How to Keep Ticks Out Of Your Yard Naturally

Tick-Proof Cheat Sheet: How to Keep Ticks Out Of Your Yard Naturally

Ticks are naughty biting parasites. When they infest your backyard, they can terrorize you and your pets. The tick bites are itchy, but this is not the worrying part. These blood-thirsty parasites are leading vectors and can become a significant threat to both you and your pets’ health.

Ticks are leading transmitters of several disease agents such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme. The conditions can become chronic and have far-fetch effects on your long-life wellbeing.

Many people turn to pesticides and insecticides to deal with tick manifestation. But these chemicals can have other negative impacts on your health too. The good news is that you can easily get rid of ticks using a more environmental-friendly approach.

So, knowing how to keep ticks out of your yard naturally will save your money and make your home hospitable.

Professional Tips on How to Keep Ticks Out Of Your Yard Naturally

1. Keep your lawn mowed

Ticks always love hiding in tall weeds and grasses. These habitats offer them a good place to reside and attach to the host. You can make your backyard hostile for ticks by trimming your lawn regularly.

By keeping your lawn mowed, you will expose the ticks to the sun, forcing them to migrate to other habitats. This way, your backyard will become tick-free.

2. Bring tick predators in your yard

Ticks are a good source of food for some backyard animals. These parasites suck blood from hosts that carry essential nutrients that can benefit animals such as chickens and fowl pigs. You can use the food chain aspect to keep ticks out of your backyard.

Chickens will be a source of eggs and white meat while also helping you to keep the number of ticks low. Also, the fowl pigs are popular for eliminating insects and ticks. So, having some of these tick predators will naturally help you get rid of ticks in your home.

However, different states have regulations on rearing chickens and fowl pigs. You need to understand their requirements before introducing these animals to your backyard.

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Fowl Pig

3. Introduce tick repellants

Some plants can help you keep ticks away from your yard. You can introduce these repellants to your lawn or use them as the boundary between your yard and woodland.

The natural tick repellants include:

  • Rosemary
  • Ginger
  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Beautyberry and sage

You can plant these natural repellants on buckets and keep them near your windows and doors to stop ticks from getting into your house. Other natural repellants include apple cider chips, garlic, and lemongrass.

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4. Create a barrier between the lawn and woodland

Woodland is the typical habitat for ticks. These parasites can easily land on favorable hosts such as deer and mice.

If you live near woodland, you can create a natural barrier to stop ticks from getting to your backyard.

The best way to do this is to create a 3 feet footpath between the lawn and woodland. You can introduce gravel and cider chips on this path.

These elements stop the ticks’ migration as they feel like walking on glass pieces barefooted.

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5. Eliminate shady areas

Ticks love shady and moist areas. You are likely to find them in large numbers in cloudy and wet seasons. The ticks will hide in areas with long grasses, heaps of leaves, and shrubs.

So, you can discourage their manifestation by eliminating shady areas in your backyard. Here are some of the ways to achieve this goal:

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  • Clear all shrubs and bushes in the yard
  • Remove the leave heaps and mow your lawn frequently
  • Ensure your yard gets as much sunlight as possible

FAQs about Keeping Ticks Out of Your Yard Naturally

Why do ticks love living in the grass?

Grass areas have high humidity, which offers a suitable environment for tick survival. This is why you will rarely find ticks on trees or dry places.

Their main habitat is in tall grass, weeds, and woodlands. Well-trimmed lawns make the environment hot and hostile for ticks.

How to get rid of ticks naturally with salt?

Salt can be an ideal substance to keep ticks out of your yard. It has a coarse texture that tears both the ticks and their larvae bodies apart. However, you will need large amounts of salts for this purpose.

Some of the ways you can use salt as a natural tick controlling option include:

  • Sprinkle it on your floors, carpets, and cardboards to discourage tick manifestation.
  • Rub the salt on the pets’ skin to kill the ticks, larvae, and eggs.
  • Mix it with baking soda and water, then sprinkle the solution around your backyard.
  • Does tea tree oil repel ticks?

    Yes, tea tree oil is a non-toxic tick repellant. This oil has a strong smell that irritates the ticks and affects their metabolic process.

    Hence, it is a perfect substance to keep ticks and other parasites away.

    How to prevent ticks on humans naturally?

    You can easily prevent ticks from attacking you by applying tick repellants to your skin. Some of these repellants include natural essential oils such as mint, rosemary, lavender, and ginger.

    Also, eating garlic can make your body unpleasant for ticks.

    How to keep ticks off dogs

    Ticks will usually manifest on your dogs. But you can prevent this occurrence naturally. The best approach is by using apple cider vinegar.

    Add some drops of apple cider vinegar to the dog’s water bowl. You can also mix it with water to make a repellant that you can spray on the dogs’ skin. 

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    Having a tick manifestation in your yard can be a devastating moment.

    Though you cannot control the environment, you can take some prevention measures. The use of insecticides and chemical-based substances is not always the best approach.

    If you’re tired of chemicals, this cheat sheet offers excellent tips on how to keep ticks out of your yard naturally. Applying these ideas will ensure you have a tick-free yard and save your money.

    Remember, a combination of more than one approach can offer better results.


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