How to Restring a Patio Umbrella in 5 Simple Steps

In our outdoor space, a patio umbrella is quite necessary. Summer is here, it’s hot, and you need to shield yourself from the sun’s glare and burning UV rays. It’s not that you don’t have a patio umbrella; in fact, you have a lovely one that you adore. You bought it a few years ago, and it’s still in wonderful condition; it just won’t rise.

Umbrella malfunctions due to string failure are to be expected, especially if your patio umbrella has a cranking mechanism and has seen better days in the sun. You do not need the assistance of a professional to restring your patio umbrella.

This post will show you the basic methods and tools you’ll need to know how to restring a patio umbrella.

How to Restring a patio umbrella

Step 1-Remove the umbrella from pivot

To efficiently restring your patio umbrella, you must first remove the umbrella from the pivot.

The goal is to have free access to the skeleton of the patio umbrella, which is readily accomplished by pulling out the pin that secures the umbrella’s pole on the bottom hub using pliers.

This technique may differ depending on the design of your umbrella; some may be screwed, so read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Place your umbrella on a flat surface, untie the store-thread fastening the cloth, then unscrew the finial at the pole’s tip and leave it aside.

Then, slip each rib from its fabric pocket to remove the umbrella fabric. A standard patio umbrella contains 8 to 16 ribs, so slipping them should be a piece of cake.

Remove the fabric and set it aside to reveal the umbrella’s skeleton. That wasn’t so difficult after all.

how to restring a crank and tilt patio umbrella

Step 2-Examine damaged section

Congratulations, you now have the framework for your umbrella. Examine the section of the cord that is damaged or worn out. From a professional standpoint, the rope usually wears around the winding bolt on many of the umbrellas I’ve restrung. As a result, if your umbrella has a cranking system, you will need to unscrew the crank house.

The mechanism is placed in a plastic or metal box in most umbrellas that employ a cranking method. You’ll need to loosen the bolts that hold the mechanism together in this situation. The screws are often four Philips head-type screws; once unscrewed, store them somewhere safe to avoid losing them, or, as I generally do set the housing aside with the screws inside.

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 Step 3-Remove crank handle

You must remove the crank handle in this step. On the opposite side of the mechanism, you’ll find a cotter pin holding the crank handle in place.

Gently remove the pin with a plier, then loosen and remove the nut, gear, and slotted washer. Remove them from the equation.

Then, firmly twist the handle to detach it from the entire support pole. Remember to wipe the debris when learning how to restring a patio umbrella.

When the cord breaks, there are generally remains on various places of the umbrella, notably on the eyelet of the crank handle.

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Step 4-Locate and unlock the hub

Pay great attention to this step because it is a little difficult. Find the hub at the bottom of your rib collection.

The most difficult aspect is unlocking the hub because you must open the housing that covers the hub without allowing the ribs to slip out. You don’t want to have to go to the extra effort of repositioning each rib.

Unscrew the screws to release the hub’s housing, exposing the eyelet on the underside of the hub, depending on the design of your patio umbrella. Take away the old string.

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Step 5-Restring your umbrella

It’s finally time to put your fresh string in place. Thread it through the hub’s eyelet and tie a knot at the end of the cable. The chord on some patio umbrellas runs outside the pole; however, the cord on most of them runs inside the pole.

Connect the cord to the umbrella support pole. The pick-up tool helps thread the cord through the hole and then secure it to the crank. To prevent the knot from slipping back, insert it into the eyelet of the crank.

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Finally, reversing step 4 will allow you to reconnect the crank handle. Screw the bolt’s housing back together and reinstall the fabric with the ribs.

FAQs About Repairing Patio Umbrellas

Can a patio umbrella be restrung?

Of course, restringing a patio umbrella is a simple process. However, it is critical to read the manufacturer’s instructions to make it easier.

Because restringing an umbrella is an easy do-it-yourself project, you should be able to enjoy your outside space in the sun.

What do you do with a broken patio umbrella?

If any portion of the umbrella is still in good condition, repurpose it in a new umbrella.

You can also mend it if it is repairable, especially if the cloth is torn; you can quickly sew it. Because it might come in handy

How do you open a patio umbrella without a crank?

If your umbrella lacks a cranking mechanism, pull the canopy’s ribs outward and away from the pole.

You’ll have to work a little more to open some umbrellas that don’t have a cranking system but be careful not to break them.

Learning how to restring a patio umbrella is a useful skill. String breaking is common in older patio umbrellas, particularly ones with a cranking system.

The constant exposure to the elements, as well as usage, causes the umbrella string on your patio to deteriorate and break. If you were thinking about hiring a professional to restring your patio umbrella, don’t because you now know how to do it yourself.

You can restring any brand of patio umbrella using the procedures outlined above. As you can see, restringing an umbrella isn’t as tough as you would have believed.

Maintain the functionality of your favorite patio umbrella. Enjoy the summer on your patio without squinting or being concerned about the harmful UV radiation.

With a little perseverance and these methods, your patio umbrella will be functioning as if it were brand new.


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