How to Keep Patio Umbrella from Spinning: 5 DIY Ways

This is the complete guide on how to keep patio umbrella from spinning. Whether you live in an area subject to occasional windstorms or you just want to keep the umbrella stable season after season, this guide is for you.


A patio umbrella doesn’t just have a cozy look and feel to the surrounding furniture pieces. It also provides an invaluable shed against direct sunlight and rain, making it possible for you and your loved ones to spend time in the outdoor space.

As useful as a patio umbrella is, it can’t give you the value you want unless you affix it in such a way that it doesn’t move or spin. To be clear, spinning doesn’t start immediately.

You might stand to notice some movement after a few months of use, and then spinning happens thereafter.

A spinning patio umbrella isn’t safe for anyone. So it’s important to know what to do to stop it before it becomes a problem for your entire family.  

And that’s what you’ll learn in this guide.

How to Keep Patio Umbrella from Spinning

In the following section, we’ll look at why your patio umbrella keeps spinning and exactly what you should do to fix the problem. 

1. The Mounting Hole is Bigger than the Circumference of the Umbrella’s Pole 

Your patio umbrella keeps spinning because the hole in the bottom is too big to keep it in place. That means the circumference of the umbrella pole is too small and therefore the gap between the hole and the shaft will cause the umbrella to move.

Fixing this problem is a no-brainer.

First, inspect the hole in the bottom to determine if it’s bigger than the circumference of the pole. If you discover that this is the cause of continuous spinning, call the professional who installed the umbrella for you and have them fix the issue.

You do have to get this fixed as soon as possible; otherwise, the umbrella may begin to rest against the table and scuff it.

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2. There are Loose Bolts that Need Tightening

The umbrella is likely to spin because the bolts that are supposed to hold it in place are loose. Apparently, this isn’t just an installation caused by the improper fixing of the bolts when you first set up the umbrella.

Using the umbrella for an extended period might also cause the bolts to loosen up a bit with time, especially if it’s subject to contact external force from the wind. Fortunately, the problem with loose bolts is something you can fix on your own.

Inspect all the bolts that secure the umbrella to find the loose ones. Now tighten the loose bolts to keep the umbrella from spinning.

If it happens that some bolts are too loose because of the excessive spinning of the umbrella, consider replacing them with new ones.

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how to stop umbrella from spinning

3. Use Spin-free Cones to Keep the Umbrella from Moving

Also referred to as a wedge or stabilizer, a patio umbrella cone is a cone-shaped material made of rubber. It is designed to sit in between a table and an umbrella, with the main purpose being to seal the gap between the umbrella pole and the table.

The purpose of the cone is to keep the umbrella in place so that it doesn’t lean or move and it can also help to keep it from spinning.

A spin-free cone such as DGQ Patio Wedge Plug can keep your patio umbrella from spinning even when a strong wind blows.

DGQ Patio Umbrella Cone Umbrella Wedge Plug

Designed to work with poles one and a half inches in diameter, DGQ is a good fit to use with most outdoor umbrellas. Once fixed to a snug, the cone stays in place even when disturbed. Do keep in mind that this won’t work on tables with center holes longer than 2.5 inches.

Spin-free cones are the most versatile and pocket friendly solutions you’ll come across. That’s because they work with glass tables, mental, stone, and umbrella stands. It doesn’t matter where you choose to fix them because they will fit just fine.

Say you have an umbrella that doesn’t include a thumbscrew base. Instead of investing in an expensive, heavy-duty base, you can get a cone to add stability to the pole and keep the setup from spilling.

And they are so easy to install that you can do so on your own.

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4. You Have the Wrong Base and Need to Upgrade

Your patio umbrella could be spinning because there’s a problem with the base.

Since the base is the most important component that keeps the umbrella anchored in position, you need to determine if there’s a problem with it and then do a complete upgrade.

Your new upgrade should have an appropriately sized hole for the umbrella’s pole to fit in. And it should be heavy enough to stand up to the strong wind.

A strong base with a thumbscrew is a good investment to consider for an upgrade because it can keep your patio umbrella from spinning.

The TropiShade Cast Iron Umbrella Stand is a good example of a base you can use to keep your umbrella in position so it doesn’t spin. At 30 pounds, it isn’t the most lightweight model in the market, but it does feature a wide base that makes it a good solution to consider for the price point.

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TropiShade 30 Pound Cast Iron Umbrella Stand

It includes a heavy-duty thumbscrew that holds down umbrella poles of up to one and a half inches in diameter in place, adding more stability to the setup so it doesn’t spin even when wind blows.

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5. Use an Umbrella Rigs to Keep Patio Umbrella from Spinning

An umbrella ring is a good option to consider if your patio umbrella doesn’t have a base.

Simply use a ring such as QIQIHOME Thicker Hole Ring to keep it from spinning.

QIQIHOME Patio Table Umbrella Thicker Hole Ring

You will love the ring because it fits well in the hole and holds in position, so the umbrella won’t turn easily even when subjected to force.

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FAQ’s How to Stop Your Patio Umbrella from Spinning

1. How do I keep a patio umbrella from falling over?

You can keep a patio umbrella from falling over by using a strong patio table, investing in a heavy-duty base, replacing plastic frame with a metallic one, or closing the umbrella when it’s not in use.

2. Do you need umbrella base with table?

Make sure your patio umbrella has a strong base even if it’s going to go under the patio table. A strong base with thumbscrews will keep the umbrella stable, so it won’t wobble if there’s light or strong wind.

When considering a base for the umbrella, it’s best to choose a model made of strong steel or wrought iron.

Your choice should also be strong and weighted enough to keep the umbrella in position in the event that strong wind blows.

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Now that you know exactly how to keep patio umbrella from spinning, you should be able to fix yours if you notice that it moves in the event of wind.

The tips we’ve shared in this guide are all DIY, so you don’t have to spend extra cash to get someone to come and fix the problem for you.


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