How to Organize Lawn Tools in Garage

How to Organize Lawn Tools in Garage- 4 Storage Ideas

Has your garage become such a big mess because you have so many lawn tools all over the place? It’s time to give the space a proper touch-up by learning exactly how to organize lawn tools in garage.

In this guide, we give you some storage ideas that can take your garage from a messy, Oh Shit environment into a more organized space with lawn tools placed in the right section. In the end, you’ll have a more organized garage where all lawn tools are easily accessible.

Whether you haven’t dusted your garage in a long time or your collection of lawn tools doesn’t seem to stop growing, you can use the following organization ideas to breathe some change to the area.

How to Organize Lawn Tools in Garage in 4 Ways.

Us the following storage ideas to keep your lawn tools in the garage organized and easily accessible:

1. Use Pegboard Panels to Organize Equipment on Display

Pegboard panels feature predrilled holes with a variety of hooks that hold lawn tools, keep them organized, and ensure easy accessibility when you need to use them.

Because they’re made of durable, high-strength metals, you can expect these panels to hold up the weight of your lawn tools just fine, even for an extended period.

So instead of leaning your rakes, shovels, pruning shears, and other lightweight lawn tools in your possession, grab a pegboard panel and use it for the organization. The board also makes your tools easy to access, so you don’t have to second guess where the tool for a particular project is.

Wallmaster Pegboard Organizer Garage Storage

The Wallmaster Pegboard Organizer Garage Storage is a good example of a versatile pegboard panel that you can use. It’s made of high quality steel on top of which is a galvanized finish for strength and element resistance.

In the package are 12 unique pegboard hooks, so you have the flexibility to organize your setup according to the kind of lawn tools that you already have.

You can build your own custom pegboard panel if you feel like the options already available on sale aren’t ideal for you. Once installed and painted in the color of your choosing, hang your tools to keep them organized.

2. Create a Lawn Tools Station

Sometimes your garage gets messy because you randomly throw tools inside once you’ve completed your lawn care session. And with tools all over the place, the garage can be such an impassable place and a dangerous space.

If you’re used to carelessly throwing tools such as garden sprinklers, shovel, watering can, thatch rake, and handheld leaf blowers in the garage, it’s time for a change. 

Transform an empty space in one corner of your garage into a small storage station for just your lawn tools. You can include a bench so you have some tools on the bench and others under it.

With this approach, you can organize your tools better while freeing up more space in the garage for easy movements.

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3. Install and Use a Slatwall Organizer

Creating a tools station in the corner of your garage is a good approach, but it doesn’t offer enough organization options. That’s why we recommend installing a Slatwall system if you need to look more organized and off the floor.

A Slatwall system is more or less similar to a pegboard panel, only that it is more versatile and can accommodate large tools such as shovels, leaf blowers, and rock rakes without straining for space.

This tools organizer features horizontal grooves to which you can attach a hook, which you can then use to keep the tools in proper storage.

Proslat 88102 Heavy Duty PVC Slatwall Garage Organizer

With a Slatwall such as the Proslat 88102 Heavy Duty PVC Organizer, you can transform your entire garage from a messy into a cozy space by limiting the number of tools lying on the floor and blocking your way in and out.

Proslat 88102 is 97 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, and 4 inches deep. That translates into an area of 32 square feet, which is enough surface area to organize your lawn tools.

We recommend the Proslat 88102 because, in addition to being easy to install over drywall into studs, it also features interlocking panels that you can install either as an entire section or as a track.

You’ll love Slatwall systems because they are strong and durable. Not to mention that they can carry quite a large number of tools that would be otherwise lying on the floor.

Keep in mind, though, that they have a weight limit that they can carry, a limit you shouldn’t exceed so you can keep your tools in place.

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4. Convert a Bucket into a Tools Store

One of the oldest tricks that never die down as far as tools organization is concerned is the use of a bucket.

Seriously, if you don’t have the funds to build a Slatwall or you think that pegboards are just too overwhelming for your liking, take a big bucket from your bathroom and convert it into a storage can for your tools.

This is the cheapest storage idea you’ll ever come across, yet one that many of us hardly even think of. It’s a perfect option if you only have a few tools at the moment.

However, as your arsenal expands, you should consider upgrading to a pegboard panel or a Slatwall system.

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Lawn tools storage ideas : FAQ’s

1. How do you store grass tools in a garage?

The best way to store grass tools in a garage is to use a pegboard panel. Mount the pegboard on a wall, add some hooks, and then hang your weeding fork, hedge clippers, loppers, and whatever other grass tools you own.

2. How should I store my lawn power tools in a garage?

First, unplug the power tools such as trimmers and leaf blowers and hang them on hooks attached to a pegboard panel or Slatwall.

Fold the power cords well and hang them on a separate hook where you can easily remove them the next time you need to use the power tools.

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Now that you know how to organize lawn tools in garage, you should have an easy time de-cluttering the spaces in your garage that need tidying up.


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