How to Repel Rabbits from Lawn

How to Repel Rabbits from Lawn ( Effective and Humane Ways)

Rabbits make great pets but are often considered pests outside of their cages. They eat the grass and dig holes in your lawn, which can cause a host of problems.

However, it is possible to keep them out with some simple techniques. Read on for tips on how to repel rabbits from lawns.

How to Keep Rabbits out of Yard Naturally

1. Eliminate Weeds from Your Lawn

When they search for food, rabbits are attracted to lawns with lush greenery. So if you take away some of their favorites, they won’t be as interested in coming near your property and will stop destroying your lawn.

While at it, you can also keep the grass trimmed short. Rabbits don’t enjoy being startled by sudden movements, so if there aren’t many places for them to hide, they are more likely to steer clear.

2. Place Human Hair on the Lawn

Rabbits don’t like the smell of human hair. While rabbits are nearsighted, they can smell very well. Human hair has a strong scent that is unpleasant to them.

So, sprinkling dry pieces of your hair over areas with rabbits will probably discourage them from going near your lawn.

3. Use of a Cat Litter

Using cat litter can be an effective strategy in repelling rabbits from your lawn. Since rabbits dislike the smell of cat urine and poop, this creates a pretty unpleasant environment.

Moreover, it is less expensive than some of the more elaborate plans of getting rid of rabbits. So if you have a cat or access to free litter boxes, make sure to place them around your lawn.

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4. Put up Fences and Barriers

Installing fencing or plant barriers are good deterrents for rabbits. Unlike dogs, they can’t see past tall fences. This means that if your yard looks blocked off, they will stay away and not come too close to your lawn.

5. Buy a dog

Although a dog may be a man’s best friend, it can also be a rabbit’s worst enemy.

When an excitable guard dog barks at anything that comes near the yard, this will discourage any rabbits from coming in because they don’t want to get into a bad situation with something potentially dangerous or bothersome.

6. Use Fox Urine Granules

Fox urine is inexpensive and humane when it comes to eliminating troublesome animals from your yard. You can buy in granule form online, but some people are hesitant because of the odor that surrounds the product.

7. Sprinkle Dried Sulfur

To protect your yard from rabbits, sprinkle dried sulfur around the perimeter of your lawn. They will find the smell unpleasant and stay away.

8. Plant Garlic around Your Yard

If you have a large yard, try planting garlic around the outside of it. Like most animals, rabbits don’t like the smell of garlic. Planting a row of it around your yard will help keep them away.

Why are Rabbits Destroying My Lawn?

One of the biggest reasons why rabbits destroy your lawn is because they are looking for a place to nest. Most rabbit populations will start with one bunny, which then produces more offspring.

Nonetheless, it is more likely that you have plants in your yard that they like to eat. Though herbivores, rabbits have voracious appetites and will wreak havoc on the lawn by eating grass or other plants as well as digging up root systems.

If any plants in your yard attract rabbits, you might want to take them out or move them somewhere else. Still, you can learn some effective tricks on how to repel the rabbits from the lawn.

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How to Keep Rabbits from Nesting in Yard

Rabbits will nest in tall grass, under bushes, or anything close to the ground that resembles a cave. One way to stop them from nesting is by keeping your yard trimmed and free from weeds. Other ways include:

· Planting Onions around Your Yard-Rabbits hate the smell of onions, and they’re susceptible to the odor. The scent makes nesting in the yard uncomfortable for them. You can plant onions around your yard with the bulbs close to the surface.

· Mowing the Lawn- Mowing your Lawn regularly will get rid of any tall grass where rabbits nest. If they can’t make a comfortable place to birth their young, you’ll be able to stop them from multiplying in your yard.

· Using Dried Pepper- Rabbits have sensitive noses. Sprinkling powdered pepper in your yard will stop them from nesting there. They always come back if you let them, so keep on adding the pepper throughout the year to make sure they don’t return.

