How to Move a Trampoline to Mow

3 Simple Tips on How to Move a Trampoline to Mow

Having a trampoline in your home is a good way to encourage your kids and family members to exercise. Jumping on a trampoline is fun and can help to build muscles, increase blood circulation, and burn fat quickly.

But the constant bouncing can damage your lawn. The good thing is that you can keep the grass neat and healthy by cutting it regularly.

When you plan to cut the lawn underneath, it is necessary to shift the trampoline to mow the grass efficiently. But shifting this device from one place to another can only be easy if you understand how to move a trampoline to mow.

How to Move a Trampoline to Mow- 3 Ways

1. Consider trampoline wheels

Trampoline is heavy equipment, and moving it by yourself can be challenging. But you can make the process easier by using trampoline wheels.

You can attach the wheels on each leg of the trampoline to allow you to move the device to your desired place. After you are done with mowing the grass, it is advisable to remove the wheels since they can cause accidents. 

Jumping when the wheels are attached can make the trampoline move, which can cause hazards.

Some trampolines come with wheels while others don’t. But you can purchase the wheels from online stores.

It is good to note that some trampoline wheels do not fit all the trampoline. Thus, it’s worth checking keenly to ensure trampoline wheels match your model.

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Shifting Wheels

2. Use WD40 to slide the trampoline

Sliding is a good technique for moving a trampoline. It involves applying WD40 under the trampoline’s legs to make it easy to slide to its desired destination.

This method is suitable if you are planning to move your trampoline on a short distance. It will be great to consider 2 or 3 people to help you because the trampoline is made of heavy metal.

The WD40 may damage your grass, but this should not worry you since the grass will recover with time. It is advisable to apply a limited quantity of WD40. Otherwise, the grass might take a lot of time to heal.

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3. Consider professional mowing services

If you want to take the stress out of moving the trampoline, hiring lawn mowing services can be a good solution.

A professional lawn company understands different types of grasses and knows the techniques to keep the lawn beautiful and healthy. Also, they do more than mowing the grass. They know the safe ways of moving a trampoline.

Hence, when hiring mowing services, it is good to inform them that you own a trampoline. With this, they will need to bring helpers or equipment for moving the trampoline.

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FAQs about Moving a Trampoline

Can I move a trampoline without taking it apart?

Yes, moving a trampoline without disassembling its parts is easy. All you need is time and patience to perform the job right. You can move the trampoline by yourself through techniques such as:

  • Wheel method
  • Sliding
  • Manual lift
  • Also, you can consider professionals to move the trampoline for you.

    Is it worth moving the trampoline when mowing the grass?

    Yes, moving a trampoline requires less effort than mowing underneath. Although you can use a lawnmower with adjustable handles to mow under the trampoline, it is good to move the device to keep the lawn alive.

    Moving the trampoline more often will prevent the lawn from dying. Also, it will ensure that the grass gets the right amount of sunlight and water and get more time to recover.

    Owning a trampoline is fun but can be a nightmare for your lawn if you fail to take proper precautions.

    The grass under the trampoline doesn’t get the right amount of sunlight and water, which can make it die.

    But if you implement these tips on how to move a trampoline to mow, you will keep your lawn consistent.

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