How to Keep Leaves off Patio in 6 Effective Ways

Relaxing on a patio during the weekend or off days always feels great. But what new homeowners don’t know is that patios come with responsibilities. Being an open space, you need to regularly clean your patio to maintain a good look.

Patios are designed in a variety of ways. It’s these designs that give the overall home an appealing design. Its beauty is experienced when summer ends, and you get to fall. Every tree displays colorful leaves, and you feel more comfortable in your beautiful home.

Unfortunately, the north wind blows at the end of fall, and foliage is dumped on your patio. And you have to spend some minutes every day to restore your home’s aesthetic look.

Luckily, with a few tips that this article will share, you will do it like a pro. After all, it’s your responsibility to live in a healthy environment. So, get ready to learn how to keep leaves off patio.

How to Keep Leaves Off Patio

Technology has enhanced quick modern operations. And if you decide to go the traditional way, you’ll meet technology too.

Here are simple ways to keep your patio free of leaves;

1. Get a Rake or a Broom

A good rake and broom are arguably cheap and easy to use. In fact, this is a traditional way of cleaning our homes.

A quality clog-free rake moves all leaves aside and leaves the patio area clear. The benefit of rakes is that they have a long handle that enables you to clean at a good posture.

It makes it easier to clean without hurting your back or touching the dirty garbage.

On the other hand, a stiff-bristled yard broom is also perfect. They usually have long stainless steel handles that can serve you for an extended period.

Here are simple ways to keep your patio free of leaves;

2. Fence Your Patio With Wire Mesh

The best and most effective way to keep leaves off your patio is to fence it with wire mesh.

A wire mesh works as a filter. But unfortunately, with the wire mesh, you will never block strong wind and dust.

Moreover, a wire mesh may not be appealing because it blocks your view. Some homeowners complain that their patio has turned into a cage after fencing.

However, if you prefer to have leaves free environment and avoid the cleaning task, a wire mesh will be the best option.

Ideally, contact a local mesh dealer and choose the best mesh to give your home a beautiful look. Luckily, some companies offer fencing services. All you will do is get a quote and compare which company gives you the best deal.

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3. Invest in a Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers have powerful electricity-powered motors or a fuel engine that blows air in one direction.

Leaf blowers are faster, and just like the rakes, you can blow the leaves to one location and treat them to decompose. Else, you can burn them with other garbage or seek garbage collection services.

Further, the leaf blowers are good at cleaning other debris, such as pollen and fine dust.

Ideally, blow your house roof regularly because most of the leaves settle on it and slowly drop during the day.

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4. Purchase a Lawn Sweeper (An Alternative to Leaf Blower)

Lawn sweepers are sold as an alternative to leaf blowers, especially with a large garden. Luckily, they are available in the market in various sizes. And you have a chance to choose the best size that will effectively clean your homestead.

While sweeping, you can operate the dump lever without leaving the tractor’s seat. Additionally, you need a little knowledge to operate the tractor.

In contrast, if you choose to use a yard vacuum for leaves, you should be prepared to spend more time emptying the collection bag. But if you have figured out how to remove leaves from gravel for a long time, a yard vacuum can serve you better.

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5. A Tarp Can Also Get the Job Done

If you rarely use your patio, a tarp can ease your cleaning task. Ideally, spread the tarp over the patio during the night when most foliage drops.

Keenly fold your tarp and drag it along the dumping area to clear the collected leaves in the morning.

However, if you use the patio during the night, unfortunately, you will have to find other means to clean the leaves.

But with the tarp method, you minimize the foliage and ease the cleaning job.

In another case, if you rarely use the patio during weekdays, you can cover it for the whole week and dump the leaves during the weekend.

6. Have a Fence

A fence blocks the wind from outside the compound. Usually, strong winds blow leaves and debris from neighboring areas.  And because your house acts as a blocker, all the leaves are deposited at your homestead.

By putting up a fence, you will first reduce the wind speed. In this way, less foliage will drop from your homestead trees.

Secondly, it will block leaves from the neighboring area from being deposited at your homestead.

Ideally, you can put up a wooden or concrete fence. But if it is too expensive, you can opt for a silt or tall plant fence.

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How to Keep Leaves Off Patio

FAQs- How to Keep Leaves off Patio

How Do You Remove Leaves From Gravel?

To remove leaves from gravel, use a lightweight leaf rake. Ideally, rake using light flicking motions and pick up leaves, leaving the gravel on the ground.

On the other hand, you can use a leaf blower or a leaf vacuum to collect the leaves.

How Do You Clean Leaves Quickly?

A leaf blower or a vacuum cleans the leaves faster by sucking or blowing them in one direction. Additionally, it can be used in hard-to-rake areas like flower beds, gravel areas, and around shrubs.

Can You Rake Wet Leaves?

Wet leaves are heavier compared to dry leaves. As such, you may experience difficulties when you try to rake wet leaves. Further, not even blowing or vacuuming can be effective.

So, wait until they dry or find other means to collect them.

How to keep leaves off patio is a simple DIY task that will always keep your home neat. Remember to work smarter with the above cleaning tips.


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