How to Kill Mushrooms on Your Lawn With Dish Soap

How to Kill Mushrooms on Your Lawn With Dish Soap

Mushrooms are a common lawn problem that can be difficult to get rid of. If killing the mushrooms is your goal, killing them with dish soap might just do the trick!

This article will give you step-by-step tips on how to kill mushrooms with dish soap.

Many people are not aware of the killing power that dish soap has on mushrooms. Mushrooms love to grow in moist, dark spaces like your lawn or garden. They also love to eat up organic matter in these places and can quickly make a mess out of them.

You may be wondering how killing mushrooms is possible with dish soap, but it is actually very easy! Let’s have a look at everything you need to know about killing mushrooms with dish soap.

Which Type Of Dish Soap Should You Use

First, you need to know that not all dish soaps can kill mushrooms. In fact, many of them only make the mushroom problem worse by providing it with additional moisture and nutrients! 

Dish soaps that kill mushrooms will say on their label somewhere that they have a “killing power” or something along those lines.

Any suitable dish soap for killing mushrooms should also be gentle enough to use around plants and grass, as you obviously don’t want to damage them while trying to get rid of the problem!

A harsh detergent can actually help kill your yard instead of the fungi if used incorrectly. Luckily for you, dish soap/liquid with no extra oil or petroleum additives will do just fine when getting rid of mushrooms.

You can find this type of dish soap at any grocery store or home improvement center. 

Killing mushrooms with bleach

Getting Rid of Mushrooms With Dish Soap Step by Step

Now that you know which dish soap you use while getting rid of mushrooms, it is essential to understand the process of killing mushrooms step by step.

The key thing here is not only  knowing which dish soap works best against different types of fungi and understanding when but how best to use it.

Now that you have the right dish soap let’s look at how best to apply it.

  • Step One: Mix your dish soap and water in a spray bottle. You can use any type of dish soap, like Dawn or Ivory, but make sure that the killing power is at least 50% (you want to be able to kill your mushrooms). If you have a significant infestation, it may be easier to mix the dish soap with water in a large bucket.
  • Step Two: Spray your mixture directly onto the mushroom. Make sure you cover as much of it as possible, and don’t be shy with how much dish soap you use! Spray the mushrooms until they are soaked and allow them to sit for two hours or more, depending on how bad your infestation is.
  • Step Three: Rinse the area of any residue from the dead fungi using a hose or pressure washer if you have one available to use. Make sure that all traces of fungus has been removed before seeding/planting! You can also sprinkle some salt over the now bare patch where your mushrooms used to be so that it doesn’t grow back too soon (salt will absorb moisture).
  • Step Four: Rake up any dead pieces of fungi and dispose of them.

NOTE: If all goes well, the mushrooms will start to shrivel up within an hour (some may take longer). You can let them dry out naturally for at least another day before raking away the remains into your garbage bin. If only one or two stems are left after that period, feel free to get rid of them too!

Killing mushrooms with vinegar

FAQ’s on How to Kill Mushrooms on Your Lawn With Dish Soap

There are some frequently asked questions that people have when using dish soap in killing mushrooms.

FAQ: Will the dish soap harm my grass or plants?

No, as long as you use a good quality gentle dish soap without any additives like oil or petroleum, there is no risk of harming your grass/flowers.

Either way, you should only be using around 20ml per square meter, so don’t worry about overdoing it!

FAQ: How often will I need to reapply the mixture before all of my fungi is gone?

This can depend on how bad your infestation is and how many different types of fungus you have in affected areas.

Some species take longer than others, but if properly applied (every few days), you should be fully rid of mushrooms within a week or two.

FAQ: What time of day is best for killing mushrooms with dish soap?

You can apply at night or during the day so long as the conditions are right (temperature-wise). High temperatures will kill off fungi much faster if applied during these hours, though.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s morning, afternoon, or evening – just make sure that when you’re done rinsing away any residue, you allow your lawn to dry out before planting/seeding.

FAQ: Is it okay to use dish soap in killing mushrooms if I have pets?

Yes, as long as you are using a gentle brand of dish soap, then there is no risk of harming your pet. The same applies to wildlife and children/people near where the fungi infestation might occur!

Faq: I used dish soap to kill my fungi, but it didn’t work, is there anything else that I can try?

If your mushroom spores are resistant, you may want to double-check your chosen dish soap ingredients.

The killing power needs to have at least 50% active ingredient (the stronger, the better) for this method to succeed! If they still don’t die after trying a different brand/type of detergent, you need professional help.

Killing mushrooms with baking soda

Using dish soap to kill mushrooms on your lawn is an effortless and effective way of ridding yourself of these pesky fungi. It is also highly environmentally friendly, as it won’t harm any plant/grass you have growing in the area!

If all goes well, then within one or two weeks, you should be able to see some dead patches where once tall stems were growing haphazardly across your yard.

Just make sure that after applying this mixture, the affected areas dry out completely (ideally at high temperatures) before seeding/planting anything else.


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