How to Keep Spiders Off Patio Furniture-5 Simple Tricks

Spiders are creepy little creatures that we all hate. They come out at night as you enjoy a lovely evening on your patio furniture, and they can make your skin crawl.

But how do you keep these eight-legged creatures away? It’s easier than you think! Read on to find out more about how to keep spiders off patio furniture.

Spiders can be a major nuisance for anyone who spends time on their patio furniture. Spiders are often attracted to hanging plants or patio lights that emit light at night.

They are nocturnal creatures that enjoy hunting for food or building their webs under these conditions. Unfortunately, they also love to build their homes on patio furniture and leave behind a messy web if not taken care of quickly!

So what can you do to keep spiders off your outdoor area? Luckily, you can use several simple tricks to repel spiders and keep your patio furniture spider-free.

How to Keep Spiders Off Patio Furniture

There are several simple things you can do to keep spiders off patio furniture.

1. Spider Repellent Sprays

Using spider repellent sprays in strategic areas around your patio is one of the easiest ways to keep spiders off furniture.

Spray them in hidden places that you wouldn’t normally think about, like behind hanging plants or beneath chairs and sofas on your porch. These are often preferred hiding spots for these insects!

You can often purchase them at your local grocery or hardware store, and they work by spraying out a mist that keeps the spider away. The spray works by confusing the spider’s senses, causing it to think something is attacking it!

However, you should be careful how close you get when using these sprays, as some may also harm pets if misused.

2. Orange and Citrus Peels

If you don’t want to use chemical sprays, you can keep spiders away from your patio furniture by using citrus or orange peels. Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges emit a strong scent that can help repel bugs – including spiders!

Simply place the peel on your outdoor seating area and wait for these pesky insects to leave. You might also see fewer spider webs near where you placed the orange peels as well!

If you prefer not having any food out in your yard, simply rub lemon juice directly onto furniture instead of placing them there. The smell should prevent further infestations until they are washed away with soap and water later on!

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3. Keep Your Outdoor Area Clean

Keeping your outdoor furniture and other areas around the house clean is also how to keep spiders off patio furniture. Spiders like to build their homes in dark, hidden spaces where they feel safe from predators – so make sure you eliminate these nooks and crannies!

Regularly dusting behind chairs or cleaning up any spider webs that have been left behind will ensure that no new bugs get attached. You can also use a hose with high-pressure water for this task if there are stubborn spots on the material of your furniture.

It should take care of anything stuck without damaging it too much!

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4. Spider Repellent Plants

There are several plants and flowers that emit a strong odor, making it difficult for these insects to survive. You can place these in hanging baskets or planters around your outdoor area as they will work well at keeping spiders away from the surrounding areas.

Most of these “spider repellent” plants come with their own positive benefits, too – like how lavender is great for calming you down after a long day while mint helps give you energy levels during warm weather months!

Consider adding some of these into your garden if you have one nearby. It’ll make both yourself and your guests more comfortable when enjoying time on your new patio!

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5.  Remove All Food Sources

Finally, another way is by removing any food or water sources from your yard. Spiders love to drink and eat in the same areas where we spend our time – so don’t give them a reason! Make sure all outdoor pots have well-fitted lids that prevent bugs from getting inside.

Keep pet dishes clean as well, and be mindful of how much you leave out when cooking for yourself outside. Try using citronella candles instead of leaving foods unattended on counters overnight if needed too!

If there are already open containers with leftover drinks (like soda cans), make sure to take them away before bedtime each night. Any leftovers will attract more insects like these eight-legged creatures who won’t be as likely to leave once they find a tasty treat!

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FAQ’s: How to Keep Spiders Off Patio Furniture

Why Are There So Many Spiders On My Patio?

Spiders are often found outside because they use the area as a hunting ground.

Outdoor patios provide them with an easy meal to capture, so nothing is stopping them from setting up shop nearby!

What Types Of Plants Help Repel Spiders?

There are many different kinds of plants that can help with repelling spiders, including lavender and mint.
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Do Citronella Candles Work For Keeping Spiders Away From Patios?

Citronella candles may help repel insects when they’re burning, but it’s not likely going to keep them from coming back in the future.

If you want something, more long-term consider mixing up a few of these tricks together instead!

How Do I Get Rid Of Spiders On My Indoor Furniture?

To get rid of spiders that have made their way indoors, try using sticky traps to capture them and then take them outside.

Make sure you don’t throw the insects into your garden – they’re more likely to come back inside when it’s dark!

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These are some simple how-to tips on how to keep spiders off patio furniture you can try.

It’s important that if one treatment doesn’t work, you continue trying out several different ones until you discover the right solution (or combination) for your home and area.

You should also make sure to wash outdoor cushions regularly with soap and water or have them dry cleaned at least twice per season too. This will help prevent any new spider infestations from being attached before it becomes an issue in the future!

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