· Sprinkle Blood Meal on the Rabbit Trail- While this may not be appealing to use, it works well as a deterrent and is inexpensive. Rabbit senses make them think that an animal has been injured or killed, so they are less likely to want to come near the area.

· The Trick with Fake Snakes – Rabbits are scared of snakes. The best way to keep rabbits away is to put fake snakes around your yard. You can buy plastic or rubber snakes from an online store if you want them to look natural.

Check out this rubber snake.

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How to Get Rid of Rabbits in Your Yard

1. Use Chicken Wire

One of the most effective methods for repelling rabbits from a lawn is to use chicken wire. The frame does not trap rabbits but simply dissuades them from crossing it.

Install poles around your yard and hammer the chicken wire on the bars. Ensure you bury the base into the ground, so the rabbits don’t go under the wire.

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2. Buy an Ultrasonic Repellant

Ultrasonic repellants are inexpensive and effective in warding off rabbits from your yard. These devices work by sending out high-frequency sounds undetectable to human ears but which rabbits instinctively avoid.

3. Humanely Trap the Rabbits

Using traps is another effective way of getting rid of rabbits from your yard. You can purchase traps online, in local pet stores, or from your local pest control company.

You can use vegetables such as lettuce or carrots to lure the rabbit into the trap. Once you have it trapped, be sure to move the rabbit far away from your property.

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Best Rabbit Repellant for Lawn

1. Best Overall: Liquid Fence Rabbit Repellant

A Liquid Fence rabbit repellant is the most effective, long-lasting, and cost-effective way to prevent rabbits from ruining your lawn. It’s an entirely harmless product that can’t hurt pets, children, or wildlife.


  • Apply year-round
  • Rain-resistant


  • Pungent smell

2. Top Rated: Nature Mace Dear and Rabbit Repellant

Nature Mace is one of the safest and most effective ways to repel rabbits from your lawn. You can use it on various animals, including deer, wild boar, and even some pests that are unsafe for children, such as raccoons and nutria rats.


  • Long-lasting
  • Apply all year round
  • 400% more active ingredients


  • Pungent smell

How to Repel Rabbits from Lawn (FAQ)

Do Coffee Grounds Repel Rabbits?

Coffee grounds have a piercing odor that can repel rabbits. One way is by sprinkling dried coffee grounds where the rabbit is digging or nesting. The idea is that the smell will create an unpleasant environment for them to return.

The good part is that it’s completely harmless, just messy. It may take a little while before you notice a difference, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work right away.

Will Mothballs Keep Rabbits Away

Mothballs won’t repel rabbits, but they have a strong and unpleasant smell known to repel rodents. Mothballs are toxic to animals like cats, so it’s not the best idea to use them on your yard or lawn.

Does Vinegar Keep Rabbits Away?

Vinegar contains phenol carbolic acid, which has a strong smell deterrent to rabbits. Although it is not as effective as commercial repellents, you can still use vinegar to repel rabbits from the lawn. You can soak a piece of cloth in vinegar for a minute or two, then place it at strategic places such as entry points to your yard.

What Smells Do Rabbits Hate?

Rabbits hate the smell of blood, peppermint, garlic, and ammonia, among other essential oil products. You can spray these scents around the areas where there are rabbit burrows.

How do you Keep Rabbits from Pooping in Yard?

You can use ultrasonic sound repellants and natural odor repellants such as garlic, onions, blood meal, and predator urine.

You can also set a trap or install automatic water sprinklers to ward off the rabbits.

Does Irish Spring Soap Repel Rabbits?

Irish soap is a popular rabbit repellant. It works incredibly well against the rabbit’s sense of smell, deterring it from coming near your property even if you don’t have much greenery.

I hope that the ideas in this article provide you with more insight on how to repel rabbits from the lawn.

Whether you want to use a barrier around your property, sprinkle dried blood meal or place small rocks on patches, there is something for every budget and lifestyle preference available. The key is being creative in how you manage this pesky problem.

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