and both characters are quite extraordinary.

Yours know who lives in your compound and who is a total stranger in the surrounding. So by letting them out at night, even if they are just small dogs currently growing, they can easily alert if an intruder ever makes their way into your compound to attempt to steal your outdoor furniture.

Immediately you get an alert, consider switching on the security alarm to alert neighbors in your area that there are thieves around. If they’re fast enough to respond, you all might be lucky to capture the intruders and call the cops on them.

You get the idea.

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3. Install Motion Light Sensors

Motion light sensors go on immediately, sending down a flood of light the exact moment they detect movement.

Not only are they good at alerting you about the presence of a person in your compound, but they also tend to scare away thieves who have the intention of making away with your outdoor furniture.

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Best Motion Light Sensors

1. Aootek Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Lights

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Aootek Solar Lights for Outdoor is a top-rated example of a motion light sensor to buy.

It features a security mode, a smart brightness control, and permanent all-night functions, which allow you to customize the performance of the sensor.

Its ability to detect thieves as far away as 26 feet at an angle of up to 120 degrees makes it one of the best gadgets for the job yet.

2. Dimunt Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor

A great alternative to Aootek is the Dimunt Outdoor Solar Lights. Featuring a built-in tempered glass, Dimunt is quite effective in detecting the very first step from as far as 26 feet away with a 120-degree detection angle.

Motion light sensors aren’t the best security essential to consider if you have pets such as cats and dogs. That’s because they detect any kind of movement be it by humans or by animals.

But if you keep your pets indoors or in the shed at night, the motion sensors can be such a great investment to keep your outdoor furniture intact.

4. Invest in a Taller Fence

Criminals find it easy to get into a homestead with a shorter fence or no fence at all and will often shy away from trying to invade a compound with a taller fence.

And the reason is quite obvious. If anything, they will find it difficult to climb up a taller fence since it’s such a huge obstacle for them.

Check the areas of your compound that are easy to bypass from the outside. Determine how farther up you would like to extend the fence and budget accordingly.

Contact the contractors who helped you build the fence and discuss the project with them. Don’t hold back on asking them if they would consider giving you a discount for the fence upgrade job.

Have them increase the height of the fence, making sure they build it in such a way that an intruder will have a difficult time getting their way in.

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5. Bolt Your Furniture to the Floor

Bolting your furniture to the floor is the best alternative to installing a motion light sensor outdoors. Buy connector bolts made of strong materials, which can securely hold the furniture to the ground.

Keep in mind that this method requires drilling holes on the floor, which may not be a desirable job for some people. However, if you are okay with introducing some marks to your outdoor for the safety of your furniture, this is a great way to keep every outdoor furniture theft-proof.

It’s even a better solution if you own the apartment. It means you can secure them permanently and never have to worry about moving them away since the place isn’t a rented space.

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Now that we’ve given you some of the best options on how to secure outdoor furniture from theft, you can leave your set outside for as long as you want and never have to worry about burglars.

With motion light sensors and security cameras installed, the fence extended and the dog let loose to roam the compound day and night, even a more determined thief will find it difficult to steal your furniture.

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