How to Prevent Chairs from Sinking in Grass- 4 Ways

Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party. You have the perfect venue, the best food, and your guests are all arriving.

But as they start taking their seats, you notice that the chairs keep sinking into the grass! What do you do?

It’s not just annoying or embarrassing; it can be downright dangerous. Sinking chairs are an accident waiting to happen! But the good news is that you don’t have to live with this hazard any longer.

This article will discuss some practical solutions on how to prevent chairs from sinking in grass.

Read on for this and more information about the best chairs you can use on grass.

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Simple DIY solutions to prevent outdoor chairs from sinking in grass

1. Cut an X into a Tennis Ball

This is one of the most practical solutions. Cut an X into tennis balls, slide them over the legs, and they’ll prevent your chairs from sinking into the grass.

The purpose of this solution is to give traction to the chair legs. The only drawback with this solution is that you will need plenty of tennis balls to fit in all of your chairs.

However, you can use them over and over.

2. Use Pavers under Each Leg

Another low-cost solution is to use pavers. It’s a straightforward concept. Just drop some pavers under each leg, and your chairs won’t sink.

Like the tennis balls, this solution increases friction on the legs. It will make the chair legs more stable and prevent them from sinking into the grass.

Once the event is over, you can remove the pavers to prevent damaging the grass.

3. Try Empty Cans

Other than pavers, you can also use empty soda cans for the same purpose. The idea is that adding some empty cans to the bottom of your chair legs will distribute the weight and stop your chairs from sinking into the ground.

You can cut the bottom off cans and fill them with sand or dirt. After that, shove them under each chair leg to achieve a more secure footing. You’ll want to remove these cans after the event, of course.

However, the soda cans may not look nice, but if your priority is to have a practical solution that works, then it’s worth looking into.

4. Plastic Coasters Will Also Work

If you want a solution that looks much better than empty cans or soda bottles, then plastic coasters are an excellent alternative.

To use them, all you need to do is drop them under each chair’s legs, and you’ll have effective solutions on how to stop chairs from sinking into the grass.

Plastic coasters prevent chairs from sinking into the ground by increasing the surface area for each chair leg.

They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can choose the ones that best suit your event theme. In addition, they are reusable and affordable.

More Practical Solutions: Invest in anti sink chair devices

1. Anti-sink Chair Feet

The anti-sink chair feet are known solutions for stopping chairs from sinking in the grass. They are made out of rubber or plastic and look like little cups that sit on the bottom of a chair’s legs.

You will often see them in outdoor seating areas such as restaurants. One good this about anti-sink chair feet is that you don’t even need screws to install. Simply snap them onto each leg and then tighten.

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Check out this chair leg cups

2. Invest In Chairs with Curved Legs

If you have chairs with curved legs, then that eliminates the need to add anything beneath them. The curved design makes it impossible for them to sink into the ground.

The chairs with curved legs are suitable for a lot of occasions. Many people prefer how they look over the flat-footed ones.

If your chairs already have this feature, then you don’t need to do anything to prevent them from sinking into the grass.

Check out this monarch specialties.

3. Use Interlocking Deck Tiles

A more expensive but effective solution is to use interlocking deck tiles. These interlocking tiles mainly serve as flooring for patios, decks, and outdoor areas of homes.

They can also work very well to prevent sinking chairs in the grass. Moreover, they’re a great choice when you want something more decorative than tennis balls or empty cans.

To use them, arrange the tiles in a grid format underneath the chairs. Interlocking is easy; therefore, you can achieve an arrangement that fits your party area in no time.

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How to Stop Garden Furniture Sinking Into Grass

1. Invest In Plastic Grids for Grass

If you intend to have parties in your lawn area frequently, you may also purchase plastic grids for the grass. These grids will prevent the sinking of objects like tents, grills, and other garden furniture.

You can get them in different sizes depending on how large your garden is. The grids make it easier for people to walk around without getting their shoes dirty, so they’re pretty popular during picnics or outdoor barbecues.

In addition, they have spaces that allow grass to grow through them, thus maintaining the green all through. You can design your grids so they don’t cover the entire garden but only the areas where there will be large gatherings.

2. Spread Heavy Duty Tarp and Place Your Garden Furniture on Top

Using a tarp is a study way to protect your garden furniture from sinking into the dirt. Simply spread the tarp on the ground and place your garden furniture on top. Remember, always stretch out the corners of the tarp before putting anything on top.

It is essential to buy heavy-duty tarp because when the chairs sink into the ground, they create holes in the ordinary plastic tarps.

3. Place Plywood under the Furniture

If you do not have enough money to purchase tarps, placing plywood under your garden furniture is an excellent way to ensure they don’t sink into the ground.

To give it a more aesthetic appeal, buy large pieces of plywood and cut them into small squares, then place them under the furniture legs. This way, you won’t destroy much of the grass.

How to Keep Camp Chairs from Sinking

Have you ever been sitting in your camp chair, and all of a sudden, it sinks into the ground? The last thing that any camper wants to do is get up from their chair. Imagine if you were at home watching TV and your couch sank to the floor! It would be so annoying.

But check out these tips.

  • The trick with plastic bottles– Cut the plastic bottle and place them under the legs of your camping chair. This is an easy and inexpensive way to make sure that your chair does not sink into the ground.
  • Use tube shrub shelters– cut a tube shrub shelter across and place it along the length of two chair legs such that each leg sits in the tube. By doing this, you increase the surface area, and the chair won’t sink.
  • Purchase an anti-sink disc– If you own a chair that keeps sinking into the ground, you need an anti-sink disk to fix this problem. The disk is cheap and easy to install.

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Best Chairs for Grass

Let’s check out some of the best chairs you can use on your grass.

Top Rated: Coleman Camping Chair

Coleman camping chair has a built-in cooler on the sidearm and a mesh holder that can fit a beer or two. The chair also does nicely as a fully cushioned seat with armrests to save your back while you enjoy the afternoon in your yard.


  • Designed with strong steel
  • Includes a carry bag
  • It comes in several colors


  • Bulky pockets

Best Reclining: Amazon Zero Gravity Chair

The Amazon zero gravity chair is the best solution for anyone looking to rest or participate in leisure activities outside.

With a headrest, lockable recliner function, and easy cleaning features, this chair is perfect for taking on holiday as it is both lightweight and designed for use on grass.


  • Durable steel
  • Cheap
  • Lightweight


  • Lock issues

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How to Prevent Chairs from Sinking in Grass (FAQ)

What do you put under garden furniture on grass?

You can put pavers or interlocking deck tiles, but the best way to protect your grass from the weight of furniture would be to invest in plastic grids for grass.

Can you put patio furniture on stones?

Unfortunately, patio furniture is only ideal for use on a hard surface. Rocks are a poor choice for patio furniture because they make the furniture unstable.

How much weight can a camping chair hold?

A camping chair can hold about 300-800 pounds. Keep in mind that the maximum carrying capacity is dependent on several factors, including body weight, so the lower end of this range might be more realistic.

In this article, we’ve given you a few different tricks for how to keep your chairs from sinking into the grass.

Whether it’s using tennis balls or interlocking deck tiles, many options will work depending on what type of chair and surface you’re camping on. You can try the above options to find what works for you.


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