How to Make a Parking Space on Grass Effectively

Finding a parking space is always a huge competition for car owners. After a long tiresome day, only to come home searching for a parking space. Sometimes you may be forced to park some meters away from home. That can be inconvenient, especially if you are loaded with shopping or kids.

If you are going through this, then you must be craving a solution. There are many organizations where you can rent out a parking lot, either for a long or short period. Have you tried renting one near your home?

Some of us are fortunate to have a yard where a car can fit. If your property is adequate to park a car, it is possible to create a permanent parking space. Now the question is how to make a parking space on grass without damaging your lawn?

How much Damaged is your Grass?

The turf in your yard brightens your home until you start parking your car recklessly. Just parking your car on grass can damage your turf permanently.

So how will you know you have damaged your lawn?

Muffler Burns

When you park your car on the grass, the rear wheels will certainly contact the grass. While the car is running, the muffler will leave burn spots on your turf.

However, after some weeks, it will be back to normal. Failure to which, you will need to repair your turf.

Brown Grass

Your car tires collect all the days’ dirt with them. If you pack it on grass, you will be in for a horrible lawn. The grass will turn brown due to the blades interacting with carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight.

This is where grass reinforcements like tufftrack grass pavers come in if you want the brown spots out of sight.

Tufftrack Grass Pavers

Chemical Burns

If your lawn has chemical burns, that is because your car is leaking. So how will you identify the chemical burns? If the grass is brown, yellow, striped, or dead, then your car has chemical leaks.

Dirty water, refrigerant, and motor oil will damage your turf.


Rain should be good for the grass. But if you are mowing or driving your car on the grass while still wet, it will cause ruts. It would be best if you mowed in different directions since the soil is compacted.

Before mowing, ensure your turf is dry to prevent it from ruffs.

If these problems are still a challenge, consider good grass protection mesh and protect your turf.

See also: What does grass protection mesh do?

Easimat Grass Protection Mesh for Lawn or Car Park

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You have seen how parking your car can make your turf pretty ugly. It’s time to take a step.

How to Make a Parking Space on Grass

Best way to fix ruts in lawn

How much Space is Needed?

Your car’s size will determine the size of your parking space. Clearly, a scooter and a Benz will require different space measurements. A standard car will require 5m by 2.5m.

Ensure the space can accommodate your car fully. The space should be enough in such a way that there is enough space to turn your car when getting off your property.

It is not advisable to reverse your car on a busy road. Also, leave a space where you can access the car- about one meter.

Permission for Creating a Parking Space

Creating parking space permission applies for restricted properties or conservation areas. If the materials you use will prevent water from draining through, then you will need permission.

Other cases will not need permission. But not to be sorry in the future, ask for permission on the materials you want to use for creating a parking space.

How to Make a Parking Space on Grass

So far, you have seen the measurements to take before making a parking lot. But you still don’t want to damage your lawn. Fortunately, we will guide you on how to make a parking space on the grass.

Grass pavers are the best for parking spaces. Therefore, you need to invest in the best grass pavers to maintain a beautiful backyard.

Zigzag Permeable Ground Grid and Grass Pavers (1.8″ Depth)

Why you should Choose Grass Pavers?

Everyone desires beautiful driveways and pathways and is friendly to the environment at the same time. To that fact, grass pavers take the lead since they are easy to use and visually appealing.

How does a grass paver work? You will place a plastic grid filled with soil and scatter it with grass seeds. The grid makes it strong for driving or parking. It also protects the grassroots hence growing naturally.

The resulting lawn will look natural, which you can maintain using standard equipment like lawnmowers.

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower

You can never go wrong with grass pavers. Here are reasons why you should consider them to create a parking space:

They are more Versatile

Grass pavers have various uses – walkways, parking areas, roads, fire lanes, and driveways. They are not only visually appealing but also blend in naturally with your lawn.

Its surface is strong to protect the grass.

They are Strong

It doesn’t matter how heavy a vehicle is; grass pavers have grids to ensure the weight is spread evenly. If well filled, the strength can be as high as 8,000 PSI.

For an empty one, expect strength up to 6,800 PSI. With this, no heavy machine can deform the soil or damage the grass.

Easy Installation

Most set up like concrete and asphalt are expensive with long installation processes. Grass paver installation is easier and requires less equipment.

To make the installation permanent, you need to clear off the vegetation to a flat surface. Add gravels to make the subsurface layer strong. Install the grass paver on the layer’s top.

A Water Management Plan

Grass pavers are filled with soil; therefore, rainwater can penetrate in. Unlike concrete, the surfaces absorb the water hence reducing flooding.


What are the best grass parking solutions?

Grass reinforcement equipment prevents your car from damaging ground surfaces while parking. You can purchase one from any store with landscape products.

Which are the best grasses for parking cars?

Zoysia and Bermuda serve as the best parking grasses. Their lateral spreaders are strong and colonize the parking area with rhizomes and stolons.

How to park on grass without ruining it

The grass is the most visible vegetation in your home, and you need to keep it visually appealing. To protect your grass while parking, install grass pavers.

You now know how to make a parking space on grass, equipment to use, and why.

With that, your parking space will not only be environmentally friendly but also look natural.

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