How to Keep Cars from Parking on my Lawn- 5 Barriers

Well, this happens to most people!

Your neighbor is having a get-together at his home, but he does not have enough space to accommodate all his friends’ cars, and they decide to park some of their vehicles on your beautiful lawn.

Or your hubby might be pulling out your driveway and accidentally drives over the side of your law. So what can you do?

Most of the time, the damage is not that bad unless it rained the previous night and the lawn is somehow wet, or you have a pretty soft lawn.

While in most cases, when someone parks or drives through your lawn is not intentional, it is prudent for you to think of different ways to prevent this from happening.

Let’s look at different ways on how to keep cars from parking on my lawn. 

how to keep cars out of yard

5 Barriers to Protect Lawn from Cars

1. Rock Gardens- Both Real and Fake and Fiberglass Rock

Using rocks to stop people from parking on your lawn is one of the most effective ways to keep unwanted cars off your lawn. Generally speaking, rocks not only look beautiful on your grass, but they also prevent vehicles from parking on it.

Try driving over them; you will not only ruin your bumper but if you strike the rocks hard enough, you might get serious undercarriage damage. No one would want to destroy their car just to park!

Fake fibreglass rocks are the new norm, especially in the landscaping world. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they will also stop cars from parking on your lawn effectively. Furthermore, they are very light, so they don’t require much effort moving them around.

Here is a good option you can get.

  • Airmax CrystalClear TrueRock Fake Fiberglass Rock, Large, Sandstone, 33 x 24 x 20

2. Timber Marker Posts And Bollards

Grass vergers that are near or adjacent to busy roads are often converted into parking spaces by car drivers.

These beautiful green spaces will turn into a soggy mess anytime someone parks their car there, especially during winter or rainy seasons, ruining the lawn and the scenic view.

Proper lawn care for winter

So how do you stop cars driving on the grass verge? First of all, if you don’t own the field verge, you first have to get in touch with the community welfare or local authority before implementing your ideas.

Timber marker posts and bollards are efficient and straightforward solutions to the parking problem. It is easy to install them because they have a steel frame at the bottom that allows you to secure them into the ground firmly.

This simple solution will not only prevent cars from driving on top of your verge and destroying the lawn but will also prevent cars from parking or entering the grass verge completely.

Worms in lawns

landscaping ideas to keep cars off lawn
Light Bollards

3. Use of signs

Another popular way of keeping neighbors from driving on your lawn is by using simple signs. The old fashion signs of “DO NOT TRESPASS” and “KEEP OFF THE GRASS” will sometimes do the trick. Unfortunately, people are so used to these signs that they no longer have the desired effect.

However, there are more cunning and effective solutions available. They include signs that openly joke about hiding dead bodies, or this lawn is under the protection of mythical creatures like the bigfoot.

Using signage that has a high shock message could be more effective compared to the standard sighs. An excellent example on Amazon is the – No Parking Sign – Last Person That Parked Here is Still Missing.

4. Fences And Walls

At times a simple fence will do the trick. A well-thought fence will most definitely keep cars at bay. There are several decorative options available in the market, ranging from low wooded fences to high flagstone designs.

It all depends on how anti-social you wish to be or the kind of design acceptable by the residential management community.

Unlike other barricading options, you can install fences and walls all around the lawn. You can also decorate them to make them more visually appealing and pleasant.

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5. Installing Driveway Guard Safety Net

Warning! Before erecting any barriers on your lawn, it’s vital to first check with the local authorities. You never know you might need a permit to carry out such plans.

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Another simple yet reliable barrier is the driveway guard safety net. Practically new in the market, the driveway guard safety net effectively prevents vehicles and people from stepping onto your lawn.

You don’t have to worry about kids playing football on the driveway as it will prevent the ball from going to your lawn. for some insights on driveway guard net, check out the Kidkusion Retractable Driveway Guard, Black, 20′ | Driveway Safety; Outdoor; Barrier; Adjustable on amazon

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How to keep cars from parking on my lawn FAQ

Is It Illegal To Put Nails In Your Driveway?

A very tricky question! Ok, this is debatable as the nails can be called “booby traps.”(though some states might disagree), but even without any legal restrictions, it’s not a good idea.

The nails can be used to disable the car tires, similar to what police spike strip do.

Assuming you place your nails on the edge of your lawn and a car drives through and loses control and crashes into a tree, killing or injuring the occupant. You will definitely be charged with homicide.

So yes, not only is it morally wrong it’s also not legal in most states. Save yourself from the legal hassle by using other effective ways of preventing cars from parking on your lawn.

Is It Illegal To Drive On Someone’s Lawn?

Technically speaking, it’s trespassing, but definitely not a crime that can lead to prosecution. You don’t expect cops to stake out outside your house, hoping to catch anyone driving on your lawn.

It’s just practical to install some form of barrier to prevent them from driving to your lawn.

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Cars destroying private grass lawns is an issue that many people are facing. This is particularly concerning in places with no sidewalks.

Most driveways are so small they don’t have enough room to turn properly, forcing the driver to step on the private yards and ruining the grass lawns.

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