How to Keep Squirrels from Chewing on Patio Furniture in 7 Effective Ways

Squirrels are furry rodents that love to chew on anything they can get their teeth on. They will chew your garden plants, your patio furniture, and even the siding of your home every chance they get. 

These critters are especially troublesome during the winter months when they cannot find any food outside. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do around your property to discourage these bushy-tailed bandits from chewing up everything in sight.

This blog post is about how to keep squirrels from chewing on patio furniture through various methods such as providing them with an alternative food source, installing wire mesh or metal tubing around areas where they like to chew, and luring them away with predator urine. 

Why are Squirrels Chewing My Patio Furniture?

Squirrels are pretty clever creatures. They may be scurrying around your yard chowing down on plants and insects, but there is more than meets the eye with these pesky little guys!

Some people might say they’re destructive because of their need to make a nest or have babies. However, if you see what looks like patches being ripped from lawn chairs – I recommend getting some patio netting for protection.

How to Keep Squirrels from Chewing on Patio Furniture

1. Withdraw all Incentives

At some point, you may have noticed a furry little creature in your home looking for food.

You might be able to identify chip crumbs left by kids or peaches and carrots from one of their favorite plants around the house; however, there’s also a chance they could find something more delicious like birdseed. 

If this is happening too often, then I would recommend removing all potential sources not to attract any further attention from these sneaky bearded beasts.

2. Consider Using Barriers

The best way to keep the pesky tree squirrels from raiding your yard is by using physical barriers including cages or mesh wire.

If your home has a fruit tree, then make sure there’s plenty of room under it for them – but don’t feed them. 

Another option would be planting mint together with fruit trees to discourage their interest with its strong scent and taste that they hate so much.

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3. Trash

To protect yourself from pesky squirrels, ensure your trash can is secure and out of their reach. Place a lid on the top even if there’s nothing inside so they cannot get into it.

When putting in new items or taking old ones away for recycling, try not to leave any signs that would tip them off.

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4. Squirrel Snacks

Squirrel feeders are a great way to get rid of pesky pests. Not only will you have less trouble with them, but it’s also fun watching their antics from afar.

Put one outside near your house and see what happens over time – maybe even invest in some snacks too so the little guys can play while they eat.

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5. Consider Using Deer Repellants

Deer repellents also work pretty effectively in keeping squirrels away. Not only does it keep them at bay, but you can use the urine on your patio or put some around for extra protection against any future invaders.

For best results, spray deer deterrent near all of its edges, so there is no chance whatsoever that one could get past these defenses and start chewing up whatever furniture might be present on-site because they’ll probably just end up getting stuck.

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6. Urine

I know it sounds gross, but the right approach can yield surprising benefits. Squirrels are naturally afraid of coyotes and foxes, which they smell from afar.

To protect your home from them, you could take advantage by spraying urine around. Where do I find this stuff? You don’t need to go into the wild since it’s available at home improvement stores and some grocery stores.

7. Trim Tree Branches Around Your Yard

Tree branches are a great place for squirrels, but they can make your yard too cluttered.

If you have any hanging from the trees in your front or back yard, take them down and trim off at least 5 feet as that height won’t allow jumping over.

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Frequently Asked Questions on preventing Squirrels from Chewing on Patio Furniture

How do I Keep Squirrels Off my Patio?

Homeowners with patios should keep the porch clean and free of animals.

Pour apple cider vinegar over rags or put liquid soap onto them to make a paste, then rub around edges of your patio and on railings if you have one; these will deter critters like squirrels from making nests in close proximity.

What Scent do Squirrels Hate?

The whiffs from pepper and cayenne plants discourage pesky critters like squirrels. Sprinkling your garden with the spice could keep them out too.

In addition, squirrels share this aversion to garlic or black pepper smells as well – so if you don’t want a goofy-looking animal scavenging through your patio at night time, then try planting these two types of produce in abundance.

Does White Vinegar Repel Squirrels?

Try spraying your plants with an easy vinegar solution if you want to keep the pesky squirrels away.

It will protect them from chewing and damage while deterring any insects or ant populations that may be lurking around.

You can also use other smells like coffee garlic pepper for extra protection against these pests to avoid too many pest problems at once.

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We hope you found our blog post helpful in providing information on how to keep squirrels from chewing on patio furniture and that your patio furniture is now safe from pesky squirrels.

To ensure they don’t want to chew on anything else, remove any food sources near the ground or in trees by removing bird feeders, trash cans, fallen fruit from nearby trees, or other snacks. 

You can also try using smell and taste repellents like pepper spray mixed with garlic oil – just be careful it doesn’t get into your eyes when spraying.

For extra protection against these creatures of habit, trim the branches up high.

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