How To Remove Pine Needles From Lawn

Do you have pine needles on your lawn? And you are wondering how to remove pine needles from lawn without damaging the grass?

Don’t stress out! Just funnel through the information below, and you will be surprised how easy it is to remove pine needles from your lawn.

Pine trees are an exceptional addition to your lawn or yard. They offer fantastic shade, aid in fighting soil erosion and release a soothing smell.

And that’s not all, they also add a vibrant green touch to your lawn.

Even though pine trees are pretty beautiful, lawn owners usually have a hard time managing them.

Especially in autumn when they shed their pine needles – they drop the needles like crazy!

Anybody who has pine trees in their yard understands how frustrating it can be to remove the pine needle.

Pine Trees –Evergreen, Not Always!

While leaves falling from a tree can be quickly raked up or shredded by a lawnmower, pine needles, on the other hand, are a nuisance to collect. – they can’t even be whisked away by the wind!

The pine needles will multiply very fast, forming an ever-growing carpet on your lawn which is very challenging to remove.

Why you should remove pine needles from your grass

If left unchecked, the ever-growing layer of pine needles will suffocate and kill any living vegetation under or near the tree.

Unlike leaves which will dry up and decompose quickly, pine needles will take forever to turn into manure.

Naturally, they shouldn’t be of concern if the pine needles fall in the forest, but if they fall on your lawn or yard, they will damage your grass and other plants.

“For example, if the pine needles fall on your lawn, the acidic fluid they produce will burn the grass and turn your lawn into an unsightly grewish color.

By removing the pricky needles from your lawn, you will ensure that you have a beautiful and healthy lawn. Furthermore, the collected needles can be used as an excellent source of mulch.

So how do you remove pine needles from your lawn? There are various solutions to this pesky situation.

And it is crucial for you to understand the many different methods you can use to remove pine needles from your lawn.

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How To Remove Pine Needles From Lawn

1. Raking them up

Raking up these pricky needles can be a bit more complex compared to raking tree leaves. The pines are much thinner and smaller compared to typical leaves. 

Nevertheless, raking remains the most efficient and the most popular way of removing pine needles from your lawn- particularly if you use special rakes built specifically for this job!

Even though regular rakes will do the job, we recommend a much better expandable rake called the Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake to handle the task for you.

For those with large lawns, a more heavy-duty rake like (Pine Straw Needle Rake) will do a great job for you.  All you need is to attach it to a small tractor, and you are good to go.

2. Lawn Sweeper For Pine Needles

Instead of raking, the best way to remove pine needles from lawn is by using a lawn sweeper. This handy tool sweeps pine needles off your turf and into a recycling zone using a spinning bristle.

It collects pine needles much faster and more easily compared to rakes and other conventional bag mowers.

These sweepers are available in different varieties, from pushing models that you can push around your lawn to towing models that can be fitted onto a mower or a tractor. Whichever you opt for, it will get rid of the needles for you.

If you have a small lawn, We recommend getting the Earthwise lawn sweeper, a simple push model for small yards. But if you have a large yard, you can go for the Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper, which can be easily fitted onto a tractor.

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3. Lawn blower for pine needles

Instead of raking up the needles, which can be very tiresome, especially if your lawn has rocks and ridges, why not invest in a powerful leaf blower.

Any leaf blower with about 200 miles per hour (mph) velocity will do wonders in moving thick and heavy pines. The best thing about blowers is that they can reach places where sweepers and rakes can’t reach with ease.

If your lawn has lots of uneven ground or rocks,  leaf blowing might be the simplest method of removing pine needles. Be sure to aim well to avoid pushing the needles further into the crevices.

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What To Do With Dead Pine Needles?

  1. Use As Mulch: Though they take time to dry, pine needles make a fantastic mulch. Once they dry, you will love the look of pine on your lawn. Besides the beautiful appearance, you will save a lot of money using pine needles as mulch.
  • Livestock Feeds: if you have livestock on your property, they will enjoy snacking pine needles, especially during winter – it helps break the monotonous eating hey every day.
  • Livestock Bedding:  why not incorporate pine needles onto your animal’s beddings? It adds a pleasant pine fragrance to the barn. The scent also deters pests from invading the barn.

Although pine needles have a beautiful smell, they can damage your lawn and give it an ugly chaotic look. If you have ever tried to scoop them up by yourself, you know by now that regular raking is a tussle, and they can be pretty painful to pick up using your bare hands.

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Instead of grappling with the pricky pines, consider one of the solutions mentioned above to pick up the best way to remove pine needles from lawn.

Don’t forget to try out the expandable rake as it is flexible and easy to use. You don’t need a tractor to use this rake. Plus, it takes up a little space in your storage cabin.


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