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How to Remove Rocks from a New Lawn

How to Remove Rocks from a New Lawn

My new house was ideal. Nothing could top the vista, which was set just at the bottom of the slope. The twilight breeze made the pine trees whisper.

Beautiful meadows and different coloured flowers surrounded the evergreen carpet, providing a welcoming vibe.

Except for the protruding rocks, the place was stunning, and I was unwilling to give it up.

The problem in my newly purchased property was on the lawn. My lawn was littered with boulders of various sizes, ranging from a football to a tennis ball. It was natural that the terrain was rugged.

It was challenging to produce a lovely uniform green lawn due to the rocks. My plants’ roots were unable to penetrate the rocks.

As a result, understanding how to remove rocks from a new lawn was beneficial.

Tools required for rock removal

Rocks on lawn

Rock removal can be a daunting task. But with the right tools, this work can be easy.  Before you start the process ensure you have at least one of the tools mentioned below;

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1. Rototiller

These are motorized cultivators with two sets of rotating tines that dig up the soil revealing rocks under the surface.

You can buy one from rent on or buy one from Amazon; Always wear safety gears will operating the machine

  • Scoop shovel

Amazon provides you with an option of a short-handled or long-handled scoop shovel. With this tool, you can dig up small or medium rocks.

  • Garden rake

A leaf rake is a common garden tool. It helps collect rocks without bending over. If you are dealing with heavy rocks ensure the rake has strong steel spikes. Garden rakes are in various sizes

  • Pick

Moving a large rock can be very difficult. But not with this tool. It breaks the rock into smaller pieces

  • Wheelbarrow or bucket

After digging the rocks from your lawn. You will need something to transport them to your desired location for reuse or disposal

  • Steel bar

A steel digging is convenient in removing the medium-sized rock. Using a tapered end steel bar place it under the rock and manoeuvre to loosen it from the ground

  • Working gloves

Self-protection is very important. Garden chores can cause blisters very quickly.

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How to remove rocks from a new lawn

Rocks on lawn

1. Removing large boulders

They are difficult to remove since they are hefty to lift. Before using a pick, try prying it out with a shovel first.

Using a pick is exhausting; use it only as a last resort. If you need to break the boulder quickly, you can simply utilize chemical compounds.

The chemical silently splits the rock; all you have to do is drill a hole, wait for it to crack, and transport the small pieces on the wheelbarrow.

2. Removing small rocks

A rake, shovel, wheelbarrow, or rototiller can easily remove small rocks from your yard. The soil will be broken up by the rototiller, exposing the larger rocks.

Pick up the rock with a work glove and deposit it in the wheelbarrow. Use a rake to collect smaller rocks from the loose dirt and carry them using a wheelbarrow.

3. Removing excess pebbles

Excess gravel will be present where the massive rock was extracted. To pile them up, use a rake with smaller spike steel.

Place them on a dirt sifter to remove any soil that has accumulated with the gravel. To dispose of the gravel, place it in a bucket or wheelbarrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of rocks in my new lawn?

Rake the small rocks and gravel into a pile, then scoop them into the wheelbarrow with your shovel. Continue raking with a regular leaf rake if there is a lot of gravel. Sound like too much work to take on this job? Rocks can also be removed from soil by using a tractor, plough and screen to separate rocks.

How do you remove rocks from turf?

Find small rocks and remove them from the yard: Having a cultivator or rototiller would make the process a lot simpler for you. Start the machine and apply some force onto the ground. The smaller rocks would start appearing on the surface of your lawn. Pick them up with your hand and discard them properly

Will a power rake remove rocks?

The Power Rake is an excellent tool for new lawn preparation, levelling the ground, and removing ground and surface rocks. Rental customers will appreciate how well the Power Rake operates and how it takes all of the efforts out of prepping fresh lawns or cleaning up gravel drives.

Can you put topsoil over rocks?

When you encounter a large area covered with gravel that you want for agricultural use, it is possible to lay topsoil over the gravel and plant a productive garden or healthy lawn. … Topsoil is the necessary top 2 to 10 inches of soil in any lawn or garden.

Should I remove stones from the soil?

Removing stones is hard work but will increase usability and help to improve soil structure. Nurture your soil by adding a thick layer of organic matter (5-15cm thick). This will increase the number of organisms that will help to loosen the soil and add nutrients. The mulching prevents soil erosion and retains moisture

How do you rake big rocks?

Use a heavy, iron rake with widely spaced tines for the best results when removing rocks, especially if you are working with heavy, clay-based soils. The tines should be spaced slightly smaller than the width of a plum so you can remove plum-sized rocks or larger

A rough lawn is difficult to maintain. Rocky soil makes it impossible to grow a beautiful, lush green lawn, destroys garden equipment, and impedes the construction of a new yard structure.

Getting rid of these rocks should not be a difficult task.

If you’re wondering how to remove rocks from a new lawn, the methods outlined above, when combined with the appropriate tools, should make the work simple.

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