How to Make a Shed Look Nice

How to Make a Shed Look Nice

Sheds are valuable structures that are easily neglected. As a result, they give our yards an ugly look. I will walk you through how to make a shed look nice.

It requires a bit of planning and in the end, the whole space will look amazing. The design entails both exterior and interior. In another case, you may extend to the landscaping and your backyard will be the most beautiful area of your home.

In fact, you should treat your shed as a little house. And just like you clean and ensure your house is appealing, treat the shed with the same love.

So, if you are looking forward to updating your shed and the yard as a whole, here are attractive ideas to make it happen.

How to Make a Shed Look Nice

1. Repair the Broken parts

It seems petty, but have you observed a wooden structure with some rotten bottom timbers? Or other times, some broken gutters or rusted metal sheets.

A severely rusted colleague’s shed created a very ugly look in his yard. It was a night party invitation but I could spot the shabby structure at the far end of the yard.

Anyway, I decided to mind my business but I thought the guy and his spouse are the kinds of careless beings.

Well, if your metal sheet shed is rusted, you can replace the sheets before repainting. A well-maintained shed and yard, in general, will give your homestead a new look.

2. Paint the shed

Metal sheet structures are the worst in rusting. Although most sheets are corrugated, with time they degrade due to weather.

That aside, wood is also the worst when exposed to the weather for an extended period. As that’s the case, you must protect the material for a longer lifespan.

When dealing with metal sheets, scrub and treat the rust before repainting to ensure rusting doesn’t continue in the future.

Ideally, match with the plants’ color to make the yard uniform. But if you decide to take brighter colors, source one that matches your house.

On the other hand, if the yard is small, dark colors can make the shed look small and as a result, the yard will seem larger.

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3. Install gutters and set water butts around

The aesthetic look of a building with gutters is exceptional. Gutters’ primary purpose is to carry off the rainwater to prevent it from dropping all over the pavements.

But these shallow troughs add an outstanding beauty to structures, although many homeowners ignore them.

After adding gutters, purchase the same size butts and place each at every corner of the shed. Ensure the plumbing is done right to direct the water to all butts.

Luckily, you can use this rainwater to water your garden plants during summer. Although butts seem small, use the right irrigation method such as drip.

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4. Add Trellis Patio on the side

A shed sitting alone in the yard can create an ugly look. But what if you add a little patio to the side?

Trellis patio is cheap to build and the look will completely add to the yard’s beauty. Usually, the guest’s attention goes to the well-arranged patio furniture than the old repainted shed.

Anyway, the trellised patio with some flowers around changes everything you may be worried about.

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5. Double swinging doors

If your shed has the old one-door style, opt for the modern two swinging door design. Ideally, around 80% of the front part to accommodate doors.

But for heaven’s sake, don’t make it look like a church unless you intend to convert it into a prayer house.

Usually, if double swinging doors are painted with a more bright and unique color, they give the building an aesthetic look. However, pick a color that’s different but matches well with the other parts.

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6. Encourage wildlife around

By mentioning wildlife, I don’t mean you turn the yard into a game reserve. Hell no! But the activities of birds and other insects around can make the shed look beautiful.

See, birds’ nests are one form of outdoor shed decorations. A bee box is also another amazing structure.

Ideally, make bee and bird boxes and install them around the shed. It’s not wise to keep them on the front part or just above the door. But installing them on the sides is amazing.

Birds will fly around and also sing merrily in the morning to wake you up for work.

7. Erect Window Boxes

Back from a business trip, I found my husband had installed window boxes on our old shed in the backyard. I never asked him how she came up with the idea but truly speaking, the shed’s look had changed.

Our daughter planted some sweet-smelling petunias and the area was purely scented. Finally, I had to convert it into my study room. You will always find me in this new palace during weekends. It’s amazing!

8. Organize with shelves

Forget about the exterior, the shed’s interior needs to look organized too. By installing shelves, you will have the confidence to have your guests accompany you to the shed as you show them your new lawn mower.

Unless the shed is a luxurious room, you shouldn’t lack the shelves and hanging rails on the top.

You will be lucky to have your seed planters and lighter tools hanged to avoid moisture. Also, shelves create more room to store items. They can save you from building an extra shed.

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9. Cover it with plants

Fast-growing plants like climbers give a home an amazing look. You will have the simple task of directing the new shoots in your desired direction.

Ideally, use a wire to support the plants and let them hang around the windows or spread along the roof.

Besides the aesthetic look, they will cool the shed during summer.

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FAQs About How to Make a Shed Look Nice

How Do I Make My Shed Pretty?

Repair and paint the shed to make it pretty. When painting, always choose more natural colors or brighter paints that match other structures in the yard.

Moreover, perform regular maintenance of the shed and the whole yard.

How Can I Decorate My Shed?

You can decorate your shed with different paints or flowers of different colors. Apart from flowers, climbing plants also give the shed a beautiful look if well-trimmed.

What Do You Put Around a Shed?

Lattice is the most beautiful material used for shed skirting. However, you can also use chicken wire.

Painting and using natural or potted plants are excellent ways to make a shed look nice.

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