How to Keep Lizards Off Patio Furniture-12 Easy Home Remedies

Although lizards are harmless, they can be a nuisance on your patio. These reptiles usually feed on bugs around and love dirty areas. On the other hand, their skin makes most people fear and hate them. In this article, I will loop you in on how to keep lizards off patio furniture.

There are plenty of ways you can keep lizards off your porch. One is clearing the bushes around and keeping your house clean.

Surprisingly, egg shells can also keep lizards off the area. Read to the end to learn more about the fantastic egg shells method.

Why Do Lizards Love the Patio Area?

Lizards are cold-blooded reptiles. So, they rely on the external environment to keep their bodies warm.

As that’s the case, they will always come around the patio to hide under the furniture to keep themselves warm.

Secondly, lizards love dark and damp places to hide, especially during resting time. They also hide in these areas as a way to evade predators.

Third, lizards love lights. They stay active during the day and come near the patio at night because of the lights. Additionally, some lights add warmth to the surroundings, and lizards love a warm environment.

It will be easier to learn how to get rid of lizards permanently with that understanding. Read on!

how to get rid of lizards on patio

How to Keep Lizards Off Patio Furniture

1. Clear the surroundings and keep the patio area clean

As earlier stated, lizards love dark areas. They will hide in the nearby shrubs and keep coming to the patio for warmth and food.

Secondly, they love food leftovers and the bugs around the patio. If your patio has bugs, it will be hard to control lizards because bugs are their prey.

Ideally, clean the patio area to keep bugs away and clean the tables after every meal. Additionally, ensure the trash bins are covered.

2. Ensure no water around

Lizards are naturally desert animals. As such, they can survive for long without water.

But if they get an opportunity to drink or live around the water, they grab it without delay.

As that’s the case, don’t leave bowls with water. If you have pets, keep their water bowls in the house or place them far from the patio.

On the other hand, drain all the stagnant water around the patio when it rains. You can also redirect gutters away from the patio.

3. Use garlic or Onion

Garlic and onions have a pungent smell that obstructs lizards. You can cut the onions into slices and place them under the furniture or around the patio screen frames.

Unfortunately, you will have to cope with the smell, but it dissipates with time.

4. Use Tobacco

Tobacco is very toxic to lizards and insects. However, many people dislike using it because of the addictive stimulants. Additionally, it can be harmful to pets and children.

If you use tobacco appropriately, it will kill the lizard population.

5. Place Eggshells around the furniture

Once you have baked your toasts or omelets, use the egg shells to scare away the lizards. Lizards tend to think predators are around once they notice eggshells around.

Snakes are well known to feed on eggs and prey lizards.

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keep lizards off porch

6. Fence the patio and seal the gaps

Lizards get into the patio through open spaces. These spaces make it easier for them to leave and enter the area depending on the climate or in search of food.

Cover your patio and install porch screens to cover all the possible entry points. On the screen flames, seal any gap that can be a hiding place for bugs or even the lizards.

7. Use Peacock feathers

Lizards are prey to peacocks. As such, they will completely keep off once they notice peacock feathers around.

Pick some peacock feathers and place them in the lizard’s hiding places, especially under the seats.

8. Turn off the lights during the night

As earlier stated, lizards love lights. They spend the day out on the sand or around the roofs to warm themselves.

However, when darkness hits, they will search for lights. And eventually, they will spot your patio area if you leave the lights on throughout the night.

Unfortunately, they may decide to hide on the furniture and take advantage of the leftovers during the day.

They can also settle around to feed on bugs.

9. Cool the surrounding

Lizards hate cold surroundings because they are cold-blooded. They live in the furniture because it’s covered, and human bodies release some heat. Bulbs too emit some heat to the surrounding.

To keep the reptiles off, sprinkle some cold water under the furniture before you retire to bed. Secondly, install tiles on your patio.

Tiles tend to be cold, especially in a covered area, and the lizard will dislike the environment.

Additionally, installing a fan can also help keep these reptiles away. Fans displace warm air with a cold breeze that can be uncomfortable for lizards.

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10. Pet a cat

Due to its natural hunting ability, a cat will keep off the lizards from the area. The advantage of petting a cat is that it can get under the furniture and penetrate small spaces that lizards can hide.

11. Use a Homemade repellent

Hot peppers can make the best lizards repellent. Boil some water with cayenne or hot peppers and add garlic or onions.

Afterward, cool the solution and pour it into the spray bottle. Then, spray it around the furniture.

Peppers irritate the lizard’s skin, and the onions have pungent smells that repel them.

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12. Plant some herbs as repellents

Herbs like peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemongrass are outdoor plants that repel lizards.

Ideally, plant these herbs around the patio to give the area an aesthetic look.

On the other hand, you can opt for lemongrass essential oil. It also repels lizards when sprayed around.

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FAQs About How to Keep Lizards Off Patio Furniture

What Smell Keeps Lizards Away?

Strong smells like hot sauce, cayenne, and peppermint deter lizards from settling in the house.

How Do You Keep Lizards Away?

Use natural herbs like lemongrass or a homemade repellent to keep lizards away.

What Smell Do Lizards Hate Most?

Lizards dislike pepper smell. As such, pepper odor around the house will ultimately keep them off.

How to keep lizards off patio furniture is easy. I recommend using repellents to drive them away than killing them. Surprisingly, lizards help in keeping bugs off.

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