How to Hide Sewer Pipe in the Yard In 5 Effective Ways

The lush green plant, the vibrantly coloured bloom, and the lights that illuminate your yard at night are all part of the package.

All this provides a peaceful and relaxing site for your friends and family. Earning this epitome of elegance and peace is backbreaking. 

Every piece of detail must fall into place including that sewer pipe. Sewer pipes sticking out on your yard will be unsightly.

As a result, your efforts to create an outdoor oasis will be a drop of water in Antarctica. The pipes play an important role in your home and you cannot get rid of them.

Therefore, this article will provide creative landscaping ideas on how to hide sewer pipe in the yard.

How to hide sewer pipe in the yard

ideas to hide sewer pipe in yard
Image: Sewer Pipes

1. Covering using a wooden box

remember the story of the beauty and the beast, and how they were in harmony with each other.

This method is a perfect depiction of the story. The beautiful wooden box will bring the best out of the beastly sewer pipe.

This method is visually appealing since it allows you to get creative as your mind can take you.

For example, you can paint the box to the colour of your choice or you can place artistic objects on the box. This method is inexpensive and very effective.

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2. Painting the pipes

it’s amazing how good of a teacher mother nature is. We have copied a lot from nature, consider a chameleon, for example, it can easily blend with its environment making it almost invisible

camouflage is the easiest way of concealing a sewer pipe.

You will simply need a paint spray that is specially made for plastic materials since any other paint will not adhere to the pipe and as time goes by it will fade.

All you need to do is to pick a paint that will match the colour surrounding your pipe.

For example, if your pipe is poking out of the grass or surrounded by a bush, you can paint it green. This method is cheap as plastic paints are cheap and easily available

3. Using plants to cover them

most of our home sewer pipes are made of PVC. These light-coloured pipes are constantly exposed to elements making them have a rusty and a paler unsightly appearance.

Plants are the most effective approach to beautify your sewer pipe while protecting it from direct elements. Plants provide an infinite number of decorative options

scatter grass seed around the pipe. If your sewer pipe is surrounded by grass, this is an excellent natural way to conceal it.

In this ornamental idea, there are two options: actual grass or artificial grass. This is entirely your decision.

However, I would recommend using genuine grass because it merges in wonderfully.

To accomplish this, you must prevent the seeds from washing away and always water them at least twice a day.

This will make them sprout faster. Use any plant as long as the roots won’t cause damage to the pipe causing your yard to stink.

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4. Using decorative objects

though they are ugly, these pipes play a vital role in our home. So, showing them a little love by adding decorative objects around them won’t hurt.

This disguise is cheap especially if you already have decorative objects like fountains, birdbaths, or any other hardscape accessories in your yard.

Unfortunately, this strategy works perfectly if your sewer pipe is only visible from a single direction. Otherwise, if your pipe is visible from several you can opt to use a box to cover the pipe

5. Using artificial rock

these fake rocks can fool you to be real. Using them to cover your sewer pipe is very effective since they will give a natural appearance.

The rocks are hollow and light therefore you should not worry about your pipe breaking. Scatter a number of these rocks to get a natural look around the pipe.

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FAQs about lawn sewer pipes

Can I move my sewer pipe?

In most cases, you will need to seek permission from your local water authority if you want to move a drain.

To seek permission from your local water authority to move a drain you will need to make an application in the first instance

Where is my sewer pipe in my yard?

It can typically be found in the basement, crawl space or garage.

You will want to search for a pipe that is approximately four inches in diameter with a screw cap on the top that has a notch or square knob at the top.

Note that some homes have an indoor sewer cleanout point, while others may be located outdoors

What paint to use on metal drain pipes?

There are many multi-surface paints (MSP) on the market Bedec, Zinsser all-coat, Rustoleum. to name a few.

Self-priming, high build, water-based, quick re-coat times.

Will not dry out and blister and peel as all traditional oil-based coatings do after a few years of sun
where can i find crystals outside

How do you cover exposed pipes on outside walls?

To fit your decor, you can get a wooden or plastic pipe cover from a hardware store.

Spray some adhesive spray over your pipe and wrap your covering around it completely.

Cut off any excess with a box cutter or a utility knife to make your pipe look like a decoration.

Can you paint water pipes?

Water pipes, like any other painted surface, must be primed for a successful and cost-effective paint job.

The pipes need to be thoroughly cleaned using a wire brush.

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Sewer pipes are an essential part of our tranquil home. They transmit waste, as opposed to the other pipes. As a result, it is critical to take proper care of them.

Even though they are necessary, they do not get a free pass to harm the aesthetically pleasing appearance we want to preserve in our yard.

Consider having everything in place except for the sewer pipe that snakes over your yard. The methods outlined above will assist you in how to hide sewer pipe in the yard the best way.


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