How to Identify Vintage Woodard Patio Furniture in 3 Easy Ways

Outdoor furniture has always been seasonal, causing interior furniture to garner more attention and appreciation. However, as we strive to transform our outdoor space into a living room, several manufacturers, including Woodard patio furniture, have enhanced the sturdiness of outdoor furniture.

Woodard craftsmanship has been lauded for over 140 years for producing magnificent patio furniture with a classical design that is built to last while providing you with limitless comfort. Some argue that referring to antique Woodard patio furniture as simply furniture is akin to a Rolls-Royce as simply a car.

Woodard is a pioneer in creating antique patio furniture, and its furniture is of exceptional quality. All of these accolades have prompted many of us to wonder how to identify vintage Woodard patio furniture to avoid costly blunders.

How to Identify Vintage Woodard Patio Furniture

1. Quality

Woodard furniture is well-known because its excellence speaks for itself. Quality is the most important factor to consider when purchasing patio furniture, and Woodard patio furniture is of the top class. As a result, they are easily distinguished from other manufacturers.

Woodard artisans have created patio furniture that adheres to the timeless art of perfection. The mix of the ancient skill of handcrafting and the most advanced high-tech manufacturing technique distinguishes their furniture while providing you with years of enjoyment.

Furthermore, Woodard Furniture has weather-resistant materials and can be properly matched to any design; their superb craftsmanship will definitely enrich your outdoor living space. Each piece of Woodard patio furniture makes a statement of classical beauty and durability.

identifying vintage Woodard patio furniture

2. Manufacturing marks

To prove the authenticity of the furniture, Woodard furniture usually features production markings. If you are unsure whether the patio furniture you will purchase is truly from Woodard, look for the following manufacturer markings.

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Paper labels

The paper labels are frequently in the form of stickers with the word Woodard printed on them. They look just like the ones found in a three-piece suit. The paper labels are frequently found on the frame beneath the cushion.

If you’re lucky, you might locate a handmade paper label guaranteeing that the vintage patio furniture has an old-world charm.

Embossed Names

What if the patio furniture is made of wrought iron and does not have a paper label? Make sure to inspect the furniture’s frames. If this prominent manufacturing company makes it, it will have an imprinted Woodard sign on it. Typically, inspect the frames that hold the cushions.

The sign is easily visible and does not easily come off, allowing the markings to endure for years.

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Metal labels

Look for metal labels. The metal tags are welded onto the frames; the tags may bear the name of the well-known Woodard manufacturer; additionally, the metal tag usually bears an identifying number that will let you determine the piece is from Woodard and give you the exact year of manufacture.

3. The style

Woodard established a reputation for itself by producing low-maintenance, long-lasting vintage furniture while retaining a furniture style with beautiful handcrafted elements. A history of precise design has elevated antique Woodard patio furniture to the forefront, easily distinguishing it from other patio furniture.

When a piece of vintage furniture has been painted multiple times, the manufacturer’s markings may be difficult to notice; however, style can be a reliable way of recognizing vintage Woodard furniture even before an up-close look.

However, recognizing vintage Woodard patio furniture based solely on style can be difficult.

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FAQs about vintage Woodard patio furniture

What is a Woodard

After the conquest of the Norman, the Woodard family bought their name to England.

The Woodard ancestors are trained to take care of trees; hence their name is derived from the old English words wode, meaning wood, and ward meaning guardian.

One of their great ancestors is said to have been granted lands by king Williams for his service in battle.

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Where is Woodard furniture made?

 Woodard furniture is manufactured in the USA, where the furniture is assembled and crafted.

Over 60 pairs of hands are involved in producing this long-lasting outdoor furniture, and each item produced will first be tested before it is sold.

Is Woodard furniture wrought iron?

Wrought iron is perfect for outdoor furniture due to its durability and its aesthetic appeal.

Woodard outdoor furniture is usually fine-tuned into perfection, and they are handcrafted into wowing details.

They can withstand harsh weather conditions while requiring minimal maintenance.

How do you identify antique irons?

You are an avid cast iron enthusiast; you can easily identify antique irons using the company’s marking or incised numbers on the iron. For unmarked cast iron, try to take a closer look at the design, and it will at least set you in the right direction of recognizing antique iron.

How do I know if my patio furniture is cast iron?

Most patio furniture made from cast iron is usually heavy; therefore, the weight is one way to tell if it’s made of cast iron.

You can also look for marks from the manufacturers’ if you are lucky, you can get trace the date it was made. Using marks is the surest way to tell if the furniture is cast iron.

At what age does furniture become vintage?

Furniture of at least 40 years old is considered to be vintage for most antique dealers.

When searching for patio furniture, the most important factors to consider are usually the design and the durability. However, look no further than Woodard if you want patio furniture with a classic aesthetic and uncompromising craftsmanship.

Woodard patio furniture ensures that you get the greatest product that will preserve its good looks season after season, year after year.

Now that you know how to identify vintage Woodard patio furniture, why not invest in a piece of long-lasting classic furniture that will turn your backyard into a stylish oasis?

Woodard offers a classic piece that will make you want to spend more time than ever on your patio.

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