How to Keep Inflatable Pool from Killing Grass- 6 Effective Ways

Watching your child have a good time in the pool on a sunny day is fantastic. But many people don’t consider how much their inflatable pool will affect their yard once they set it up.

If you live in a place that gets regular heatwaves, your grass may not grow back after you set up your inflatable pool. In this article, you’ll learn how to keep inflatable pool from killing grass.

Can an Inflatable Pool Kill Grass?

An inflatable pool can kill grass if you don’t take precautions. The pool keeps grass from getting any light and air. If this happens for long periods of time, the grass will die, and it may never grow back if your climate is harsh or has a lot of heat waves.

How to Keep Inflatable Pool from Killing Grass

Inflatable pools prevent the grass from being healthy. Every time you set up the inflatable pool, the health of your lawn depreciates.  

But you can save your grass by taking necessary preventive measures to reduce the impact the inflatable pool will have on your yard. Here are some things you can do to keep your grass from dying.

1. Move the pool

The first method to reduce the effect of the inflatable pool is by relocating the inflatable pool. Although this seems like a laborious task, it’s actually pretty simple. 

You can simply drag or roll the inflatable pool to a new location in your yard where there’s already grass growing. Move the inflatable pool once a day. 

Moving the pool can be pretty challenging if you have a large inflatable pool, but it is possible. Moving a smaller inflatable is easier. 

You can make it a routine to move the inflatable every time you clean and replace it.

2. Use ground cover

If moving your pool is not an option, use ground cover to protect the surrounding grass. 

Using a ground cover will allow the grass to grow under the inflatable pool while keeping its color and health.

There are many options for a ground cover that are affordable and easy to find. One cheap alternative is the Intex pool ground cloth (Ultra Frame Pool). 

Intex Pool Ground Cloth for Round Above Ground Pools

If you cannot afford a ground cloth, use things around your house to help protect the grass, like bricks or large rocks.

3. Empty the pool every day

The best thing you can do to prevent the inflatable from killing grass is by emptying your pool every day. This will allow the grass to get the light and air that it needs to stay healthy. 

Even if you end up having dormant patches of grass because you set up your pool on the grass, eventually, it will grow back when you empty the pool. 

You can hang the inflatable pool around the house when it’s not in use. 

4. Avoid setting up the inflatable pool on the grass

Another thing you can do to keep an inflatable pool from killing grass is by not installing it directly on the grass. Instead, you can set it up somewhere around the house, like the driveway, porch, or patio. 

This is the best way to prevent the inflatable pool from killing your grass because it will not be on the grass at all.

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5. Repair the grass after deflating your pool

If you put the inflatable pool on the grass and notice that it has killed a lot of grass around it, the best thing you can do is to repair your yard. 

The best option is to put down a thick layer of topsoil first. You can then follow through by adding compost or other soil enhancers like peat moss, manure, or wood ash.

How to Repair Grass after Removing the Inflatable Pool

An Inflatable pool can damage the grass by making it dormant or killing it ultimately. If the grass is dead, you’ll have to replace it with new grass completely. 

The time it takes to start seeing changes depends on how long the inflatable pool was on the grass and how much damage the pool caused. Here is how to repair dormant grass.

1. Through deep watering

Deep watering the dormant grass is very crucial because it helps bring grass to regrow its blades. You can do this every day by turning on the sprinkler. This way, you are rehydrating the soil to make it possible for a new life to start growing back in. 

Watering the grass also replenishes it with oxygen, which it was deprived of when covered up by an inflatable pool.

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2. Adding topsoil

Applying topsoil is very crucial because it provides nourishment and nutrients needed for growth.

3. Removing weeds

Remove all the weeds from the affected grass area before adding the topsoil. Weeds compete with grass for sunlight, nutrients, and water. Removing the weeds will give the grass a chance to grow back stronger and healthier.

4. Adding fertilizer  

After putting down the topsoil, spread enough fertilizer on the affected grass. Choose a fertilizer that is high in phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium and is suitable for your soil.         

5. Mowing the grass

Another crucial practice is mowing the grass. This helps bring back the grassroots by cutting them above the soil line, thus telling the plant to come out of hibernation.

6. Reducing foot traffic

If you want to see maximum growth, reduce the amount of foot traffic around the grass area. If many people are walking on the grass, they are likely to compact and crush down the soil and grass. This leads to poor root growth.

 FAQs: How do I protect my lawn from inflatable pool?

1. How do I protect my lawn from inflatable pool?

The best way to protect your lawn from an inflatable pool is by avoiding setting it up directly on the grass. You can set your pool up around the house or on a patio. This way, you can avoid killing your lawn.

2. How do I stop my pool from killing my grass?

By emptying your pool every day, you can protect the grass from dying. This allows the grass to get the air and sunlight it needs to grow

3. Should I put a tarp under the inflatable pool?

Yes, you should put a tarp under the inflatable pool because it will prevent grass from dying.

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I hope this article answered everything you need to know about how to keep inflatable pool from killing grass.

Keeping an inflatable pool from killing grass will require some effort on your part. But it’s worth it to protect your yard and help you save money from maintenance and repair.

You can achieve that by moving the pool, using ground cover cloth, emptying the pool, and not setting up the pool on the grass.

Last, every time you remove the inflatable pool, try to repair and salvage the grass through deep watering, weeding, applying topsoil and fertilizer, and mowing the grass.

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