How to Protect Windows from Lawn Mower

How to Protect Windows from Lawn Mower in 6 Ways

Glass windows are fragile and can get broken by slight force imposed on them. Gardens are primarily located near houses. There is a high possibility of causing damages to glass windows while mowing.

When a window gets broken, unnecessary costs that you have not budgeted follows. The broken window can injure those living in the house and allow unwanted animals to enter. The flying objects can also cause other damages apart from breaking windows, such as injuries.

You should take precautions while mowing and even before you start mowing. The main aim should be to carry out the activity without breaking the windows. And you can achieve that when you know how to protect windows from lawn mower.

The below precautions should be taken into consideration to avoid such damages:

How to Protect Windows from Lawn Mower

While mowing, take necessary precautions to prevent damages to the windows of your house and neighbor’s properties.

The precautions are highlighted below:

1. Collecting Potential Projectiles

Every gardener should take a precaution before starting to mow the lawn. You should go round the mow and collect any possible projectiles. Such projectiles can be stones, dog toys, and other solid materials that, upon contact with the blade, they will get thrown away.

You can instruct the hired professional to collect the materials on your behalf. They should be well disposed of to avoid any damage. They can use a rake to go through the lawn to remove even the smallest particles.

Upon doing this, the mowing will be easy and fast. Then, you will be assured of safety unless there is an unexpected accident.

2. Mowing Regularly

The owner of the lawn should ensure regular mowing. Keeping the grass short makes the yard neat and appealing. The short grass will prevent the flying objects from hiding in the grass. In case there is, it will get easily traced and removed.

The short grass will also prevent the grass from becoming thick, causing the lawn mower’s damage. Also, long grass as it is being cut can form ball-like bales that can break windows that are not thick when thrown.

Short grass promotes hygiene in the homestead. The dogs or other farm animals’ dung can easily get identified and removed before they dry up. When they cross the path with the lawn mower, the dry waste will be thrown and might end up breaking the panes.

Apart from hygiene, short grass promotes lots of safety in the compound.

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3. Guard in the Discharge Chute

When a lawn mower is getting assembled for the purchase, the guard in the discharge is a chute. People often remove the chute guard to prevent it from blocking, especially when the grass is long. They do it to avoid regular maintenance during work.

When the discharge chute guard gets removed, the cut grass is not prevented and thrown everywhere. If it meets a flying object, it will be thrown away with force, and if a window comes its way, it will break the pane.

The guard prevents the cut grass and other foreign materials from flying out and drops them near the lawn mower. Using the discharge chute guard will not only protect the possible damages but will also make it easy for the collection of the cut waste.

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4. Bagging the Grass

Consider bagging the grass to make the compound neat when cutting the grass. The bagging will prevent the cut grass from flying all over the place.

When the mower cross with a solid object that can cause window damage, it is directed to the bag no matter how hard it gets thrown. Bagging will also give you an easy time cleaning and disposing of the cut materials.

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5. Avoid Wet Grass

People are advised to mow dry grass as it is easy to cut and neat the compound. Winter is not a suitable time for mowing the land.

Wet grass can result in a possible breakdown of the mower and destruction of the blade. The garden soil is also soft, and instead of the blade cutting the grass, it will uproot it with soil, form balls, and throw it away. It will be like forming missiles.

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When thrown to the house’s window or a car, the created grass rolls can cause possible breakages.

6. Avoid Gravel Places

While moving the lawn mower, one should avoid passing on the gravel when the blade is on. This means the blade will not interfere with the stone and will not get thrown.

You should not use a lawn mower when you have to mow a place with gravel near a building or a garage.

The job will cause window damages, cause possible injuries and destroy the lawn mower blade. But if you have to mow, use slow speed to avoid throwing stones for a significant distance.

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FAQs: How to Protect Windows from Lawn Mower

Can a Lawn Mower Break Window?

When you mow the grass without taking enough precautions, there might be some projectiles which, when thrown on the same side of the window, the breakages will get caused—leading to unnecessary costs and damages.

Is It Possible to Prevent a Lawn Mower from Breaking Windows?

Generally, when a gardener takes the precautions seriously, the chances of breaking windows are reduced by a significant percentage. The lawn mower breaking the window depends on the users’ precautions.

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Can I Remove the Discharge Chute Guard?

Removing the guard is okay as it will prevent long grass from blocking the discharge. However, it is good to consider that the cut waste will no longer get controlled. And can cause possible damages to the windows around the yard.

You must know how to protect window glass from lawn mower.

Breaking the windows can be prevented while mowing the lawn unless there is an unavoidable accident.

When you have to use your lawn mower, you should take the appropriate precautions to clean the garden off the projectile materials. When the materials get cleaned out of the lawn mower’s way, windows will get protected.

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