How to Remove Grass from Backyard

How to Remove Grass from Backyard in 5 Effective Ways

A vast area of green grass can occupy a vital habitat space from the native wildlife. Imagine if you transform those millions acres of grass into edible shrubs or ornamental trees? How about if you replace the old grass with new turf?

It can add beauty to your backyard and provide a good area for your kids to play. In this case, you will need to remove the old grass to plant essential plants or grass.

Thus, if you want to replace your old lawn with new grass or other plants, it would be best to understand how to remove grass from backyard before starting a new landscape. So, how can you remove the grass?

Here is How to Remove Grass from Backyard

1. Use herbicide to kill grass

Using a non-selective weed killer is a quick way to get rid of the grass. However, these herbicide kills everything it comes into contact with. Thus, it is good to consider the plants growing near the grass before using this technique.

Also, it is good to pay attention to the type of herbicide you choose. You can select between concentrates and pre-mixed solutions.

If you own large lawns, concentrates varieties can be a good option. And if you have little or no idea about using herbicides, you can consider the ready–to–use varieties.

While the use of herbicide is less labor-intensive and provides quick results, it can have a negative effect on the environment when used incorrectly. That’s why it is advisable to pay attention to safety precautions and instructions from the manufacturer.

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2. Use a machine to remove grass

Using a grass removal tool is a natural way of getting rid of the lawn in the backyard. You can purchase a shovel or hire a sod cutter to dig up the grass.

If you own large space, an engine-powered sod cutter can be a good option. It is efficient and will cut the grass into clean strips.

Because this machine creates nice rolls of sods, you can save the grass and use it elsewhere. Also, you can use the grass as compost to improve the soil.

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3. Kill grass by solarization

Another method of removing grass from the backyard is using high temperatures and direct sunlight. The best time to implement this technique is during the summer season.

When performing this method, you will need clear plastic because it allows sunlight to heat the grass more quickly than opaque materials. Also, consider thin plastics since thick materials will not allow sunlight to reach the grass quickly.

Here are tips for an effective solarization process

  • Mow the grass and water it thoroughly
  • Cover the lawn with a thin and transparent plastic and leave it for about eight weeks
  • Remove the grass or leave it to decompose.
  • Till the grass to a depth of 2 inches to help it break down quickly

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4. Kill grass by sheet composting

Sheet composting is a good way to remove grass from the backyard and add valuable organic matter to the soil.

This process involves the use of thin cardboard or sheets of newspapers. The basic steps include:

  • Cover the grass with at least six layers of cardboard, brown paper bags, or newspapers with black ink. These materials will block light from getting through the lawn. This prevents photosynthesis, making the grass to die quickly.
  • Water the layers to help the grass stick
  • Add shredding fallen leaves or grass clippings to help retain moisture

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5. Hire a grass removal company

Everyone wants to remove grass from the backyard quickly. But many people do not have the time and equipment to perform the process.

With busy schedules throughout the week, no one wants to spend their weekend removing grass from their yards. In this case, hiring a grass removal company can be a good solution.

A removal firm will save you the time and money needed to purchase grass removal tools and fuel. Besides, a removal company understands the best methods that will fit your backyard. Thus, they will perform the task quickly.

FAQs about Removing Grass from Backyard

Which is the best method for removing grass from the backyard?

The best technique for eliminating grass from your yard depends on the weather condition and availability of resources.

For instance, you can consider solarization during the summer season. And you can consider digging the grass if you own equipment such as a shovel or sod cutter.

But if you have a tight schedule and using any of these methods is challenging, you can hire a grass removal company.

Besides, you can decide to kill the grass using herbicide. But many weed killers can cause health issues such as eye irritation and skin burns. What’s more, they are also expensive

In this case, it is good to ensure that you follow the proper precautions when handling weed killers.

How can you remove grass from the yard permanently?

A good way to eliminate lawn permanently is by removing the grass and the root. You can consider using a weed killer, which is an effective and quick method of killing the grass to the root.

Also, you can decide to dig the grass up. But at times, digging can be risky since you’ll be exposing the weed seed to the soil, allowing them to germinate.

In this case, looking for a professional grass removal firm can be a good idea. Experts have experience. Thus, they understand the best methods to use to remove grass completely.

How can you get rid of grass without digging?

Digging grass can be labor-intensive and can cost you a lot of time to perform the process effectively. Also, this method might not be effective, especially if you don’t have the experience.

If you leave some parts of the roots behind, the grass can regrow when it rains. So, how can you eliminate grass without digging?

Here is how to get rid of grass without digging

  • Eliminate grass by sheet composting
  • Solarizing
  • Use of natural liquids such as boiling water
  • The first step to creating a new lawn or replacing grass with other plants is by removing the grass from the yard.

    As you are aware, there are various methods of eliminating grass. And each technique has its pros and cons. For instance, if you plan to dig the grass, you’ll need to check any cable, electrical lines, and water pipes to avoid damaging them.

    That’s why it is good to learn how to remove grass from backyard. With this, you’ll choose a method that will fit your yard.


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