How to Mix And Match Patio Furniture

How to Mix And Match Patio Furniture

This season you need to say goodbye to your unappealing patio furniture and say hello to the best-matched furniture. And once you hold a party or a family gathering, everyone will want to spend an extra hour before leaving.

With that said, I will guide you on how to mix and match patio furniture. The good news is that you don’t have to purchase the expensive pre-packaged patio furniture collection. Hell no! You need to make some minor changes to your existing furniture.

So, how do professional designers achieve appealing outdoor patio looks? Frankly, the designers will tell you that good patio designs are achieved with furniture.

The furniture matching style reveals your personality. And with that said, I will share my favorite designer’s brain on patio decorations that gave my home a new look.

Read on if you don’t know where to begin after settling in your new home. This writing will educate you on how to mix and match patio furniture like a professional.

How to Mix And Match Patio Furniture

A good patio doesn’t only need good grass and coffee tables around. Matching everything is what makes the area a real relaxation zone.

As such, let’s get “mixing” and “matching.”

1. Match by frame material

Patio furniture comes with different materials based on the owner’s preference. And when it comes to costs and designs, wicker furniture wins. Additionally, wicker furniture is flexible when matching with other materials.

However, that doesn’t mean other materials cannot match without wicker. All can be arranged to give the area an aesthetic look. Take a look at some matches.

Wood and Wicker

Wood and wicker furniture create a purely natural look. And if the wood surface doesn’t seem to “rhyme,” you can repaint it.

But in most cases, you will find that wooden furniture is appealing if you allow it to remain natural. You can only do varnishing.

Ideally, you can set a wooden table with wicker chairs. Another best option is a wicker table and chairs with wooden shelves for flower vases.

If your patio is well covered, you can even have wicker chairs, wicker tables, and a wooden floor.

In any way you choose to arrange, wicker and wood match best.

Wicker and Concrete or Concrete and Wood

Either way, you can design concrete for flooring, patio fireplace, and shelves. On the other hand, you can choose to have wicker or wooden furniture in a good setting.

One main advantage of wood and wicker is that they best match concrete. This is because they all give a natural look.

When it comes to concrete painting, I think you should be wise enough to choose the best color that matches your furniture. It’s recommended to paint a brighter color to reflect sun rays.

But if your region doesn’t get extremely hot during summer, you can let it remain plain. Further, you can install cooling systems like fans or mini-split systems.

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Metal and Wicker or Wood

Metals are used where firmness and stability are required. You can choose to outstretch your house roof to cover the patio and have metal roofing poles in front.

Another good news is that you can easily incorporate metal in wicker or wooden chairs and tables as legs. Additionally, you can make flower shelves firm with metal supports.

Luckily, you can paint your metal with the color that best matches your tables and chairs.

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Glass and Wicker or Wood

Glass added to wicker or wood as tabletop then matched with wooden or wicker furniture makes the patio appealing.

Glass gives excellent night views, especially with lights. However, you should choose strong glass that will withstand elements if your patio isn’t well covered.

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2. Match by Furniture Cover Colors

You should figure out the dominant color. Then, choose other colors that complement it. For instance, you can choose red as your dominant color for your furniture covers. Afterward, add touches of white and black colors.

Ensure that the complementing colors appear three times in the whole furniture set. And note that furniture color isn’t limited to the wall paint color. Take the color of your choice and be consistent.

Surprisingly, colors have significance for overall dressing and outdoor patio furniture matching.

Remember you can hold a party on your patio. You can also choose to have a romantic evening on the patio with your partner.

In simple, the setting of the area brings a particular vibe.

Take a look at what some of the colors mean;

1.RedLove & Attention
2.OrangeExcitement & Optimism
3.GreenNature & Fresh
4.YellowHappiness & Energy
7PurpleWealth & Success
8.WhiteSleek & Easy
9.PinkRomance & Softness
10.SilverClassy & Cool
11.BlackLuxury & Power

3. Match By Style and Design

When mixing and matching the overall look for your patio, choose one of the three common styles below;

  • Modern – Modern furniture is very classy.
  • Nature – You need to match your furniture with flowers and vegetation around. You can choose the familiar green color and add touches of colors matching the patio flowers.
  • Chilled– chilled style is just simple but elegant. Wicker furniture gives a wide range of chilled styles for the patio.

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4. Match By Furniture layout

I will show you how to arrange patio furniture to come up with appealing looks on the layout.

You can choose a layout of furniture arrangement in pairs. Ideally, you can set two wickers or wood furniture and a table. Each pair setting should be separate from the other.

This works best if you have a large patio.

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FAQs About Mixing and Matching Patio Furniture

Can You Mix Light and Dark Wicker?

Light and dark wicker furniture can match as long as the weave is the same. Ideally, set one color to dominate between the two for better matching.

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Can You Mix Teak and Wicker Furniture?

Teak and wicker mix beautifully due to their natural texture and look.

What is the Best Month to Buy Patio Furniture?

Between late August and October is the best time to buy your patio furniture. Most stores struggle to make sales during these months as the cold season knocks.

With that said, after figuring out how to mix and match patio furniture, wait for these months and get the best deal.

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