How to Secure Outdoor Furniture Covers in 7 Ways

Outdoor furniture covers protect your patio furniture from sun, harsh rains, dust, grime, and other materials that may downgrade their quality. However, the covers can be blown away by wind and expose your furniture to weather. Luckily, you will learn how to secure outdoor furniture covers.

Unfortunately, if you live in arid and windy locations, you have no other alternative than investing in furniture covers. This is because the wind blows dust and grime to your patio furniture. In fact, this is the greatest challenge homeowners face with their outdoor furniture.

Although you may need to regularly clean your covers if you don’t have porch screens, you can secure your furniture for a longer lifespan. That means you can spend years without investing in furniture.

Note that even if you live in a very cool region, strong wind may sometimes occur and blow off your covers. So, the wisest step is to learn how to secure outdoor furniture covers.

How to Secure Outdoor Furniture Covers

After you have purchased your best outdoor furniture covers, you need to apply a few tips to keep things right.

You need to purchase a few items and carry out a simple do-it-yourself task. Without further ado, let’s learn how to keep patio furniture cover from blowing away.

1. Invest in Tarp Clips

High-quality tarp clips can give you a permanent solution to dealing with strong winds. Tarp clips use a combination of bungee cords and clamps.

These clips have a strong gripping power that can retain the cover even in strong winds.

Instructions on Securing the Covers With Tarp Clips

  • Place the cover on your furniture and spread it to fit correctly.
  • Unlock the clip by pressing on the central lever.
  • Attach the clip teeth on the cover hem at the cover bottom.
  • Ideally, attach one clip on the front left edge and run the cord under the furniture to the back right.
  • On the other hand, attach the second hook on the front left cover edge and run the cord under the furniture to the back right edge.
  • Tighten the cord to make the cover firm.

Garden furniture cover blowing off at all times can be stressful. But with these outdoor furniture cover clamps, you will have completely solved the issue.

2. Add Furniture Weights

Furniture weights are designed to secure the light furniture from blowing off. However, you can apply a little knowledge and use them to secure your covers.

Well, let’s see how you can apply this idea.

Furniture weights are filled with water or sand to add extra pounds to the furniture. But what if you fill them with a little water or sand and use small clips to hang them on the cover edges?

Ideally, hang them on the sides to avoid disrupting the users. Secondly, ensure the weight is balanced on each side to keep the cover in place.

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3. Use Tie Down Anchors

The tie-down anchor features a black zip tie with D-ring. The black zip allows strong abrasion to resist moisture around.

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To secure the cover using the anchors, pull the edges of the cover to extend along the furniture legs and secure the anchors around the legs.

Afterward, pull the black zip from the plate to tighten and hold the cover edge and the furniture legs.

Ensure all the covers are well secured for strong resistance in strong winds.

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4. Arrange the Furniture Together

If you have patio furniture like chairs or sofa sets, arranging them can block strong winds from blowing off the covers.

The idea is to set your furniture so that each end will touch the next. Then, tuck the covers on these edges and push the furniture to firmly hold them between the edges.

In contrast, you can place your furniture leaning on the wall. The wall will first act as a wind breaker with this arrangement, depending on its direction.

Secondly, you can tuck the covers between the furniture edge and the wall.

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How to Secure Outdoor Furniture Covers

5. Use Heavy duty furniture covers

Although wind at times may be strong, heavy-duty covers are designed with more weight that can retain them on the furniture.

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Moreover, most heavy-duty covers are made in different sizes to fit various furniture designs properly.

Luckily, most heavy-duty covers are waterproof, sun-ray resistant, and less prone to stains. As such, you will rarely remove them to clean.

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6. Hang the Rocks on the Edges

If you don’t have much cash to purchase securing items, you can do some simple DIY with small rocks.

Just like the furniture weight, find some plastic bags or cut small pieces of nets to secure some rocks.

Afterward, hang the rocks on each edge of the cover by tying them with a string or securing them using small clips.

Ideally, determine the appropriate rock weights that will keep the cover in place in the event of strong winds.

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7. Block the Wind

If you live in an open homestead, you are prone to many challenges. However, if you decide to block the wind, you may minimize the risks of dust, grime, and even the wind blowing off your items.

With that said, plan on building a concrete wall around your homestead. But if that sounds impossible, opt to secure slats around the homestead or the furniture location.

Further, you can plant tall shrubs to make a strong fence. Unfortunately, a shrub fence may take time to grow to your desired height.

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FAQs About Securing Outdoor Furniture Covers

How Do You Keep Outdoor Cushions From Blowing?

Attach your cushions to the furniture using fasteners. For instance, outdoor scotch fasteners are widely used by many homeowners.

They are easy to use and rarely detectable.

How Do I Stop Rain Collecting on My Garden Furniture Cover?

To prevent pooling water, use airbags. Airbags fill the pockets on the cover that hold the rainwater. In this way, they promote water runoff.

Can You Leave Cushions On Outdoor Furniture If Covered?

If you have water-resistant covers on your outdoor seats, you don’t have to remove the cushions every time.

How to secure outdoor furniture covers is simple and cheaper if you love taking on the challenge of DIY tasks.


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