How to Remove Rust From Patio Furniture in 4 Effective Ways

Is your patio furniture made of iron or an iron-based material? There’s a high chance you’ll deal with rust at some point in time. So in this guide, you’ll learn exactly how to remove rust from patio furniture when they occur.

We’ll also share some tips that you can use to keep rust under full control so you never have to worry about recurrence and resurgence again.

Ideally, patio furniture pieces made of steel come pre-treated with powder coatings that give them a layer of protection against elements.

However, that coating isn’t always effective in keeping the furniture piece corrosion and rust-free all year around.

Harsh weather conditions put a heavy toll on the furniture pieces over time and then rip the coating from the furniture pieces. With the coating weak and partially or fully torn apart, rust and corrosion appear.

Fortunately, this is something you have full control over. With just a few DIY tips, you can not only remove rust from outdoor furniture but also keep them from appearing again.

What Causes Patio Furniture to Rust?

Before we look at how to remove rust from patio furniture, it’s important to look at want causes the pieces to rust in the first place.

Your furniture pieces rust because of the material used for design and the elements to which you expose them. Often, furniture that rusts do so because its iron is uncoated yet exposed to oxygen and water.

As the oxidation process starts, only a small spot of reddish-brown flakes begins to appear on the iron. And without early treatment, the rust spread to other areas, slowly and eventually eating away the iron structure that makes up the furniture piece.

It’s important to note that only iron rusts, meaning that oxidation will happen to your furniture pieces only if they’re made of cast iron, wrought iron, or uncoated steel.

Often, patio owners recommend buying furniture pieces made of rust-resistant materials such as all-weather rattan, aluminum, or teak.

But if you already have invested in furniture pieces that are subject to rust and you’ve already started to notice the rusting effect, here are a few solutions you can use to remove the rust entirely.

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How to Remove Rust From Patio Furniture

1. Use Coca Cola to Remove Rust from Outdoor Furniture

Coca-Cola fans at home are probably going to frown at you for using their favorite soft drink to remove rust from the patio furniture.

Yet it’s one of the cheapest yet most effective methods of removing rust and corrosion from your outdoor pieces of furniture.

Coca-Cola contains a carbon property that can easily dissolve metal iron oxide, making it the best solution to get rid of stubborn rusts and stains from your outdoor furniture.

This solution is very easy to use. Just pour a bottle of Coca-Cola on the rusted surface of the furniture piece and then rub the area with a soft sponge.

The only problem with using Coca-Cola to remove rust from patio furniture is that the brown mixture that comes off the metal as you scrub can stain your clothes.

So make sure you wear proper work gear before you get down to the scrubbing job.

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2. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the best solutions for getting rid of rust from patio furniture. Not to mention that it’s cheap and very easy to use.

  • First, mix baking soda and water in the right proportion
  • Apply a thin layer of the mixture on the part of the metal with rust
  • Allow the mixture to sit for a while and then use a sponge brush to scrub it off

The solution above works well for rusts that just started to form and will not work very well for the hard rust.

For hard rust:

  • Mix the baking soda with hydrogen peroxide to make a thick paste
  • Apply the solution on the rusty metal surface and let it sit for about 20 minutes.
  • Use some abrasives to scrub the area until you remove all the rust particles 

You may have to repeat the process three or four times depending on the extent of the rust and corrosion on your furniture pieces.

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3. Use White Vinegar

White vinegar is such a versatile solution that you can use as a remedy for different ailments.

Besides repelling insects, getting rid of ants on the patio, killing pots, and getting rid of grass burrs, white vinegar can also help to remove rust from patio furniture.

Known for its antimicrobial and acidic content, this home remedy makes a powerful cleaning agent that you can use to remove rust from your furniture pieces fast.

Even better, adding the normal table salt can increase its cleansing power, so that it works fast and give you the best results in the end.

Rinse the rusted parts of the furniture with vinegar and allow the solution to sit on the pieces for 15 to 20 minutes. Use a scrubber and rag to wipe off the area. 

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4. Remove Rust from Patio Furniture With Aluminum Foil

If you’ve ever come close to using aluminum foil, it’s likely that you’ve only used it to wrap food in get-together parties and backyard grilling.

But do you know that you can also use it to clean rust from your patio furniture?

First, get the WD-40 spray and apply it to all the rusted areas of your furniture piece. Wipe the area with a piece of clean cloth to remove grease and dirt. 

Prepare a mixture of water and salt in the right proportion. Roll a large piece of aluminum foil until it’s in the shape of a ball then dip into the salty water.

Now use the foil to scrub and clean off the rust from the furniture.

You’ll need to repeat the process above several times depending on the extent of the rust. This should take only a few minutes if the rust spreads only to a small section of the furniture.

You’ll have to put up some serious work if the rust spreads to a great extent, but the results will be worth it nonetheless.

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Aluminum Foil

There you have it, more than one way to remove rust from your patio furniture pieces so they stay in good condition for an extended period.

Keep in mind that while getting rid of the rust may take some time depending on the extent to which the corrosion spread, the task isn’t that difficult.

One important thing you shouldn’t forget to do after getting the rust out of your patio furniture is to add a coating to the pieces. Doing so will ensure you never worry about dealing with rust again – at least not too soon.


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