How to Secure a Gazebo From Wind in 3 Effective Ways

For me, a gazebo isn’t just a structure that spruces up my yard. It’s the one special outdoor space where I get to spend time with my loved ones ever once in a while, especially on those weekends when staying outdoors is far much better than catching up with the next episode of the Bing Bang Theory on Netflix.

As good and breathtaking as the space in a gazebo is, the structure isn’t wind resistant and it can easily sway in the direction of the wind in the event of a windstorm. Fortunately, this guide takes you through how to secure a gazebo from wind.

You can use an anchor kit with corkscrew pegs to keep your gazebo from the wind. Alternatively, you can use the standard 12-inch pegs to attach the structure to the ground and tether the pegs to the gazebo with a rope.

In the case where you want to secure the structure permanently, consider drilling it into concrete. You can also use weights and temporary walls to make the gazebo wind resistant.

The one thing that is for sure is that it won’t take much of your time to anchor this structure against the wind. Provided you have the right tools for the job, it can take you about 30 minutes to an hour to get the job done.

Here’s how we secured ours from wind and how you can do the same:

How to Secure a Gazebo From Wind

1. Use an Anchor Kit to Secure Gazebo from Wind

Your gazebo should be a space where you spend time without worrying about wind. And even if you live in an area that’s a lot less subject to windstorm, you still should make the structure as wind-resistant as possible.

Anchor kits are perfect for this kind of work.

In terms of the overall design, the anchor kits feature a corkscrew and spiral peg, which ideally attach the structure firmly to the ground.

The Yesland 15-inch Ground Anchors and the CELEISTITE Heavy Duty Gazebo Anchors are some of the best options to consider. Both recommendations feature pegs that you can easily drive deep into the ground to get a tighter and firm fit.

Yesland 8 Pack 15 Inch Black Ground Anchor

CELEISTITE Heavy Duty Gazebo Anchors

So by using these to secure your structure, you can be sure your gazebo will stay in position even when a strong wind blows. Note that everything you need to get started with anchor kits comes in the package that you buy. 

One thing we love about anchor kits is that they are very easy to use. All you have to do is to drive the pegs into the ground and then run the strap the one that attaches to your structure. 

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2. Use Weights: How to secure a gazebo on concrete

Have you built your gazebo on concrete and need the best option to protect it from wind? Consider using weights. Keep in mind that this option doesn’t require you to drill holes into the concrete and it’s, therefore, quicker and easier to establish than using an anchor kit.

First, get heavyweights that can’t easily submit to the blowing wind. We recommend the ABCCANOPY Super Heavy Duty Weights, which is a pack of 4 weights, each weighing 27 pounds. That’s about as heavy enough to keep your gazebo in place even if wind blows at high speed and with force.

ABCCANOPY Super Heavy Duty Weights Canopy Gazebo

Seriously, you’re getting over 80 pounds of weight securing the structure in place, which is more than enough for the structure. If you like, you can pick the models that weigh at least 110 pounds for the four-pack, especially if you live in a region subject to frequent wind.

Second, place the weights on each of the four legs of the gazebo, making sure they attach well and stay in position. And that’s it.

After having looked around for a while, we noticed that the weights aren’t even expensive. A 110 pounds weight for the gazebo should cost you under $30 and you get the true value for your money at the end of it all.

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how to secure a gazebo on concrete
Anchor Weights

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3. Drill the Gazebo into Concrete

This one will require some work, but it’s perhaps the best way to protect your gazebo from the wind. You can do the work on your own or hire someone with mounting experience to help you if you don’t have the time to do the work yourself.

To get started:

  • Attach a masonry bit to a drill and use it to create clean holes in the concrete structure
  • Remove the small debris of tiny pieces of gravel that may have remained or dropped in the holes while you were drilling
  • Attach small wedge anchors into each hole, and then take out the nut to move the gazebo over it
  • Now slide each leg of the gazebo onto the hole, making sure you can look through the holes without straining
  • Slip the washer onto the nut and then screw it well until it holds in place. Repeat this step for the other three legs, and make sure they hold very well in place.

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In my opinion, this is by far the most safe way on how to secure a gazebo on concrete. Sure, it does take some hard work, but the results are far much worth the effort.

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Your options are limitless when it comes to tools you can use to secure your gazebo from wind. Just make sure you pick an option that’s more flexible and convenient enough to meet your needs.

At the end of the day, it won’t matter if you use an anchor kit with corkscrew pegs or side panels. While these solutions are readily available at different price points, they all hold your beautiful gazebo in place so it doesn’t wobble in the event of wind.

If you’ve decided on a permanent outdoor space to station your gazebo, it would be best if you drill it into the ground in that very space. Since you’ve built the structure over concrete, fastening the grill into the ground is the best solution.

No matter how hard the wind blows thereafter, you can always be sure that your gazebo won’t move in the direction of the wind.


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