How To Reduce Traffic Noise In My Backyard

How To Reduce Traffic Noise In My Backyard

Noise pollution is a serious issue that affects hundreds of people in any neighborhood. It can be hard to enjoy the outdoors when surrounded by traffic noise, construction sounds, or even loud music from your neighbor’s home. 

Generally speaking, your outdoor space should be a relaxing and calming place where you can enjoy fresh air, a nicely set outdoor area, and other benefits.

Unfortunately, something as annoying as noise pollution can ruin everything if not handled properly, especially if your backyard is near a road.

To make the most out of your backyard, it is essential to take care of how sound travels from one space to another. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce the impact of this noise on your life.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to get reduce traffic noise in your backyard so you can have peace and quiet while enjoying outdoor activities!

Why Should You Soundproof Your Backyard?

Studies have suggested that too much traffic noise can lead to many health problems. 

For example, people living in areas with high noise pollution are at higher risk of having problems related to blood pressure or even an increased level of stress.

Although this is not yet a proven fact, it can be dangerous if you live close to heavy traffic. Therefore, soundproofing your backyard will help reduce the negative impact that noise can have on your life.

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How To Reduce Traffic Noise In My Backyard : 4 Best Ways

There are a few ways you can reduce traffic noise in your backyard, and they include:

1. Use Walls and Fencing to Reduce Traffic Noise.

– Using Noise-reducing Fences

Sounds-reducing fences, often known as acoustic fences, are specially designed to deflect any noise. They are made of wooden layers or a plastic composite.

The advantage of this sort of barrier is that it is less expensive and much easier to install.

Timber is also a great material for creating a low-cost acoustic fence. However, the only downside is it does not last that long and is also considered a fire hazard.

If you reside in a bushfire-prone location, wood fences are not encouraged.

– Brick Walls

Brick walls are also a good choice for reducing noise. They can be used to separate your home from the road or even between two properties, which is especially helpful if you share a boundary with someone who plays music loudly at night.

Even though a brick wall is expensive to build, it will help reduce how sound travels through your yard and keep unwanted noises out of your ears!

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2. Adding Vegetation In your Back Yard to Absorb Noise.

This is another inexpensive way to reduce how sound travels into your backyard. Adding trees, bushes, and other types of plants in your backyard is a great way to reduce how much noise pollution you are exposed to.

Trees have the ability to absorb sound and can be used as an effective barrier against any source of traffic or construction noise.

You can opt for hedges or use large plants like bamboo, which will block the noise and provide you with additional benefits such as shade during hot summer days!

If this isn’t enough, simply add more vegetation by planting shrubs or even hanging up some vines.

Although it might seem like overkill, adding extra greenery will help improve how natural sounds travel through your yard while reducing how loud outside noises appear inside your home.

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3. Create a Noise-Reducing Landscape

Adding a natural landscape is the best way to soundproof your backyard because it can help reduce how much noise pollution you are exposed to without looking like an eyesore.

This includes adding things such as rocks, sand, and even water features that will reflect how loud noises travel through your yard.

This might also include creating planter boxes with natural vegetation to reduce how loud traffic noise appears inside your home.

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4. Backyard Noise Reduction Speakers

If you can’t make any physical changes to how your yard looks, adding noise reduction speakers in the backyard is a great way to reduce how loud outside noises appear inside.

There are many types of outdoor speakers available on the market, and most have been weatherproofed so they can be used outdoors without being damaged by rain or other bad weather conditions.

These devices need power from an indoor socket, which means they won’t use up electricity generated by solar panels or wind turbines.

Therefore, installing sound-reducing landscape speakers with Bluetooth connections in your backyard is the best way to reduce traffic noise indoors.

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FAQ’s on traffic noise reduction backyard

Q: Is It Expensive To Soundproof Your Backyard?

A: The cost varies depending on how much noise you want to reduce and how large your yard is.

The most common ways of soundproofing a backyard are adding vegetation, bricks, or other types of natural materials.

Depending on how many changes you make, it can be inexpensive yet very effective!

Q: How Can I Tell If My Yard Is Soundproofed?

A: The most straightforward way of testing how well your backyard is soundproofed would be by going outside and making a lot of noise.

If you notice that it doesn’t travel far into the yard, then this means that there are barriers that are blocking loud noises from getting to your backyard!

Q: How Long Does It Take For Traffic Noise To Travel Through My Yard?

A: how fast sound travels depends on how loud the noise is.

For example, if you have no noise barriers to stop loud noises from entering your yard, you can expect noise to appear in your backyard almost immediately!

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Although how much noise pollution you are exposed to will depend on how large your yard is, substantial changes such as adding vegetation or other natural materials can help reduce traffic noise. 

If you can’t make any physical changes to how your yard looks, adding speakers in the backyard is one of the great ways with have discussed on how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard.

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